onsdag 31 december 2008

Ah Murda! at sting 08

COPS TO CHARGE MAVADO, KARTEL? Say artistes used profanity and threatening words at Sting

The St Catherine South police are planning to charge Adidjah 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer and David 'Mavado' Brooks for breaches of the Town and Communities Act following their performances at Sting 2008 last Saturday morning.

Crime chief Detective acting Deputy Superintendent Carl Malcolm told THE STAR yesterday that during their performances at the 25th staging of the event at Jamworld, Portmore, St Catherine, the entertainers used profanity-laced and threatening lyrics. He said that this has encouraged them to consider laying formal charges against the men.

The tape

"Having viewed the tape (of the event), we are now in the process of going full fledge at pursuing charges against Mr Palmer and Mr Brooks and any other entertainer who we find in breach of the act," Malcolm said.

He said that the Town and Communities Act covered the use of profanity and threatening words, a number of which were used during the entertainers' performances.

The senior investigator said that he was still watching the tape and as soon as the process was completed, they will go ahead with charging the men. He did not, however, say when this will happen

The artistes, Kartel and Mavado, were involved in a highly publicised lyrical clash at Sting. The event attracted a large crowd and was for the most part incident-free. There were a large number of police and security personnel present as well.

Efforts by THAT STAR to speak to both artistes about this development proved futile, but sources close to them said that they were not aware of this.

'Di war Nuh Done' Merciless still ready for Ninja, Cobra

Merciless is not in Ninja Man's league is what the original 'Don Gorgon' is saying days after the clash between the two artistes did not materialise at Jamworld, Portmore, at Sting 2008.

When Merciless cried out about the battlefield being empty last Friday, patrons were left wondering what happened to his contender Ninja Man. An absent Ninja Man was not even in the venue when Merciless performed in the early hours of Saturday morning.

When the STAR spoke with Ninja Man yesterday, he said he had no intentions of clashing with Merciless whom he says he has killed and buried.

We a nuh size

"Me and Merciless a nuh size. Yuh see me mi like to see when artistes put themselves somewhere in life. Every year mi clash someone, is someone wid a name," Ninja said.

Ninja Man and Merciless have exchanged lyrical swords at Sting in 2000 when according to Ninja, Merciless had slain him and took away his title. However, the year later Bounty and Beenie Man took on Merciless in a gruesome lyrical slaughter.

According to Ninja Man, whenever he has warred and defeated an artiste, the artiste usually rises to higher heights, except for Merciless.

"When yuh kill Ninja, you win 14 parishes in Jamaica caw people love Ninja Man. I kill people and dem do good. Look at Shabba, Super Cat, Cobra, Merciless come tek my title and do nuting wid it. Mi come back and kill Merciless wid one tune and show seh me a di Don. Mi nah war wid Merciless again, him need to go do some tune ... . Once yuh nuh hear from an artiste for more than five year, dem a Heineken Star time artiste, and mi nuh hear from Merciless in eight years."

Ninja said that he asked Sting Director Isaiah Laing to organise a clash with Bounty Killer, Beenie Man and Vybz Kartel all onstage but his request was denied.

Ninja said, "I don't waan war wid someone mi kill already. I waan test myself and my title, I need to see how good I am in the business. Mi need someone who will gimme competition. Afta mi a nuh cruff, so no gimme foolishness, gimme someone who will pressure me so mi can prove mi greatness, not someone mi kill every day. Merciless need fi go build back him career."

Run dem run

However, Merciless felt that Ninja Man ran away from the war. "Run dem run afta dem a talk up dem mouth on air but dem only bad inna the media," Merciless said.

"Dis war nuh done, anywhere mi buk him a war."

For Merciless the clashing isn't over as he has his eyes set on Ninja and Cobra. For 2009, Merciless is also looking to release his next studio album.

Kiprich Murda Monster Hemp Higher On Sting 08

Kippo decimated the Monster Empire during his performance at Jamworld Centre, Portmore.

Deejay KipRich is accusing the Monster Empire of running from the lyrical war at Sting last Friday night at the Jamworld Centre, Portmore.

The Monster Empire, however, claimed that they did not run from the clash but were barred from taking on Kiprich lyrically onstage.

Kiprich gave a powerful performance displaying his warring side and effectively putting his competition, the Monster Empire, in their place. Dubbing the Monster Empire the 'Monster Flop' or 'Monster Sprat', Kiprich proudly proclaimed at Sting that he had come for the war to a huge forward from the crowd.

Now as the dust settles Kiprich tells THE STAR that he is happy about how Sting turned out. "It was very good. Mi feel awesome right now, my phone is ringing off the hook more than ever.

Mi did come well prepared, mi know di ting and mi come wid mi ammunition."

His ammunition, however, was not returned as before the Monster Empire hit the Sting stage, they got a monster boo from the massive Sting crowd. According to Kiprich the Monster Empire are cowards.

"Dem come and run. Di people come Sting this year for clash and most people know bout the feud between me and Monster. Lyrical battle is wah Sting deh and dem come pon TV seh dem more prepared than me. Bout me a likkle baby but di likkle baby mash dem up," Kiprich said.

Yet, when THE STAR spoke to General B from the Monster Empire, he claimed that the Empire was ready for the clash but was barred from entering the stage during Kiprich's performance.

He said "Kiprich call out wi name, when mi go backstage, dem bar we from going on the stage, and seh wi mus wait our turn. Den look how much artiste work afta Kiprich before it was our turn, we were ready for anyting."

As for the huge boo they received on stage General B said it was all a matter of timing and they had been slated for a time that was too near the Mavado and Kartel clash.

General B says for the Monster Empire, the lyrical war is not over. "Wi nah tek dat, we on for anywhere we see him."

For Kiprich however, the argument has been settled at Sting. "Dem dead already, now is time to think bout songs for the fans cause dem caan follow mi."

The Kiprich-Monster Empire feud which has been brewing for some time started with a controversial song done by Kiprich entitled Dem Caan Cow Wi. Since then, the two have been throwing words musically and in the media.

The Monster Empire of Roundhead, Ghost and General B did not get a chance to defend themselves as the sting crowd booed them off stage.

Scenes from Sting 2008, held on Boxing Day, Friday December 26 at Jamworld Entertainment Centre, Portmore.


At the 25th anniversary of Sting, there were many artistes who performed well. On the other hand there were some who felt the disapproval of the Sting crowd. Hence, The STAR compiled its 'boo' and 'forwards' lists for Sting 2008.

The following lists were done in no particular order.

The 'Biggest Forwards' list

Beenie Man

His set might have been the same as the one done at many shows, but he still managed to get may be the largest positive response from the Sting crowd.

Kip Sick!

He was one of the surprises for the night when he launched an attack against members of Monster Empire.


His 'forwards' came in the form of huge flames across the venue.


He got 'forwards' for attacking and insulting Ninja Man, Cobra, Bounty Killer and Munga Honourebel.

Lady G

She was in good form, getting huge cheers before entering the stage.


The crowd erupted and sang along to Time To Shine and the good response continued throughout his performance.

Queen Ifrica

She must be commended for settling the crowd after the first stampede.


Her set was average until she did her Rampin Shop collaboration with Vybz Kartel, that had the crowd in a frenzy.

Blak Ryno

He had the crowd repeating 'see it deh'.

Flippa Mafia

He got his 'forwards', not necessarily for his deejaying skill, but moreso for the foreign currency and expensive liquor he threw around.


She got 'forwards' for her raunchy lyrics.


He was in all glory; giving a full performance.

The 'Boo' list

Monster Empire

Round Head, Ghost and General B were being booed before they entered the stage. This could not be avoided.They were not present to answer to Kiprich's call for a clash.

Bounty Killer

He was getting his share of 'forwards' until he said that he would not clash anyone. At that point, the boos resounded.

Junie Platinum

The crowd was not liking her 'Kumbaya' and 'gun' lyrics.


The tense audience was not willing to tolerate 'seh she waan di Ras' and booed Zebra offstage.

Bling Dawg

He did not get a chance to try as he was booed on entry.


He was well received initially, but after a while the crowd seemed tired of him and started booing.

Mikey Pelpa

He was a brave soldier as he stood onstage in Vybz Kartel's home, Portmore, and said, "Me turn the Gaza into plaza." The boos came quickly afterwards.


The last time she performed at Sting was in the 80s. But this time she mistook the people

clapping her offstage for positive applauding.

Ninja Man

He got a little boo on entry while saying "me come yah fi kill". But it was not sustained as he quickly asked the crowd to decide the winner of the Mavado versus Vybz Kartel clash.

tisdag 30 december 2008


Hahaha Watch the Video

Blak Ryno demolished Sting 2008

Blak Ryno sounded a warning that he will be the artiste to watch in 2009 with an emphatic peformance at Sting 2008.

Walking out after a band change, he energised a slumbering Sting crowd with his signature slang, 'see it de' as he performed his runaway hit, Thug Anthem.

"Ah Blak Ryno ah say ah so the ting set, no time at all the thugs nuh tek check," he deejayed as he stepped out, and the crowd roared. Torches stabbed at the night sky and the big banners danced in the breeze.

Then when he said see it de, the crowd sang along with him in one lusty voice: SEE IT DE.

He then paused to intro the second verse, 'dem say anywhere we go, Portmore Empire gwaan like dem ah the baddest ting, mek me tell yu why, Sean, Vinchi, General.....dog, we buss not puppy'.

And the crowd roared again. the forward rolling from the back to the front of the crowd in a clear powerful wave of hands and lighters. The teens in the crowd also loved his other slang, the drawling 'yea, yea'.

He then deejayed Shot a Buss, and then exited the stage and the crowd begged him to return for an encore. He performed Shot a Buss and the crowd waved and cheered. After that, he did These Stingers on the Jail For Me riddim. He was joined by fellow Portmore Empire member Shawn Storm who got a good ovation for Be Wise.

Blak Ryno closed his set with the girl song, Bend Over. One girl, an obviously over-enthusiastic Ryno fan, ran out of the backstage area to where the ground rose in a small hill and performed a split under the huge projection screen set up for the patrons to view the show. When he walked off the stage, the girl screamed : 'Ryno, mi waan yu breed mi'.

Yea, yea.


Vybz Kartel - My Mama (New 2009)

söndag 28 december 2008

Kartel was the last man standing at Sting

Claude Mills, you're my boss, my real friend but you never got it right this time. It was Vybz Kartel who won the clash at Sting simply because he was the last man standing onstage when the smoke cleared. Mavado got a big forward and ran off the stage with his bands and to me, that translates into cowardice. He got the big forward for a mother diss when he said: 'my madda? Kartel freaky, him watch him madda when she a pee pee'. Up until then, he had been wounded and struggling, but clutched at this straw as a way to snatch back some respectability. However, I got my illegal copy of the Sting tape yesterday and it is clear that the Teacha won, he was leading for eight minutes into the clash and in a real clash, the deejay who leaves the stage first automatically loses. Kartel won because he was the Last Man Standing. Somebody need to read this article to the Barba so him can understand that a coward can never know true victory. Check this quote: 'cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once'. Mavado run when he realized that he was tasting his own death in his mouth and he decided to pack up and run. He better get used to that taste in his mouth - the taste of death and defeat.

One thing is clear, dancehall is the lifeblood of the people of Jamaica. Just ask morally ambivalent Red Stripe villified dancehall early thus year only to recruit deejay/flosser Flippa Mafia with his Dem Yah slang for their Christmas ad blitz in order to help them retain their market share in the face of increased competition in the marketplace. Thousands of persons packed into Jamworld to see the clash which ushers in a new era for dancehall music. Thousands more watched it live on the Internet and millions more will pore over Net sites and read newspaper articles, watch the youtube videos and listen to the Sting mixtapes in the next few weeks.

More drama is promised in the next few weeks with Dela Splash tonight and Reggae Campfire on New Year's Eve. And we will be here to give you the inside skinny of what's going on in the world of dancehall. Lata'.


lördag 27 december 2008

Mavado 'runs' from Sting clash

Vybz Kartel showed his true mettle and bravado by clashing Mavado on the singjay's own Anger Management band at 'Sting 2008: The Settlement of All Arguments', and emerged as the competitor who got the most forwards during their verbal exchanges.

The consensus of the streets is that Mavado ran from the stage after earning a forward, in order to give the impression that he was leading. Others believe he was forced to make a tactical retreat at a critical time in the clash when he grabbed the momentum back from Kartel, However, most patrons in the rabid Sting audience were amazed and disgusted by this move. The singjay's drummer also left the stage not allowing Kartel to respond to Mavado's big forward for Shotter No Miss. Then Mavado ran back onstage and declared 'mi neva run, mi did gone reload' and he got a few cheers.

Before that, Mavado had been doing well, before inexplicably becoming flustered and accusing his own band of 'sabotage'. And there was a moment for about five to 12 seconds when he couldn't seem to find a song and was relentlessly booed by the audience.

Kartel, smelling blood, quipped: 'mi no hear nothing weh yu say' before deejaying a new lyric with the punchline 'see the step out yah'.

He then reminded Mavado that 'see, a boo dem a boo you'. He responded with Full Clip and got an immediate forward. Kartel sent for a black casket with the words RIP Barber Boy written on it. Mavado petulantly removed it from the stage, only to have Kartel place it directly behind him while he was singing. At this point it seemed that Kartel was toying with him, setting him up for the eventual kill. Mavado fought back valiantly deejaying a lyric which suggested that Kartel was earting Spice, to which Kartel responded: mi no nyam Spice, but mi f--k yu gal ah bus back'. And the crowd roared its approval.

fredag 26 december 2008

Dancer Ice murdered this morning

Boxing Day dawned with grisly news this morning that the dancer Ice was murdered by unknown men while he sat in his vehicle on Keesing Avenue in Kingston.

"He was driving by and stopped and was talking to somebody and dem shoot him, tek the girl outta the car, and gone wid the car. Mi hear say his body is still on Keesing right now and the girl is shivering like a baby, it sad, ah just one ah dem ting de," one source told one876.

Dancer Ice is credited with bussing the Gully Creeper dance that was all the rage this year.

Kartel, Spice N Beenie man At Island Xplosion

Kartel Diss Alliance In The Ramping Shop TUne

torsdag 25 december 2008

Rumors of lyrical clashing fill the festive air

This Friday, Jamworld Center in Portmore is set to roar with the thunderous sounds of reggae and dancehall, as major DJs polish up their verbal arsenal in preparation for the lyrical tune wars also known as the ‘sting clash’.

Ready and rearing to go is Vybz Kartel, who is lyrically pumped and shaped up to inflict major damage. However Mavado who appears always itching to strike ‘Addi’ with his ‘Gully Rod’ is said to be ever ready and powered up, but questioning the logistics and hype, since he is may not be interested in having Sting ‘fall’ because of any possible dangerous altercation, lyrical or otherwise.

The two amazingly talented dancehall stars have been clashing lyrically for almost two years now and Sting 2008 is said to be the venue where both artists will settle the combative score once and for all. Dancehall fans worldwide are anxious about the upcoming ‘battle of the chops’, as it will not only prove to be highly entertaining, but also filled with suspense, as the play on words could shock each artist into blazing startling lyrical flames.

Promoters are ready for anything and plan to have very tight security at the show. Security measures may go as far as having barriers placed between Vybz Kartel and Mavado as they rock tune after tune.

But it is the ‘war zone type’ readiness that irks Mavado, who mentioned on a broadcast recently that he is not keen on the beefed up security, the expected virtual human wall of law enforcement officers, nor the barriers, dividers or cage idea that is being tossed around by promoters, who are guarding against the possibility that things could go overboard. Mavado stated on that recent programme that he knows nothing of a clash and had not been briefed by promoters abut any clash. He said, “if two artist a go clash den, and yuh waan barriers, cage and bare tings, den yuh know how dangerous it is ... . Yuh a boost clash, artist a go confront artist. Mi nuh know nuting 'bout dat ... mi nuh waan be di one who have the fall of Sting on my name."

Kartel told The Star recently that he is ready to defend his name on Friday, since he has been slandered for two years and has no choice in the matter but to ‘dun dem’.

Mavado is rumored to be lyrically geared up for the clash, even though he is showing an unwillingness to face that action. It has been reported that he avoided confrontation onstage with Kartel at a show in St Elizabeth. It is alleged that after Mavado lashed into Kartel lyrically he hastily exited the stage once Kartel mounted his defence.

Sting will be the day of decision that every avid dancehall fan will be sure not to miss.

Mavado, Bounty Killer booed at Island Xplosion

Mi tell everybody say Clarendon and all of Central Jamaica ah Beenie Man and Kartel country and now the whole a Jamaica know. Mavado was booed soundly by a throng of patrons at the Island Xplosion show last night. Him go pon stage and ah talk say Kartel ah suck Spice inna the Ramping Shop and the people boo him. Beenie Man also performed alongside Kartel and Spice, deejaying a verse on the Ramping Shop, before Kartel styled him wicked by deejaying that if he made a move on Spice, he would get gunshot. The crowd loved it.
It was a rude awakening for Mavado who struggled to find any songs that connected with the people, especially with the people clamouring for a clash at Sting 08. Word on the street yesterday was that Mavado had planned to tell the media he would not clash unless he got more money, even though Sting promoters have already paid him a hefty sum already. Things look sticky for the Gangsta for Life and he looked shaky onstage like he had no game plan for what the crowd wanted. Soon link yu back, mi a go drink some sorrel and deal with some ham.


tisdag 23 december 2008

Aidonia Badman Ah Step Dub Session

Vybz Kartel 2008 Onstage Interview (Sting & Other Issues)

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

Vybz Kartel - Fling It Pan Mi

This Bredda full of lyrics



Everybody look like dem plan fi go Sting this year, mi go the wholesale dem downtown and people ah talk about it, mi inna Lord and Lady up a Manor Centre ah shop fi shoes and mi hear dem a talk about it, who ah go beat who? Will Mavado stammer onstage? Will the Teacha kill him wid two sample talk? And if dem really a go clash inna cage? Mi nuh know, Laing, is a cage match or what? Mi hear say yu a mek millions offa the pay per view pon the Internet. Yu a go need half a dozen Brinks truck fi deal wid the money and mi hear say yu a rent money counting machine from bank and all these things. Rich again!


mavado n Gavesha

Teflon Busy for the Xmas season

Firebrand deejay Teflon, widely regarded as one of the most exciting new talents to emerge out of dancehall in the past two years, is getting a lot of requests for shows this Christmas season.

"As more and more people realize that he is here in Jamaica and available, the requests are flooding in. People are looking to Teflon as one of the artistes who will take reggae to higher heights internationally, especially in Europe where he has a loyal and still growing fan base," Tamoyo Campbell, a member of Teflon's management team, said.

Teflon performed at the Reggae Fever show in Montego Bay over the weekend. He will also be performing at Sugar Minott's Reggae in the Hills on December 25. He has a show in Portland on Dec. 27 and he has a pair of shows on New Year's Day, one is the Anthony B Family Funday and another show in St Elizabeth.

In the meantime, the deejay is pushing ahead with the promotion of his new single Jailhouse Rock which is already a inside sensation in the dancehall community.

"The video for Jailhouse Rock is now ready, and it looks great, people are going to be amazed as we got some great shots. However, we have decided to hold off until the new year to release the video until after the busy Christmas season," Teflon told one876 this week.

Jailhouse Rock is Teflon's first release since his incarceration earlier this year. The song is a critical examination of his recent legal troubles and speaks volumes about the deejay's brief incarceration and the dehumanizing and brutal conditions of prisoners.

The video was shot on Gold Street, Kingston (South Side) on Wednesday 26th of November. It was shot and directed by Wayne South.

"The entire community came out on the day of the video shoot including the area leader to support Teflon. The shoot ran from in the morning to 11 pm. This is some of my best work and I know that people will love what we have been able to do with this video," director Wayne South told one876.

Teflon is featured on Stephen's new riddim called Advocate with a track called Affi Team Wid Us and is getting heavy rotation, the Motherless Child Album on Tads International label will be released ending January 2009.
Earlier this year, Teflon's single Bobo Run Out Pon Dem got crazy love from FM radio alongside other singles such as Guns Rise, Make It and Life Ain't That Rough. The deejay also performed at the Rototom Festival in Italy, his first major European festival performance.

Fantan inks deal with Zion Roots

Rastafarian firebrand Fantan Mojah has inked a two year contract with Latcom Distributors, the sole distributors of Zion Roots drink in Jamaica, to be the face and spokesperson of their new advertising and promotional campaign for the popular roots drink. The signing took place last Wednesday at the Zion organic factory in Jericho, Linstead.

At the signing, Fantan Mojah wore a blazer designed by Portmore designer Calvin Hayes a.k.a Moonie Designs featuring the Zion and Latcom logos.

Fantan was enthusiastic about the partnership, hailing it as a chance to support local industries.

"It gives me great pleasure to have a partnership with Zion, it fills my heart with pride because Zion is a roots drink I have always personally supported, chasing it with Red Bull ever since it first came out. It is time that we support our own, and Zion is a great drink, nuff herbs come together to give it a wonderful taste and it is healthy and alcohol-free, it represents a healthy lifestyle," Fantan told one876

"The yutes dem know say Fantan Mojah nah sing no folly, I just focus on the positive so the yutes dem can hold dem meditation, the yutes dem can drink Zion if dem a go study, drink even the Ginseng brand to give them that extra energy they need, just like how I sing good music to educate, energise and inspire my people. Bless."

Latcom Distributors is stoked about the marketing possibilities signing an artiste of the stature of Fantan Mojah will open up for their popular line of roots products.

"We chose Fantan because he is an artiste who defends consciousness and we were looking for somebody positive and who can also be a spokesperson for the Zion Roots brand. It is a well known fact that Fantan drinks Zion and he deals with the positive ideals that we represent as a corporate entity so we know that this partnership will be a success," Natoy Malcolm, Latcom's Trade Co-ordinator, told Xtratainment.

The Zion Roots brand has a number of products including Manpower, Hard Drive, Ginseng, Peanut-Irish-Soy, Zion Bitters and of course, the original Zion Roots. Latcom Distributors took over the distribution of the brand on June 1, 2008.

"We are making aggressive moves in the marketplace and we believe that our range of products gives us a competitive edge over our rivals and puts us in a position to eventually dominate the roots market in Jamaica, and eventually the world."

Zion Roots celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Fantan, who scored a big hit earlier this year with Stronger, will be making a number of promotional appearances across the island to help market the brand.

Contact Natoy Malcolm at 779-5173

måndag 22 december 2008

Jesse Jendah Bun Out some Rasta Artist

Sizzla receives hearty welcome in The Gambia

Sizzla Kalonji arrived in The Gambia on Sunday December 20 and was given a welcome fit for a hero as The Gambian President, Ministers of his Cabinet and many of the country’s citizens gave him a warm and hearty welcome.

Treated like a head of state himself, the reggae star was invited to the Juramba Farm of His Excellency, Alhaji Ya Yah Jammeh along with his entire entourage where Sizzla spent the day getting down and dirty as he experienced harvesting rice on a multi-acre rice field, exchanging agricultural expertise and discussing issues ranging from repatriation to reparation and education.

Committed to the philosophies and teachings of Rastafari, Sizzla’s interest in networking with key individuals, able to facilitate the Rastafarian goals, like getting the Diaspora to Gambia, became heightened on this visit.

He met with the Minister of Health, the Honorable Dr. Mbowe who facilitated a tour of the Royal Victoria Hospital where Sizzla gave support and showed love to those ailing there. Another official meeting took place with the Major General of The Gambian Army and Sizzla was presented with an award for his work. More important linkages were created when the Honorable Fatim Badjie, Minister of Information and Communication invited the reggae star to be chief guest at her wedding alongside the Vice President of The Gambia, Her Excellency Isatou Njie Saidy.

In the five days that Sizzla had to visit The Gambia, before his concerts, that are scheduled to start tonight, he was able to fulfill his aim of making solid connections as he began to carve a future in line with his Rastafarian reality.

Committing also to become a musical ambassador for The Gambia, Sizzla will serve as a bridge between the Gambia and the Diaspora. One of his main goals is to help the music industry there by building a studio for the youth. He has expressed the desire to become an honorary citizen and plans on helping with the schools, with building hospitals and assisting in other areas of The Gambia’s development.

Everywhere he went, Sizzla was greeted by hundreds of The Gambian community members, who flocked to get a glimpse of him and to touch his hands.

This will be Sizzla’s first performance in Africa and the shows will be held at the Independence Stadium on December 25th and 29th and at Brikama Mini Stadium on December 27th.

Members of Sizzla’s entourage include Firehouse Band, Jesse Jendah, Princess Menen, Bretts Promotion staff, Rebel T Music staff and Kalonji Records staff.

vybz kartel and black ryno

lördag 20 december 2008

Queen Ifrica still #1 on HYPE TV charts

Another good Christmas for the Reggae Mumma Queen Ifrica, as she continues to hold strong with Keep It To Yourself in the #1 position. The single is spending its second week at the top and is expected to grip the title for many weeks to come. Reggae/Dancehall finest Buju Banton with Sleepless Nights rose up to the #2 place this week leaving the #3 position. Recently Grammy nominee Elephant Man, with Sweep swept the Shot to Watch title this week and deservingly so. The track jumps to three places to take hold of the #3 spot leaving from #6. This assiduous artiste is worthy of any award that he should receive. The hot Mavado with Am So Special stumbles down the chart, after spending five weeks at number one he now takes of the #4 spot. The artiste is still making tremendous movement in the dancehall scene. The new dancehall sensation Stacious with Goodaz Clap sits steadily in the #5 position. This dancehall trendsetter is one to watch years to come. The new and improved Terry Linen becomes A Better Man has the single copped Greatest Grainer title, jumping four places on the chart this week. He is such a great singer, watch out he maybe the next number one artiste on the chart. This week's New Entry goes a God fearing man called Prodigal Son with Head Cyaan Hot Suh. The single speaks about the heartbreaking activities in our society but with a twist, with hopes that the Father God will heal them. The track debuts at #20 and is on Main Street Records. Week Ending December 19th , 2008


01 01 13 Queen Ifrica - Keep It To Yourself - Don Corleon -2wks@1
02 03 13 Buju Banton -Sleepless Nights - Don Corleon
03 06 08 Elephant Man - Sweep - Scatta Productions -Shot to Watch
04 02 16 Mavado - Am So Special -TJ Records - 5wks@1
05 05 17 Stacious - Goodaz Clap - Ward 21
06 04 13 Tarrus Riley - Far Away - Don Corleon - Peak@#2
07 07 09 Ms. Triniti ft. Beenie Man - Burnin Burnin - Unseen Lab 08 09 06 Busy Signal -Tic Toc - S.S.M.G
09 08 19 George Nooks - Rest Your Love On Me - Total/Tads - Peak@#2
10 11 15 D'Angel - Stronger - Son Of Spoon
11 13 06 Prince Pankhi -My Jamaican Girl - Otis Riddim Records 12 16 04 Terry Linen - A Better Man - Uplifting Music - Greatest Gainer up4
13 15 05 Tifa - Bottom Of The Barrel - Ward 21
14 10 21 Konshens - Winner - Natural Bridge/Cash Flow -1wk@1 15 17 04 Charley Blacks - Bubble - Fresh Ear
16 18 03 Bar-Bee - Love You Anyway - Its Not A Game
17 12 19 Morgan Heritage - Nothing To Smile About - No Doubt -3wks@1
18 19 02 Tony Rebel - Another Bill - Penthouse
19 20 02 Vybz Kartel - Get Wild - Adidjaheim/NotNice Records 20 NW 01 Prodigal Son - Head Cyaan Hot Suh - Main Street Records

New Entry TW LW WC Artiste - Title - Label - Peak Position TW -This Week, LW - Last Week, WC - Weeks On Chart

Kartel and Spice share a 'silhouette kiss' on ER

The streets are buzzing with talk that Vybz Kartel and Spice shared a kiss on TVJ's popular entertainment programme ER during an interview which will be aired at 8 tonight.

The two deejays, who have denied rumours that they are emotionally involved, also performed the song during the interview. The video for their outrageously popular new single Ramping Shop will not air tonight as it has not been completed but snippets of the video have already found their way onto the Internet.
Vybz Kartel says that segments of the highly anticipated Ramping Shop video has already been leaked to the Internet by overzealous fans but that the official video, directed by Nordia Rose, would not be ready until next week.

"We're doing some additional scenes, it ah go sick, it will premiere the week of Sting, the whole ah Jamaica is rocking to the tune already, it is a tune that everybody loves, I've been told that even Christians love the edited version. Ramping Shop ah the tune fi the Christmas," he told one876entertainment.com.

Kartel has already scored three numbers ones this year and the Don Corleone-produced Million By a Morning is in the top ten of most local charts. Trailer Load a Money is still number one on the Stampede Street Charts and on CVM TV's Onstage programme. Kartel will be appearing on a number of stage shows including March Out '08 in Crofts Hill, Clarendon and Sting 2008.

Mr. Vegas performs before record-breaking crowd in Kenya

For the second time in his vibrant career, Jamaican artiste, Mr. Vegas embarked on a journey to "The Motherland" of Africa to headline the mega-concert "Generation Jipange" in Nairobi, Kenya. There, the popular singjay delivered his hits to nearly 70,000 people. According to officials, this was the largest event of its kind to take place in Kenya.

When Mr. Vegas graced the stage, he was moved by the massive audience. Backed by Thugz band, Mr. Vegas proceeded to deliver a set of his hits to fans -- jumpstarted by strong performances of "Hot It Up" and "Hot Gal Today." Mr. Vegas followed his chart-toppers with a medley of Reggae favorites, which invigorated the youth. He was later joined on stage by over-the-top dancer Boricia. The crowd went wild as Boricia displayed the latest dancehall moves in the most eccentric fashion. Clearly, the Kenyan youth embraced the "dance" in dancehall music. By the immense turn out, it was clear to see Mr. Vegas' reach and the universal power of Reggae music.

"Generation Jipange" refers to a new youth movement in Kenya centered on empowering youth to stay healthy, pursue education/employment and be positive. The free, day-long concert, which took place at Nairobi's Uhuru Gardens, was filled to capacity as early as 8:00 AM. The event was televised by Kenyan networks. In addition to Mr. Vegas, the concert had at least 14 other acts on the bill -- including popular Kenyan artist Jua Cali.

"This was such a great experience.........and it was great to return home," says Mr. Vegas. "I was truly honored to be part of an event to motivate Kenyan youth."

Mr. Vegas' billing at "Generation Jipange" marks his second time performing in Africa and the largest performance of his career. It was the singjay's respected summer stint in Uganda that made him a prime candidate to headline the Kenyan concert. Inevitably, the well publicized and attended "Generation Jipange" concert granted Mr. Vegas with high visibility. It won't be surprising when Mr. Vegas becomes a household name in Africa. Plans are underway for Mr. Vegas to again perform in "The Motherland" early next year.

It's been a year of worldwide magnitude for Mr. Vegas, as he has been blessed with opportunities to entertain thousands of people across the globe. Aside from the record-breaking crowd in Kenya, the dancehall favorite has thoroughly captivated colossal crowds in Japan (40,000 people) and Guyana (28,000).

Alliance builds Billboard empire

While the rest of Dancehall seems to be focusing on lyrical confrontation, Alliance members Serani and Mavado are scaling international heights.

With the hotshot debut (highest new entry) on the Billboard Hot 100 Hip Hop and R'n'B chart this week, Serani's "No Games" continues to show the promise of being Dancehall's next big crossover hit.

Mavado's anthemic "I'm So Special" has also re-entered the same chart, even higher, at # 53 and looks to be set on the same course as "No Games."

"This is what we've been working for," said Serani. "The song is locking the NE and the plan is to impact the song across the US and then the rest of the world." Having formed a new partnership with Phase One Communications, Serani and his manager Julian Jones-Griffith are confident that this is just the beginning. Julian has been in New York speaking to several major labels and a deal seems imminent.

Serani, in New York on a promotional run, appeared as a special guest in Manhattan at a Funkmaster Flex party alongside Akon last night, after appearing live on Angie Martinez's show on HOT 97 in the afternoon.

Mavado's sophomore album is slated for a February release, with the So Special video premiering in January.

"Right now a just crazy work," said the Gangsta for Life. "Next year we will be focusing overseas and really crossing over into new markets. Dancehall is very powerful and needs to be taken seriously by the mainstream and we will be working towards making that happen in '09."



fredag 19 december 2008

Predator - illusion Kartel Diss

Kartel Wishes Aidonia well if he wants to leave the Empire

Vybz Kartel a.k.a Addi the Teacha expressed surprise when he was told that Aidonia had left the Portmore Empire.

"That is news to me, I haven't spoken to the DJ in three weeks, and if that is the case, every man is his own big man and entitled to make his own decisions and I wish him all the best in his future endeavours," Kartel told a one876entertainment reporter this morning.

Rumours that there is some tension between Kartel and Aidonia have been circulating around the Internet for the last two weeks. However, both parties have downplayed the rift as nothing more than 'media chatter'. Sources close to the Empire camp believe that Aidonia is jealous of the success of the youngbloods, Jahvinchi and Blak Ryno.

"Aidonia has his own thing anyway, his thing is J.O.P and ah long time mi not even see him come up ah the studio, so we know say him ah do him own ting," one source said.


My girlfriends dem call me from the Bronx about two weeks ago and tell me say dem go a dance with Serani and Bugle and Aidonia. And dem shock when Aidonia go pon the mike and start say a bagga tings about the Empire. First, him say that the leader of the Empire is a devil, (everybody know dat already, him say it himself) and that the yute round him a fool and some set a clown. Him say dem anno real singer, one of them sound like a robot, the one name Jahvinchi and that he is no longer in the Empire. Mi girlfriend say she hear it wid her owna ears dem and she was surprised when she read The Star online and realize say him ah say something else. Wah really a gwaan?


Toddler Holds #1 for three weeks with Bruk Don

Down Sound Recording artiste Harry Toddler has held the number one position with More Money (Bruk Don) for three straight weeks on the Jamaica Music Countdown charts, a phenomenal achievement in an ultra-competitive year for dancehall.
"I am just grateful to my fans for their support this year. My career is reaching a turning point and I am looking forward to traveling to the US next year to do a couple of performances. I also have a couple of new projects for Down Sound Records in 2009 that are going to rock the world," he said.
"There is still a lot of interest in Don't Run In and it still gets play on HOT 97, so that is encouraging news for the future."
The song is also number 4 on the Stampede Street Vibes chart and peaked in the top five of the RE TV dancehall charts.

Harry Toddler scored his first number one single in seven years with Don't Run In that appears on the Truck Back Records imprint. He has performed in The Bahamas, Uganda and Trinidad in the last couple of months. He is expected to perform at this year Sting 25th anniversary, and to perform at Teensplash.

onsdag 17 december 2008

Mavado 2008 Onstage Interview (talks about sting)

hahahha Him a go run from the clash me a tell yu!

ZeEeEeEet Deh!!! Vybz Kartel ft Spice- Ramping Shop

Aidonia disses Kartel?

Since the release of Aidonia's song, "Matic Nah Laugh" last week, rumours have been circulating that there is a rift between himself and Vybz Kartel, which he vehemently denies, "There is no rift between me and Kartel. The song post on-line and since, people a tell me seh Kartel and me a war. Me and Kartel have nutten..."

It is rumoured that the lyrics of the song "dissed" Kartel. However, Aidonia suggested that the listeners need 'hearing aid' as the lyrics they claim to have heard are not the lyrics of the song. He claims to have made no lyrical reference to Kartel.

When contacted, Kartel expressed surprise, "That is news to me." he stated.

Aidonia also denied another rumour that he had a physical altercation with Portmore Empire's Blak Ryno, where Kartel attempted to hit Aidonia in defence of Blak Ryno, by saying, "That is so false. There's nutten between me and Ryno..." He also noted that he and Ryno are the headliners for an upcoming show in Montego Bay.

Aidonia has suggested that there are persons who want to create disharmony between himself and Kartel in preparation for the upcoming Sting stage show, and would like them to stop and "Don't create nuh vibe caw dem know who Vybz Kartel caan 'gree wid," he said.

In the meantime he says that he is busy in the studio voicing new songs and making preparations for his upcoming tour and Spring 2009 album release.

Monster Empire

Suh a how monster empire a deal wid di killa suh?
Di man dem look like seh dem out fi clash bounty a sting with tunes giving some hard uppercut. Di man dem have a tune seh " kartel carry di axe come! nah badda shoot killer caz him get too much box down, a wah do miss ivy son weh use to sell cigarette inna hot sun" fi tell yuh di truth if killer hear diss tune mi nuh know weh him a guh do next, moster rmpire even gave it to kiprich stating that kippo a do woman bottom. Put fun a joke aside, a weh happen to the rims dem bounty did fi get back? crowd a people mi hear seh round head a roast di breadfruit dem down a Sandy park inna, but a cudda how comes him suh bright and facety.

måndag 15 december 2008


People ah call mi and ah tell me say Mavado exit quickly from the stage inna St. Elizabeth last night after him see Kartel walk up on him. Mi a wonder about him still because him sound like him no too inna no clash when him touch Onstage on Saturday night, but him ah call up Teacha name at Stone Love anniversary and then when him see Teacha the following night, the man run offa the stage like him hair de pon fire and him need fi duck it inna some water. Wah really a gwaan?


Stone Love Anniversary


kartel at savlamar

onsdag 10 december 2008


What a way Kartel and Spice get steamy on the video shoot. Crazy wining up and down and all these things. One time, it look like Spice not even did waan bruk out until her babyfather shouted out: 'do yu ting, everything alright' and then the man leave the room fi a bit and she did bruk out and gwaan wid a bagga tings. Mi never get fi go the shoot but mi see the pictures that Nick Thomas tek and dem mad. Mi see Kartel ah dance with Spice, mi see him a position himself behind the director Nordia Rose, him all up inna the shots dem and flirt with the dancers dem and a bagga tings. Spice did look nice in a pink dress with what looked like a fishtail at the end. She looked like she was going to a ball, and she get sexy with some dancehall outfits and she have her four dancers dem. Mad tings gwaan pon the shoot yesterday.


Watch Dem Bleacher yah

Ah wha do dem yo!!!

The 'Girlie' Gadd will have nowhere to run at Sting - Kartel

The emphatic performances by artistes at West Kingston Jamboree in Tivoli Gardens in Kingston over the weekend were a mere dress rehearsal for the carnage that is set to unfold at Sting 2008 at Jamworld in Portmore on December 26th.
West Kingston Jamboree was a night of beautiful intrigue as personal differences stoked lyrical attacks that bordered on outright slander and 'fighting words' peppered the air like rocket fire on a balmy night in the occupied territories of Palestine.

And even though Vybz Kartel a.k.a Addi the Teacha was missing in action on Sunday night because of a trio of shows in the Caribbean, he still remained the unseen force, the immovable object, an essential lead character in the drama that is set to unfold on Sting night, a reckoning that is just two weeks away.
In his absence, Mavado, Kartel's nemesis and musical rival, held centrestage and used the occasion to launch a lyrical broadside on his former Alliance associate Vybz Kartel.
"Mi anno Ninjaman weh Kartel can kick down pon the stage at Sting. Mi ah bad man, mi anno b----man like dem bleach out face bwoy de," he growled.
However, he was not content to stop there, and then deejayed a song with a punchline that suggested that "Kartel pickney ah Portmore fava Nunupuss", implying that one of Kartel's children was a 'jacket'. The crowd loved it and shouted for more. Mavado unleashed a slew of his hit songs but it appeared that his clash songs got the greater forwards during his performance as the crowd relished the obvious dislike between the warring giants.

The battle lines are clearly set and Vybz Kartel, who returned to the island earlier this week after a three-island tour, is ready for the inevitable battle. Just hearing him talk, it is clear he is ready to place his hands on the axle of destiny, and finally become an icon in the business. The next move is to annihilate the dominant singjay Mavado at the biggest dancehall stage of them all.

"Apparently, the barber heard I was on a three-island tour over the weekend, and took the opportunity – as he did at Champions after he hid and watched me leave Jamworld – to, as they say, 'talk the tings dem' like the true girlie god that he is," Vybz Kartel told one876.

"But all matters of this nature will inevitably have to be confronted on a stage (at Sting) where he will have nowhere to run and as such, will be exterminated as all insects should be."

tisdag 9 december 2008

De La Ghetto & Mavado - Come Out And See {Behind Scenes}

Mavado Ft Dolemite So Long /Movado So Long

MAVADO in Concert, Atlanta

The Youth Mash up the place!!!

Vybz Kartel Lovefest 2008

don corleon & vybz kartel - kalicos a fly


Ramping Shop video ah go shoot today over Lindsay Crescent in St. Andrew, mi hear everybody ah look forward to it because the Spice-Kartel combination ah the hottest song fi the Xmas right now. The whole Empire will be there for the occasion, it ah go mad, crazy girls, crazy crews, crazy flossing and mad Vybz Rum.

måndag 8 december 2008


What a way Wadda diss up Deva Brat and ah call him child molester over Jamboree this morning. Deva fall inna one big hole over Jamboree afterwards though, first, him did a beg fi get pon the stage and then after when him get him chance, him no gwaan wid nothing over de till me all see some gal ah run him offa the stage. Mi hear a man say it better him did go prison fi murder than what dem accuse him of. It sticky bad!



How Mavado ah go so hard over West Kingston Jamboree and ah talk up a bagga tings say Kartel ah mind Nunupuss pickney? The man get some ginormous forwards over de, Sting ah go mad!!!


Mr. Vegas loses his dad to a sudden illness

Dancehall great, Mr. Vegas lost his father, Kenneth Maitland to a sudden illness on December 2, 2008, marking the end of a great bond for the number one artist.

There was immense love between father and son that was particularly meaningful for Mr. Vegas, since Kenneth Maitland stepped into his life during his childhood after his biological father left. Playing the key role of father to Mr. Vegas and his brother, Kenneth Maitland was described by the singer as kind, humble and encouraging.

“I have many fond memories of my father…and sincerely regret not being able to spend time with [him] because of my busy schedule…his death comes at a critical time in my life,” Mr. Vegas said in a statement.

Kenneth Maitland who was a carpenter is also survived by his wife and son.

In his earnest efforts to comfort his mother, Mr. Vegas has written the song, “Mama Don’t Cry,” in the hopes of easing her pain in this tough time.



What a way Queen Paula mud up Spice again over West Kingston Jamboree this morning? She sing a song that sound like a take off of Bounty's Caan Believe Mi Eyes wid the punchline say 'mi caan believe say Spice ah suck out Lady Saw hole'. How Queen Paula ah gwaan so billias?