onsdag 29 oktober 2008

Vote for Busy Signal New Video On MTV

Wednesday, October 29 - STAR of the Month Busy Signal's Tic ToC video might have a home on media powerhouse MTV. MTVU is featuring the video, directed by Ras Kassa, this week in it weekly 'Freshmen' segment.
MTVU is a division of MTV Networks, which broadcasts a 24-hour television channel that is available on more than 750 college and university campuses across the United States.

MTVU provides an alternative to standard music television for college students, and gives advertisers and music promotion companies access to college-age viewers, a valuable, but traditionally difficult-to-reach demographic group.

Each week in the 'Freshmen' category, five new videos from different genres are posted. Persons are then allowed to vote for their favourite, which will then find a permanent home on the station.

The station said of Busy Signal's video: "We have a Jamaican artiste named Reanno Gordon, aka Busy Signal, who started off his music career by singing hymns in his mother's church.

"He brought us his newest vid, Tic Toc. The video is a little chaotic, in a distracting sort of way, and I feel like the track is slightly derivative of the early 2000s hip hop and Sean Paul popular years."

Currently, Tic Toc lines up in the number two position against American groups such as Safetysuit Safety Suit and Yells Fire. The video has been gaining attention with its cool graphics, creative concept, and with the video models painted black.

Comments about the video have been encouraging, with persons clearly supporting Busy. One person said: "Alliance, Mi Seh! Busy!" Another stated: "I love Busy's video!!"

Persons can vote for Busy at: http://www.mtvu.com/music/ freshmen

Mavado Endorses 'Gully Side Wear'

Wednesday, October 29 - After months of speculation, light has finally been shed on the new clothing line, 'Gully Side Wear'.
The clothing line was not Mavado's idea, but the artiste says he fully endorses it because it is something that will help the Cassava Piece (Gully Side) community. The clothing line is named after the community he has made popular in his songs,

"A di youth dem start it but me just a endorse it 'cause a Gully Side and the youth dem have talent. Dem can help themselves by making things happen," Mavado told THE STAR.

"Me is a very busy man. Mi just deh yah fi do the financing. A (Franklin) Garnett and mi sister Joey (Brooks) do the management," he added.

According to the designer, Franklin Garnett: "A me and de deejay (Mavado) idea. Me design the thing dem and him love it. It started last year dem time yah, but wi just put out the appropriate thing weh ready fi di market and the deejay fully endorse it."

Garnett also noted that the line will be launched in December at Mavado's birthday bash.

The line comprises a range of ready-to-wear items including T-shirts, baby Ts, cotton shorts, caps and bags of various designs.

Community Initiative

Garnett says it was started as a community initiative and residents of Cassava Piece will benefit from it.

"It start out like a community thing, but when we wear it in the streets is just excitement and people just want it. So we decide fi just do things," Garnett said.

"It will benefit the community and people in the area already get work from it," he said.

Likewise, Mavado believes the community can benefit from the project.

"Dis will benefit the whole community by providing jobs fi de youth dem. De whole Jamaica is a gully side and wi a go tek it as far as we can tek it," he said.

Garnett says people are already interested in buying the items, which cost a minimum of $1,500. The price varies depending on the design. He said a distribution deal for the clothing line is now being discussed.

In addition, Gully Side, which is a registered trademark, will also start distributing its rolling paper, used to wrap tobacco and other items for smoking.

"A di youth dem start it but me just a endorse it 'cause a gully side and the youth dem have talent.

Deva Brat is free!

Deejay Deva Brat is finally out of jail and rumours are that he may be linking up with the powerful House of Hits Records outfit in Dela Vega City.

"Mi see him last night ah roll with a disc jockey and a couple of people. He was up by House of Hits ah hold ah meds and ting. Him look like him ready fi come tek the road again," one source told one876entertainment.com

Deva Brat hit a number of major dancehall charts this year with Gussie Clarke before his incarceration on a double carnal abuse charge. One876 will have more as this story breaks.

D'Angel Kicks off G Force campaign today

All eyes will be on D'Angel tonight as she steps into her first major role as the official spokesperson of a major product.

D’Angel is the new face of the G Force campaign, which kicked off on October 4, 2008 with a new set of radio commercials blasting the airwaves and print ads showing her at her sexy best. This new media campaign will also include a series of road shows with stops at targeted wholesale outlets across the island to promote the new direction of the brand as well as the new tagline “G-Force gives you the Urge To Merge.” D’Angel’s sultry image will definitely compliment the brand and the new slogan.

According to a release, the G-Force brand is produced and distributed by J. Wray & Nephew Ltd., and is a roots wine which is heavily cane based and also contains several potent ingredients. One of the main ingredients found in G-Force is Guarana – a Brazilian root, which is also a well-known aphrodisiac and stimulant. The product is said to delay sleep and to help with endurance and increased performance during sex and other activities

måndag 27 oktober 2008

Dead Prez Drops Knowledge

Jagwa - Feel Something


On Friday morning at approximately 9:00 AM a gunman approached the home where Darnell Donerson (Jennifer Hudson's mother), Jason Hudson (Jennifer's brother) and Julian King (Jennifer's nephew) were staying.

The gunman firing through the door striking Hudson's mother and killing her instantly

The shooter then entered the house and continued to fire, after a brief struggle with Jason, the gunman shot and murdered him.

Police believe that the killer (or killers) then abducted Julian and fled in Jason's white Chevrolet Suburban.

At approximately 3 PM, a family member discovered the body of Darnell and called authorities

Julia Hudson (Jennifer's sister) returned home from work that evening - and learned what happened

Julia contacted Jennifer and told her what happened. Jennifer immediately left promoting her new movie Secret Lives Of Bees and returned to Chicago.

According to the Chicago Tribune, at 1:25 a.m, Jennifer Hudson identified the bodies of the deceased as Darnell Donerson and Jason Hudson

Shortly after that Jennifer's brother-in-law (Julia's husband) William Balfour was found in his girlfriends apartment and taken into custody as a suspect in the murders.

William Balfour has reportedly invoked his right to remain silent and is refusing to cooperate with investigators

This morning, authorities discovered the body of young Julian in Jason's missing SUV. The SUV was parked less than half a mile from where William Balfour was apprehended

While it has not yet been confirmed, Julian was said to be have been shot multiple times and reported to have been mutilated in some other manner

Clothes that William Balfour wore are now being tested for gunshot residue

BattyMan Ray J new tune

Bling Dawg Diss Kartel

Bwaaay Bling dawg yu start something you cant manage!

Vybz Kartel Disses Alliance in new song

Vybz Kartel has straight up dissed the Alliance on a new rhythm by red-hot rookie producer Not Nice where he calls former friends Bling Dawg a homosexual and styles Wayne Marshall, an 'eater'.

On a slow one-drop riddim, he flips John Mayer's Say What You Need to Say, in a hardcore rhyme-happy celebration of his street credibility. He disses almost all the members of the Alliance in quick succession. First he disses Flex, asking how man fi name Flex, with the punchline, 'the 'battybwoy neva hear Cobra say, 'gal Flex, time to have sex'. He then moves on to his favourite target, Mavado boasting that 'Grung Gadd nuh bad like mi god-daughter, kick him inna him face, mek him vomit out Milk pussy hair and Angel pad-water'.

He deejays: 'mi never jerk chicken pon the plaza, but mi f--k yu madda over the Gaza'. He even changes Gully Gad name to Gully pad and jokes that he had sex with the white girl from Switzerland who killed his 'rent-a-dread father'.

The disses fly fast and furious, coughing like bullets from the nozzle of an automatic gun. He deejays: "Marshall have Tami p-jaw ah 'chew chew chew' and a 'chaw-chaw-chaw', a shameless pun on Marshall's signature 'true, true, true' slang.

He even uses the melody from one of Busy's hit songs to deliver a stunningly personal diss.

When the Beretta beat inna dem effing ears

Mi shot Sharon, because she a f--ing gaze

Julian run away, him no effing brave

Mi dun put Busy inna him effing grave

In closing, he asks why Bitch Dawg does not have a yute when he is all of 36 years-old. He questions why Bling is always pumping iron in tights 'up a Campion'. And then answers his own question, declaring: 'yu a battyman'. Kartel ends the song with the invitation: 'say what yu feel fi say'.

say weh yu feel like.mp3 - Vybz Kartel

Jah Cure for Soundcheck on BETJ

International Reggae singer Jah Cure will be a special guest on BETJ's new programme, Soundcheck on November 8. Jah Cure along with his Iyah Cure band and backup singers shot the programme at the CPTC studio on an acoustic set in front of a live audience.
On November 8 at 8:30 pm, BETJ audiences worldwide will see the Danger Zone recording artiste perform favourites like 'Jamaica', 'My Life', 'Freedom', 'Longing For', 'Journey' and 'Reflections'.
BETJ's new Soundcheck programme will also feature other top Jamaican artistes. Tune in for a wonderful experience!!

Sizzla Kalonji Continues To Makes Waves With The Release of Two Albums, Addicted and The Journey Plus Lots Of Upcoming Projects!

Sizzla Kalonji Continues to make waves with the release of two new albums, Addicted and The Journey, plus lots of upcoming projects. The Journey is currently the number 1 selling album on Greensleeves. Upcoming projects include his first time performing in Africa which will be held in The Gambia, West Africa on December 25th, 27th, and 29th 2008. A documentary highlighting his work and talent will also air on Bet J on November 1st at 2:30pm

Addicted was released in the United States in September through a collaboration between himself and an American20production team called MBIG Music from Florida. They released two riddims featuring Kalonjiʼs vocal cuts (No Bed A Rose on the dancehall Shaolin Temple riddim and Watch Over Me on Rootal riddim) and the Exceed Of Love single in 2007. Kalonjiʼs new album features 14 tracks, from dancehall to hip hop vibes, including three combinations with female singer Ca libe and three others with Spragga Benz. Check out The Addicted Video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhYew9AP2Ns

The Journey Album is a combination of hits from some of the 55 albums Sizzla Kalonji has released over a 10 years period and DVD. This album compiles 22 of his career highs giving new buyers & dedicated fans something very special. It includes the lead track 'Take Myself Away' from the recent Damon Dash released album 'The Overstanding' & 3 brand new killer cuts 'The Solution', 'Africa Prepare' & 'Sow More Love'. There is outstanding production from Bobby Digital, Xterminator, King Jammys, Don 'Vendetta' Bennett & Maximum Sound. & features the cream of Jamaican musicians, Sly & Robbie, Firehouse Band & Jazzwad. Currently itʼs the number 1 selling album on Greensleeves. http://www.greensleeves.net/products/7793

On November 1st check out a documentar y on Sizzla Kalonji which will air on BET J at 2:30pm, "When The Walls Talk." The highlight of the year will feature Sizzlaʼs first performance in Africa on December 25, 27th, 29th 2008. Itʼs an African Explosion, Rise To The Occasion with Betts Promotion, Rebel T Music, and Kalonji Records at the Bakau Independence Stadium featuring Jesse Jendah and Princess Menen. Part portion of the proceeds will be donated to Wesley Primary School in Banjul and Bakau Primary School where 50 children will have tuition scholarships for 1 year. For press related questions contact, publicist Olimatta Taal 1-876-437-2889, 011-220-931-9869, 1-347-280-7872, Jerrejef2@yahoo.com. For information on Kalonji Records contact 1-876-620-9073 or www.myspace.com/sizzlakalonji.

lördag 25 oktober 2008


Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother found shot dead

According to BET news, Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother were found shot and killed inside her mother's home in Chicago on Oct 24th in the afternoon.

A huge search is now on, accourding to CBS 2 Chicago, for a suspect named William Balfour who wears braids and may be driving a 1994 white Chevy bearing license plate number X584859. Balfour is being sought along with Hudon's 7 year old nephew, Julian King who was last seen wearing a tan jersey with a number 5 and tan slacks.

Police records identify Balfour as having listed Hudson's mother's house as his place of residence in the last year. He is also reportely on parole after serving time for attempted murder.

Confirmation on the death of 57 yar old Darnell Hudson came from a spokesperson of Pleasant Gift Missionary Baptist Church - the family's house of worship.

fredag 24 oktober 2008



01 3 12 I'm So Special-Mavado-TJ Records (2wks@#1)U-2

02 2 13 Trailer Load of Money-Vybz Kartel- Adidjaheim Records/ Chimney Records NM

03 1 16 Dem Yah & Dem Yah - Flippa Mafia - Board House (2wks@#1) D-2

04 5 15 More Money-Harry Toddler-Downsound Records U-1

05 4 14 Inna Di Car Back-Mavado-Big Ship (pp#4) D-1

06 7 12 Bottom of the Barrel-Tifa-Ward 21 U-1

07 8 9 Robbery-Macka Diamond-Scatta Productions/Kings of Kings U-1

08 6 16 Winner - Konshens-Natural Bridge/Cash Flow (2wks@#1) D-2

09 10 10 Overcome- Mavado-Big Ship U-1

10 11 9 Goodas Clap-Stacious-Ward 21 U-1

11 9 18 Gimmi Likkle-Beenie Man-Born So Records (2wks@#1) D-2

12 13 7 Water Man- Buju Banton - TJ Records U-1

13 14 9 Rolling Deep-Flippa Mafia-T J Records U-1

14 15 6 Burnin, Burnin- Miss Triniti feat. Beenie Man-Unseen Lab U-1

15 16 5 Move-KK Alese- Ruby Sarah Music U-1

16 17 4 No Games-Serani- TJ Records U-1

17 18 3 Ghetto Prayer – Shane-O-Jam II U-1

18 12 19 Nuh Linga-Elephant Man-Board House (5wks@#1) D-6

19 20 2 Work Out-Vybz Kartel-Big Ship U-1

20 - New Sweep-Elephant Man-Scatta Productions/Kings of Kings

Vybz Kartel (Mavado diss) Dem a No Gangstah

Mavado (Vybz Kartel Diss)

torsdag 23 oktober 2008

To De Worl…

Can't believe sey de fastes man inna de worl Usain Bolt change im residence odder day courtesy of Digicel. Dem move im outta de ole Karachi neighbahood to a big splashy home mi hear - in an undisclosed location; an de house has been rented fe de athlete fe one whole year..

So whaapen Digicel? Oonnu couldn't did put im in a ‘buy house’? How Oonno only rent de place fe one year?

Im can't get any higher dan de pinncle whey im reach; and de games comes only every 4 years…

Now come on Digi…

To keep Usain safe an soun, de guvament of Jamaica committed to providin two policemen fe im protection fe life.

On a sweeter note mi hear say Mr ‘To De Worl’ hav a long list of ‘cattyzzzzz’ runnin im down; an every gal inna Jamaica wan fe gi im piece of the ‘catty’.

So member mi tell you put some rubber pon the third an fastes leg yaw Usain; becaw four pon one is murda.

Natalie Completes 'Back It Up' video

Natalie Storm has just completed a new video for her hit “Back It Up” on the Tear Up Jeans Riddim.

The ultra-sexy video was directed and styled by Dexter Pottinger and was shot at multiple locations throughout the corporate area.

It features cameos by Timberlee, Stacious, Ward 21 and Voice Mail. The video will be serviced to all local and international outlets in the next week. In the coming weeks Natalie will be shooting another new video for the TNT project. TNT is Timberlee, Natalie Storm and Tifa.
"Natalie is now in the US to do a college show with a rock band, the college-educated, white crowd is really responding to her music," manager Dylan Powe told one876entertainment.

Natalie is also reportedly doing some work with the Billboard-charting group Enur.

onsdag 22 oktober 2008


50 Cent releases "Before I Self Destruct" CD and original film

Trying his hand at directing, 50 cent unleashes a 90 minute film along with his fourth album, "Before I Self Destruct" on Decemberr 9, 2008. The bonus DVD is a feature-length film written, and also starred in by 50.

Working with Dr Dre and Eminem, 50 Cent returned to the way it was when he recorded his first album. The DVD/CD package is proof that 50 Cent is one of hip-hop's most aggressive about getting the streets a platform.

Coming on stronger than last year's "Curtis," "Before I Self Destruct" in both formats, is reflective of many harsh realities in global communities and features Dr. Dre and Eminem as producers and guests on some tracks.

Before I Self Destruct, both album and film, continues 50 Cent's phenomenal rise from street culture hero to super stardom. 2003's Get Rich Or Die Tryin' sold 872,000 units in the first four days of its release, making it the fastest-selling debut disc in the SoundScan era (since 1991). The #1 Pop, #1 R&B/Hip-hop album was the biggest seller of 2003 and has sold more than 12 million copies worldwide.

2005's The Massacre, again #1 Pop, #1 R&B/Hip-hop, was the second biggest-selling album of that year and has sold more than nine million copies worldwide. With the album's "Candy Shop," "Disco Inferno" and "How We Do," 50 Cent became the first solo artist in Billboard history to have three singles in the Top 5 in the same week.

2007's Curtis reached #2 Pop and #2 R&B/Hip-hop, selling more than five million copies worldwide. Three tracks reached the Top 40 of the Hot 100: "I Get Money," "Ayo Technology" and "Straight To The Bank." Time magazine named "I Get Money" one of "The 10 Best Songs of 2007."

50 Cent continues to build his massive entrepreneurial empire that includes video games, books, clothing, footwear, beverages and personal care products.

Facebook argument ends in woman's death

A Croydon, South London 34 year old woman was fatally stabbed by her husband over a Facebook posting; and the crime landed him in jail for life.

Emma Forrester changed her status to 'single' on the social network's online profile that she formulated for herself.

Hubby Wayne Forrester took offence and told police that what Emma had done only days following his moving out, devastated him.

It was on February 18 that the out of control Wayne attacked his wife by stabbing her with a kitchen knife and meat cleaver. The Old Bailey was given the gruesome details about Wayne Forrester, who pleaded guilty to murder and must serve a minimum 14 year sentence.

Judge Brian Barker heard how Wayne was high on cocaine and alcohol in the early hours when he attacked the mother of two children. Waking neighbours, Emma, who was employed as a payroll administrator screamed as she was repeatedly stabbed in her neck and head. It happened as she slept and he also beat her, tearing out her hair.

Insanely jealous, Wayne imagined his wife was having an affair and the court heard that the couple had a 15 year long volatile relationship. BBC reported Wayne told police, "Emma and I had just split up. She forced me out. She then posted messages on an internet website telling everyone she had left me and was looking to meet other men. I loved Emma and felt totally devastated and humiliated about what she had done to me."

The victim's sister and parents have been devastated and through a victim impact statement they asked what on earth could Emma have done to deserve receiving such a brutal callous attack.

Merciless Attacks Paedophiles in new single

Deejay Merciless has recorded a new single, AMBER Alert, that brings attention to the rampant paedophilia, incest and murder committed against children in Jamaica.

"I have kids, two boys who live in a foreign country where there are lots of crazy people, so I was surprised to see this sort of sick perverted acts taking place against children in Jamaica. As an artiste who loves kids so much, I personally have something to say about what is happening," he said.

"It grieves my heart to see how adults are raping and destroying the yutes, the young generation that is our future."

The single is produced by Billboard-topping producer Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell and has been getting a lot of airplay since its release last week.

"Music should not only be about hot cars and big houses and money, we need to address more socially relevant topics, right now, this is one of the biggest problems affecting Jamaica, this sick paedophilia and the murder of children, that's why I did this song," he said.

Spice clitoris inna her mouth - Queen Paula

Queen Paula demolished Spice with a no-holds-barred attack that had the small crowd at the H2 Entertainment Complex roaring its approval early this morning.

"Spice waan pretty baby, that's why she run go breed fi the coolie man," she said loudly. "Spice go foreign go run up hospital bill 'bout she waan foreign baby and lef and no pay the bill."

The crowd screamed its approval. Queen Paula deejayed a 'bad gyal' lyrics as well and got a forward, before poking fun at Spice's skin colour.

"Mi search and search and cyan find Spice colour inna the crayon box, she look like when werewolf a change and nuh done; her colour nuh complete!"

However, the sample talk that had the venue in an uproar was when she made references to Spice's anatomy and the location of certain key sexual organs.

"Spice do up Tanya and she nuh answer, she diss up Angel and Beenie box her, she trouble Macka and juck her inna her eye, and now she start the war wid me and cyan finish it," Queen Paula said.

"She go St. Bess and talk up the tings about how a big respectable woman like me ah suck pussy fi $1,000, and how she juck Macka inna her eye and Macka bawl, well, mi have something fi tell oonu tonight about dutty Spice who have her clitoris inna her mouth."

Afterwards, Queen Paula said she was surprised that Spice did not perform afterwards to answer her venomous attack.

"Mi cyan believe say Spice run, Spice who so bad, but mi know say ah because she no find no song yet, but as Christmas come, she will find something, but she run from the war now."

Sample Six says Sadiki is 'looking a hype

In the aftermath of the severe beat-down that Sadiki got last week after Weddy Weddy, Sample Six is saying that Sadiki's complaints were all tantamount to just trying to ‘look a hype’.

“Him outside ah Weddy Weddy and ah call up mi name and never know say mi friend dem right there. Ah me save him ‘cause when mi come out, mi drag a man offa him and a next yute did ah go rush him and mi hold on pon him,” Sample Six told one876entertainment.

He said that he was surprised that Sadiki was acting in this manner because he had done him a favour when he was recently incarcerated on a child molestation charge.

“I talked to his babymother for three days straight asking her not to follow up the case because Sadiki call mi from prison and say him caan handle jail,” he said.

Sample Six said the past history between the two was what enraged his friends even more and made them want to harm Sadiki.

“Mi try help him and him repay me by calling up my name and ah say tings about me, mi inna Weddy Weddy and him outside ah say things about me. Ah nuff man ah pree him because ah nuff man name him a call up and dem a look fi him,” he said.

tisdag 21 oktober 2008

Jeffrey Hype says he has a Donna tattoo on his neck

Portmore Empire road manager Jeffrey Hype has laughed off suggestions being made by Mavado that he has a tattoo of Kartel's name on his neck.

"The bwoy Mafraudo cannot read, ah dat a beat him. Ah mi girlfriend name Donna mi have pon mi neck. Big man ting, mi have a tattoo wid the deejay face pon mi hand but Mafraudo just a look a hype and ah try get a forward but him fi know say ah the Empire ah lock Jamaica and the world right now straight," Jeffrey Hype said.

Jeffrey Hype is the road manager for the Portmore Empire artistes Blak Ryno, Shawn Storm, Jah Vinci and Kartel himself. He has travelled all over the world with them, and most recently, was in Switzerland to do a show.

Five Killed at a dance in Boulevard Supercentre

Five persons were shot and killed at a dance that was held in the Boulevard Supercentre this morning. The CCN has confirmed that five persons were killed.

"The information is sketchy at this time but we can confirm that five persons have been killed. We are investigating and we will have more information as the day goes on," an officer at the CCN's offices told one876entertainment.com

Additional information reaching one876 is that the soldier had gone into the establishment and discovered his girl with another man, pulled his firearm and began to shoot wildly. He then turned the firearm on himself. Five persons are confirmed dead, while three others, including the soldier, are battling for life.

söndag 19 oktober 2008

Kartel and Mavado Trade Disses at Champions

Rivals deejay Vybz Kartel and singer Mavado exchanged disses at Champions in Action this morning.

Kartel suggested that "ah pure fish live inna the gully' while Mavado continued to protest that a member of the Empire entourage had put a tattoo with Kartel's name on his neck, a sure sign of homosexual behaviour. Kartel also hurled disses at his former friend, Bling Dawg, call him a 'battybwoy'.

Kartel earned big forwards for Wah Dat Fah? but Mavado blew up with his hit songs, and also earned additional forwards for two new songs that had the audience in a tizzy. He closed the show alongside his mentor and friend Bounty Killer, and the huge crowd at Jamworld waited until they finished performing to leave. Mavado easily got the most forwards on a night when Shaggy, Assassin and Ninjaman also performed well. Assassin delivered one of his best ever performances. Beenie Man was not booked to attend the show.

Empire members Blak Ryno and Jahvinchi showed why they were considered rising powers in the dancehall game. Blak Ryno was simply awesome as he did Mek Di Paper and Thug Anthem, while Jahvinchi got a big ovation when he hit the stage to sing Askella Spray.

Mavado takes home the MOBO

Mavado walked away with The 2008 MOBO Award for the category of 'Best Reggae Act' at the Wembley Arena on Wednesday night.

Coming out on top of a list of nominees that was four times VP Recording artist thick - plus Beenie Man, David 'Mavado' Brooks beat Tarrus Riley, Etana and Busy Signal and 'The Doctor'.

Initiated in 1995, the awards serve to recognise music of Black origin, performed by artists of any race. Mavado's win puts him in the saddle with Sean Paul, Shaggy, Wayne Wonder, Sean Kingston and multiple winner - Beenie Man who have all walked away with reggae related MOBOs in previous years.

Mavado was not present to receive his award and his absence was reportedly due to previous scheduling, but his blossoming career will surely get a boost as a result of the accolade.

Despite obstacles that have recently included being placed then removed from US stop lists, Mavado has continued to rise in a dominant fashion that sees him working in collaboration with one of Hip Hop's greatest performers - Jay Z..

Mavado's hands are now 'in many pies', with the launching of a new clothing line 'Gullywear' coming up soon and another new hot shot recorded by himself and Jay Z. that will be featured on what is said to be Jay Z's final Def Jam album, "Blueprint 3". Later this year Mavado's sophomore album, "Mr. Brooks" will hit the streets while two parties slated for next Saturday and Saturday, November 29 will be in honor of the dancehall star's official return to New York and his birthday - respectively.

Plans are also being launched to have Mavado featured in a big budget movie, according to reports.

Craig from DASECA denies Mavado fallout

Craig Harrisingh of the DASECA family has denied rumours that he and Mavado had a major fallout earlier this week.

"Me and Mavado past friends, we're family. It is not true, dog. Ah crazy people have been calling me about it. Mavado say DASECA mek him mek millions, we're family," Harrisingh told One876Entertainment.com

DASECA began their journey in music almost seven years ago in Queensbury at a family house before moving to Red Hills Road in November, 2005. DASECA have made a name for themselves producing hype projects such as Gully Sitten for Foota Hype. Chakka Chakka rhythm done for Fire Links, the Steps rhythm that spawned Sean Paul's hit song We Be Burning, the Anger Management, and the Airwave rhythm. DASECA is the backbone to Mavado's great success making the beats for Dying, Bad Man Place featuring Busy Signal and Busy Signal's landmark The Days.

fredag 17 oktober 2008


Word on the street is that Mavado and riddim maestros DASECA are in a bit of a negative vibe over rumours that Vybz Kartel, the hottest deejay in the biz, is on the verge of recording a joint with the talented dancehall producers. Word is that Mavado was in a recording session with DASECA when he got pissed and stormed out of the studio and rode off on his bike. DASECA has always been a big fan of Vybz Kartel and they showed up at the Vybz Rum launch at Weekenz a few months ago. I will have more on this later.


Gambia mash up Senegal!

Not only in the Greater Banjul area is the celebration of the Gambian Scorpions resounding. More thousands celebrate the team’s wonderful performance in Central River Region.
Pointsports correspondent in CRR Abdourahman Sallah has reported. According to our reporter thousands of people in Janjangbureh, Bansang, Brikamaba and Wassu on Saturday took to the streets singing and chanting and showing their happiness over the match played between the Gambia and Senegal.

Speaking to Pointsports, Mr. Musa Faye a football lover said, “I know that The Gambia has a team and a good coach that every nation wants to have. We are very proud of the boys and the coach too. He has done a good job and makes us feel proud. Even if we don’t qualify, we have done well by dominating Senegal.”

Musa Bah a driver in Wassu also expressed his delight over the game. According to him “the Gambia is a small nation but full of potentials especially in football; we are now improving in sports and as such, the Gambia could go far in the world cup one day.

Baboucarr Sowe, shopkeeper, called for our international players to be always ready to play for their country and with the help of God and the support of the private sector we will see a different Gambia in the football scene. “We all saw the Coach and the short time he took over; we are very proud of him and pray that he will always be with us because he is the one we need, ” he concluded.

Sadiki Beaten With Bottle by Sample Six dancers

Dancer Sadiki a.k.a The Snowman a.k.a G-Unit is now nursing a nasty gash across his head after someone broke a bottle against his skull at Weddy Weddy this morning. The attack was allegedly masterminded by the Sample Six dancers.

"Ah 24 stitches mi get dog. Mi de a Weddy Weddy ah siddown when mi see 10 man surround mi and one ah dem bruk a bottle pon mi head. Then this morning, mi get a call say mi fi stop call up Sample Six name say him a battyman," Sadiki told a reporter today.

"Why dem rush me, through me ride bike and mi no have nuff money like Chi Ching Ching? Anno me alone ah talk say Sample Six ah battybwoy so why dem only have strength fi me? Because mi no have no money? Ah 24 stitches mi get inna mi head."

Tight pants, bleach face, pick eyebrows Battyman Dancer


Mi hear say at least four shows that used to keep over the Xmas nah go keep this year because everybody ah feel the crunch. No Coco T Ram Jam show because tings tight and mi hear say him ah go Africa, no Unity Splash because Richie Stephens say the artistes dem a overcharge, no East Fest and mi hear even the Marley dem put dem show Welcome to Jamrock pon pause and it might no keep either. What is going on in the business? It look like Sting, Reggae Campfire and Teens Splash ah go clean up this year.


Should Merciless attend Warlord Dad's funeral?

In an XtraNews article published this week, deejay Merciless has said that he is willing to put aside his personal differences with deejay Bounty Killer in order to attend the funeral services for his nemesis' father.

“I would love to attend Bounty’s father’s funeral. My father is dead as well so I know what it is like, so I would like to offer my condolences to his family because I remember how it felt when I lost my father,” he said.

Merciless said that he lost his father, St. Ledger Bartley in 1994, the same year he vaulted into the public spotlight with the hit single, Lend Out Mi Mercy.

“He just got sick and died,” Merciless said.

However, when one876entertainment contacted Gadafi, a member of Merciless' management team, he said that the promoter Ennis had called at the request of Bounty Killer who had issued a stern warning:

"Come mi father funeral and see what a go happen. If Merciless come ah mi father funeral, then it ah go be two duppy!"

Despite their memorable clashes over the years, Merciless said he is willing to declare a truce, albeit a temporary one, to commiserate with a fellow member of the entertainment fraternity.

“There is no animosity between myself and Bounty Killer in real life, only in music. And this is the loss of a life, a solemn occasion and I still have respect for the dead, so if I am in the country, I would love to attend the funeral, I don’t care who says that I am not welcome. If I am in the country, mi ah go put on mi clothes and go,” Warhead said.

Cobra Fires Back at Merciless

Deejay Mad Cobra has stung Merciless with a few choice words about the deejay's incarceration as he responded to Merciless' jibe labelling him a 'fish'.

"It is simple as ABC, I am not going to pay Penniless Merciless no mind, worse, mi nah go entertain no fish conversation with no man. Mi no throw bait fi man, him de round nuff fish ah foreign, so him shoulda carry a fish when him ah come from foreign," he said.

"Why him never try call to the females in the biz, Spice, Lady Saw, Macka Diamond, Cecile, Stacious, him no set no bait fi dem, but him waan set bait fi man, ah pure man name inna the song," he reasoned.

Cobra called attention to what he called Merciless' paltry contribution to the advancement of dancehall music.

"Me and him ah two different class of deejay. Ninjaman do tings fi dancehall, Bounty do tings fi dancehall, me do nuff fi the music, him no do nothing fi the music. Him fi try fit in and make something of himself, the way he is acting, him set black man back three generations...him is not a contender, him just trying to get a work at Sting. Merciless was not missed, him drop asleep at a stoplight, no sober man no supposed to do that," he said.

Growing increasingly animated as the conversation wore on, he spat:

"Cabbie fi know say mi no inna the bag a talking and trace like no gal. Mi no de pon that, when him see me, him fi talk the same way 'cause him know our style."

The 'cabbie' reference speaks to rumours that Merciless was a taxi cab driver in the United States before his incarceration.

Buju Evolves with John Legend

One876Entertainment.com understands that Jamaican music legend, Buju Banton has teamed up with yet another 'Legend' to deliver the seductive and sexy new tune, Can't Be My Lover.

The steamy track, which will be the bonus cut on the platinum-selling artist/producer, John Legend's forthcoming album, Evolver, has been described as "a Reggae- tinged track that has Legend resisting the charms of a relentless seductress."

Already making the rounds online, Can't Be My Lover was produced by the Jamaican hit- maker, Supa Dups (of Black Chiney Sound), who has worked with the likes of Beenie Man, Reggaeton superstar, Pitbull, Sean Paul and Legend's UK protégé on his own HomeSchool records, Estelle. The album is slated to be in stores on Oct. 20th in the UK and Oct 28th in the US.

The Banton is presently riding the Jamaican charts with two more distinctly different hits: Water Man released on TJ Records and Sleepless Nights for the Don Corleon label. The sweltering Water Man track sits at #13 on Hot 102 FM disc jock, Richie B's Top 20 Dancehall Singles. Also bubbling on Hot 102's Top 10 Albums Chart, is Buju Banton Presents: Jamrock Classics Volume 1. The Gargamel- produced compilation has been on the chart for three weeks, climbing up two spots this week to the #7 position.

Buju has also been slowly moving up the Hype TV Top 20 Singles Chart, since debuting on the chart three weeks ago with Sleepless Nights, now at #17. Meanwhile, on RETV's Top 20 Reggae Chart, Sleepless Nights, has already skyrocketed to the #3 position. Likewise, Water Man is chilling at #4 on RETV's Top 20 Dancehall Chart.

Fans can catch Buju Banton and the Shiloh Band on the following dates:
October 18 - Hartford, Connecticut
October 26 - Elizabeth, New Jersey

Who will win DJ of the Year? Kartel or Beenie or Ele

With 78 days left before the end of the year, the race is on for who will gain top honours as the premiere performers in reggae and dancehall music. Today, we focus on the main contenders in the Deejay of the Year category.

"Right now, Kartel ah lead over Elephant Man and Beenie Man because him have more hit songs, but all three have two big number one songs based on my chart so it still up in the air, but we still have two and a half months to go so it is anybody's game," Stampede Lammie, creator of the Stampede Street Charts, told one876entertainment.com.

"Mavado is in the singer category not the DJ category and nobody caan stand beside him, Vado is #1, the only other nominee close enough is Terry Linen who has my vote for best comeback artiste of the year."

Vybz Kartel is the clear front-runner this year as he has enjoyed a brilliant if controversial year clocking three number one singles, Trailer Load a Money, Nah Go Nowhere, and Money Fi Spend on the Jamaica Music Countdown charts. Other standout singles such as Million By a Morning and Life Sweet show how much the deejay has evolved into the dominant force in dancehall. The deejay has made the cover of major publications several times underlining his mass market appeal and his ability to move newspapers. He made the front page of the Jamaica Observer when news of his divorce broke, he made the cover of the STAR at least four times and the XNews at least two times. He even made the front page of the Sunday Herald once when the story broke about the photos with he and Aidonia posing with the fake guns while backstage at a concert in a Caribbean island. Plus, he has jumpstarted two corporate ventures this year, Vybz Rum and Daggering Condoms, showing that he is not just a hit-maker but a smart entrepreneur as well.

Beenie Man is always in the running and even though he has not had a breakout year, he has remained consistent, hitting the pole position of all major charts with the songs, Gimme Lickle and Wine Gal. He has had a tumultuous year as well with his court cases becoming regular fodder for gossip mags and entertainment websites all over the world. He has disposed of one major distraction, the tax evasion case, so now he can concentrate on finishing the year off strongly and word is he is got a few songs that are already picking up steam.

Elephant Man, whose career was in the doldrums for the past two years, is now back with a bang. Buoyed by the international attention given to dances coming out of Jamaica after the record-breaking victories (and dances) of Usain Bolt at the Summer Olympics, Elephant Man is again in the ascendancy as the 'dance king' of Jamaica. His singles Gully Creeper and Nuh Linger have both hit number one, and his follow-up song, Sweep, which features Usain Bolt in the video is already a clear favourite among teenage dancehall fans.

Mavado, who some industry insiders argue is a singjay, is one of the leading candidates for artiste of the year, but is not in the running for the deejay of the year title, but will get special mention in this article based on his sterling performances, scoring two major number one dancehall singles with On the Rock and So Special.
Busy Signal is in with a legitimate shot but he has not had a breakout year in 2008 to follow up on his successes of 2007, but his Loaded album is one of the best dancehall albums released this year.

Cobra is a fish! - Merciless

Responding to derogatory comments made by Cobra in a publication last week, Merciless launched a verbal broadside on the Helter Skelter deejay, calling him a 'fish', a colloquial reference to a homosexual while challenging him to a lyrical face-off.

“Him ah talk about mi fi carry sound box, the only box mi ah go carry ah him funeral box when mi kill him lyrically.”

He said that he was disappointed that Cobra had not done more to remain relevant in the music while he was overseas.

“Mi respect Cobra and tink say him did ah go hold up the ting while I was away. But where is Cobra? Mi nah hear him from wah day ya, it one sided, I thought he was a snake, but mi throw out mi line and him tek the bait, so him is a fish…is a miracle, the snake turn inna fish and pick the bait,” the deejay known for the hits, Sting History, Mama Cooking and Gal Dem Gizzada, told one876entertainment this week.

He also counteracted Cobra’s jibe that he needed to enter the popular Digicel Rising Stars show.

“Forever, I will be a rising star, his stars are falling, he needs to perform at Heineken Startime. I am always and always will be a rising star inna this business. Mi never have no beef with Cobra, if him waan beef, him need fi go to a meat shop. While mi ah take care of my kids, him ah wipe down horse a track.”

Cobra is a grizzled veteran of several sound clashes, and is known for demolishing Buju Banton and 'killing' Ninjaman twice during his glory days of clashing. Cobra has sold platinum twice with the songs Flex and the Make Me Higher remix with Toni Braxton. Merciless ‘slew’ Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, and Ninjaman in a memorable Sting clash in the year 2000 where his phrase, ‘bad man nuh tek bad up’ became a popular catchphrase among teens. However, the following year, the tables were turned on him and he was ‘bottled’ in a half-hearted clash that came to a premature end. Merciless got back some amount of revenge when he ambushed Bounty at Miami Sting 2004 and demolished him with a lyric that poked fun at the appearance of a naked man in Bounty Killer’s ‘Hey Baby’video. The lines went like this: ‘yu shoulda tell the man fi keep on him trousers/why yu neva tek off Stefani blouses/Instead yu mek man ah buy yu roses’.

tisdag 14 oktober 2008

gully gyal diss


Wikkid Kartel!

Yardflex joke of the day

A girl asks her boyfriend to come over Friday night to meet, and have dinner with her parents.
Since this is such a big event, the girl announces to her boyfriend that after dinner, she would like to go out and make love for the first time

The boy is ecstatic, but he has never had sex
before, so he takes a trip to the pharmacist to get some condoms. He tells the pharmacist it's his first time and the pharmacist helps the boy for about an hour.
He tells the boy everything there is to know about condoms and sex. At the r egister, the pharmacist asks the boy how many
condoms he'd like to buy, a 3-pack, 10-pack, or family pack.
T he boy insists on the family pack because he
thinks he will be rather busy, it being his first time and all.
That night, the boy shows up at the girl's parents house and meets his girlfriend at the door. 'Oh, I'm so excited for you to meet my parents, come on in!'
The boy goes inside and is taken to the dinner table where the girl's parents are seated. The boy quickly offers to say grace and bows his head.
A minute passes, and the boy is still deep in prayer, with his head down.
10 minutes pass, and still no movement from the boy.
Finally, after 20 minutes with his head down, the girlfriend leans over and whispers to the boyfriend, 'I had no idea you were this religious.'
The boy turns, and whispers back, 'I had no idea your father was a pharmacist.'


Wah dis mi a hear? Somebody call one876 last week and tell me say a certain organization name VC pan White Plains Road ah endorse the funny guy ting and dem plan all big gay fashion show ah New York and all these things. Mi want to see a which sound a go play a di funny man fashion show dun a Club Eclipse on Sun19. Mi cousin tell me say she ah go and she ah go see all of the dancehall man dem outta the closet, heh heh! Mi hear say VC say him ah ride one of the well known dancehall man dem already and ah ‘blow’ up another one balloon so him have secret fi dem and him can force dem fi come ah the fashion show or else! HEH HEH, it deep! Dem all ah use a woman fi front di show but we know who they are, women, we have to be careful, use a condom everytime. Too much undercover funny guy out de, memba!

måndag 13 oktober 2008

Flippa Mafia hits number one, booked for Sting

Flippa Mafia is riding a high since his Dem Yah single has ascended to the pole position on the Jamaica Music Countdown charts. He has been confirmed to perform at this year's Sting 25th anniversary concert.

"I am not really surprised I am at number one, it was expected given the popularity of the single in the dancehalls in Jamaica, but I am grateful for the support of the fans. Right now, i am gettng a lot of calls for shows, and I am looking forward to Sting this year and I am in negotiations with other promoters for shows after Sting," he told one876entertainment.com

The Dem Ya single is also on the Stampede Street charts, the RE TV charts and is #10 on the ER charts that air on TVJ.

Flippa Mafia's follow up single, Rolling Deep, is also in the top 20 of the Jamaica Music Countdown charts.

No Aidonia for Sanjay's new video

Jamaican Deejay/SingJay Sanjay has recently released a video for his track Girls Like featuring CeCile and Aidonia produced by Samuel 'Sam Diggy' Johnson for Fresh Ear productions. What is noticeable however, is that while you will hear Aidonia's fast tempo rhymes, he is absent from the video.The video, which was shot in 2006, depicts a dating game show where contestant CeCile must choose between two bachelors both played by Sanjay. Sanjay 1, dressed in a cap and a pink & white polo, plays the role of the romantic bachelor, who insists that he knows that girls like a more romantic lover. While Sanjay 2, dressed in a green T-Shirt, portrays the more hard core Jamaican bachelor, the role originally to be played by Aidonia who was absent from the shoot.

Sanjay explains:"Aidonia and I first recorded Girls Like, CeCile then added her part after. When I played the finished track for Aidonia he said he loved it and everything was fine. A few days later I heard one of his friends comment that he had a problem with CeCile's line 'Love it when you do it to me baby' which is from her track Do it to Baby (which we all know what that is in reference to). But no one called me and said anything so I assumed it was just a rumour.

"On the day of the shoot Aidonia did not show up, when we finally got in touch with someone from his camp, they confirmed the rumours, he did have a problem with the line. So we agreed to remove the line, but he still did not make an appearance so we were forced to change the concept of the video and have me play both roles and I redid his voice from the track."

Aidonia's absence posed numerous problems for the video as the film crew had to find a suitable double for Sanjay and pre-editing was needed in order to ensure the best quality. These problems caused the shoot, which should have taken 1 to 2 days, to drag on for months. By the time the video was ready, Sanjay had already released the video for his now popular track Man of My Word and decided to hold Girls Like until a later date.

However Sanjay was quick to point out that everything is all good: "Since then, Aidonia and I have spoken and all is amicable between the camps as Aidonia has called Fresh Ear producer Arif Cooper and the camps have made amends."

Sanjay is now currently focused on promoting his new single Photogenic on the 'Sexy Girl Riddim'.

söndag 12 oktober 2008

lördag 11 oktober 2008


Booombaat!!! big gal inna blue jeans knows how to work it


Mi a flip through the papers the last two weeks and mi see a portion of well-known supposedly heterosexual dancehall personalities modelling scarves, and mi find it quite odd. How the man dem so peculiar! Dem bun out the funny guy dem but ah indulge inna funny man behavour, the only time mi see man ah wear scarf is when mi see the gay characters dem pon TV and inna movie and now the man dem import it inna the dancehall and call it fashion. First it was piercing two ears, then it was bleaching and the tight pants, now it is scarves, it is the total de-masculinisation of dancehall. Weh dem feel like? Mi see oonu ah do it, but mi no ready fi call no name.


Bwoy condolences to the Ellis family as Alton Ellis lost his battle with cancer last night at about 11. It is tragic that Jamaica has lost another great musical icon. Mi remember the first time mi see him perform at Startime and him buss the place with Muriel, and Girl I've Got a Date. You will be missed Alton. From the other day, ah crazy tunes ah play fi him on radio. Rest in peace.

fredag 10 oktober 2008

Bounty Killer's father is dead


One876 get a release last night from Julian that Bounty Killer's father has passed away. We express our heartflelt condolences to Rodney Pryce at this time and we wish his family all the best. It is indeed a sad day to lose a parent. Alliance in the building!

Charly Black's Bubble video shot in Kingston

Charly Blacks' Bubble video shoot was staged at Advidco., Lindsay Crescent on Monday. Directed
by Nordia Rose, the shoot featured the dancers Latonya Styles and the First Class Dancers, as well as secondary dancers, Kizzy & Platinum. The main girl featured in the shoot was Latoya Grant. The guest dancers and personalities featured in the shoot were Chi Ching Ching, Miss Kitty, Nikki Z, Hiumi, Cutty (Coppershot), Nico Bam Bam, Shari (Portmore Dancehall Queen)
The clothes for the shoot were provided by Poshe Jamaica, I Love JA, Yahdie Conscious. Carla Hollingsworth was the stylist and the producer of the shoot while make up was done by Sheroma Hodge.

Wayward Wednesday Making Fun Of Bounty Killa Synergy TV

Merciless new diss song for Bounty Killer


torsdag 9 oktober 2008

Shane O's Ghetto Prayer Hits the charts

shane O’s Ghetto Prayer on the Jam II label has floated to #19 on the Jamaica Music Countdown, giving the talented deejay his second major dancehall hit.

“The song is so relevant now because of the state that the country and the world is in, this is a prayer for the poor, for the struggling ghetto yutes out there who can’t catch a break. Wherever Shane O performs the song, the response is just phenomenal,” manager Iceman told one876entertainment.com

A few years ago, Shane O blew up with the mega hit Lightning Flash that hit the #1 spot on all local and international dancehall charts. Shane O will be appearing at next week’s Champions In Action show and the upcoming Truck Fest 08.

For bookings, call 781-4268

Empire First Lady Omeil drops My Life video

Portmore Empire’s First Lady Omeil said that she is still a member of the group even though she has been flying solo the last few months.

“As far as I know, I am still in the Empire, you know, the last time I checked,” she said, laughing.

“Right now, I am doing my own thing right now, I have to put my foot out if I want to get something done, sometimes you have to do that, I have mad love for the Empire, nothing’s changed. My new project, My Life, is doing well, people love the video, I have gotten good responses so far and I am campaigning it on HYPE, and RE now.”

Originally born in Spanish Town, Omeal attended Bridgeport High and has fallen in love wth the Sunshine City ever since. The singer has already scored a number one hit, Hot Girls on the Canadian charts, and she has voiced sexually suggestive songs, Fling It Up, Tiney and Nevertheless, a combination with Vybz Kartel.

“My songs have a sexual side because that is me, I am a sexual creature and, hey, sex sells,” she said, with a seductive wink.

onsdag 8 oktober 2008


Vybz Kartel, Idonia And ?, ?


All the Empire girls are looking forward to the Unlimited Daggerin series of parties which will be hosted by Vybz Kartel himself. Beginning with Kingston, there will be an islandwide search for a girl who will be the face of Daggerin. So the Empire will be searching for vibrant young ladies who will be able to enter the contest. The winner will win 350,000 dollars and be used in the Empire’s ad campaign for the product. Daggerin to the Milky Way, right Amelia?

Bescenta's Calm Down Yuh Nerves is a radio hit

Bescenta's latest hit, Calm Down Yuh Nerves, is generating major buzz in the dancehalls and on the radio stations in the Caribbean, UK and the US. The single has been blowing up all over IRIE FM, the island's top reggae station, as several disc jocks have endorsed the single as a bonafide radio hit, a conscious song for the final quarter of the year.

"I believe this is an important song especially at this time with the rising levels of violence and the brutal acts of murder committed against our children. It is tragic and the people doing this perhaps need psychiatric help and all the gunman dem need fi calm down dem nerves," he told one876entertainment.com

Alize Levy to the World!

Whereas many persons can identify with the alcoholic beverage made popular by the happening party crowd, Alizé, not all of them might be familiar with the female singer of the same name — Alizé Levy. But, look out, because all that is about to undergo a dramatic change.
Just a quick listen to singer, song-writer, contemporary jazz dancer, model and actress, Alizé — and that’s the name on her birth certificate, not just a stage name — and one will realize that this young lady is the original, no carbon copy. Although she is indeed her father’s daughter, and she gives him credit for bestowing on her such wonderful vocals, Alizé is more than ready for her own spotlight. And her dad, international reggae singer, Barrington Levy, supports her totally.
Born in England, to a mother whose parents were Jamaican, and raised in West London, Alizé is a renowned songwriter. She says she wrote her first song at age six, an age when most girls are caught up with dolls and playing childish games. But that was an indication of her driving passion, which comes across effectively in her most recent offering, He Doesn't Know My Name, a soulful, emotionally intense song which makes you want to listen. This song is accompanied by a riveting and very well produced music video, which premiered on Jamaican television to rave reviews.
This project, however, is just the tip of the iceberg for this reggae/R&B singer and she is even now working on her debut album which is sure to have mass appeal and secure a large fan base for this rising star.
In 2002 Alizé released her debut single 'Chocolate Loving' in Jamaica, a track she penned herself to a rhythm from deejay Lady G’s G-String Productions, which featured hot Jamaican artiste Mr. Lexx.

Having lived with her father in Jamaica for three years (from age 13 to 16), Alizé became familiar with the musical landscape and some of the movers and shakers, so it was relatively easy for her to return to the island to do recordings, releases and performances.
She has performed with her father on the now defunct hit series, Heineken Startime and has also done a successful European Tour in 2005 as Barrington Levy's opening act. "Having had the opportunity to perform for of 50,000 people at Festival Mudial was so surreal, I can’t verbalise the feeling!!"
Promotion is on the up and up for He Doesn't Know My Name and, with music burning in her soul and a pen poised to write, there will surely be follow-up singles ready to take the international market by storm. Cheers to Alizé!