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Kip Rich done Monster Hempire
Kip Rich was the other victor for the night...him teck on Monster Hempire and daub dem up big time. Nufff people never realise seh Kip Rich did so good when it come to holding him own on stage.

Aidonia In Contazano, Italy on his 2009 European Tour



Movado So Special 2009 BET s Rip the Runway

"The Rise Of America's New Black Overclass"

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Vybz Kartel Interview Pt. 1

Vybz Kartel Interview Pt. 2

De La Ghetto ft. Mavado - Come out and See


Baby Girl I'm Alone - Jah Vinci

Merciless kill ninja man.. FOLLOW DI ARROW 09 (ONLY AUDIO)

Merciless slays the Ninja
Bwoy all now the crowd whey come a Follow A Di Arrow a talk bout di way Merciless kill Ninja Man. Can you imagine, inna him owna parish, Merciless look like him teck back him mercy whey him did lend out cause a nuff forward him receive fi di killer lyrics dem whey him did have. Ninja Man never have a ting fi defend himself wid, cause Merciless was really hard to beat.


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Capleton - Stamping Flat (BUN OUT Ramping Shop)

movado-neva believe u (2009 daseca prod)

NEVA BELIEVE U*** 2009 (DASECA PROD.) - Movado

First Black Hebrew gets Israeli citizenship

Forty years after arriving in Israel as self-identified descendants of Tribe of Judah, first member of Israelite community gets letter from Interior Ministry approving request for citizenship. Ministry says more approvals to follow
Zvi Alush
Published: 02.03.09, 10:31 / Israel News
"Hallelujah, Hallelujah," members of Dimona's Black Hebrew Israelite community sang out after one of them received a notification that he was eligible for Israeli citizenship.

The first of the Black Hebrews arrived in Israel from the United States and Liberia in December 1969, claiming to be the descendants of the Tribe of Judah.

Upon their arrival the Hebrews settled in the southern communities of Dimona, Mitzpe Ramon and Arad, and have struggled extensively in an attempt to gain recognition from the State of Israel.

Only in August 2003 did the Black Hebrew Israelites get the news they were waiting for when then- Interior Minister, Avraham Poraz granted them the status of permanent residents.

In 2004 members of the community, both men and woman, for the first time joined the Israel Defense Force and began fulfilling their civil duties.

On Monday, 62-year-old Elyakim Ben-Israel made his way to the post office to collect a letter sent by registered mail.

When he opened the letter, Ben-Israel was delighted to find a summons from the Interior Ministry inviting him to go pledge allegiance to the State of Israel and its laws.

"I jumped for joy and ran to the community and we all laughed and cried," Ben-Israel said on Monday.

Ben-Israel said he was the first of the community to renounce his American citizenship at the instructions of the community's leader Ben Ammi Ben-Israel, and filed for Israeli citizenship many years ago.

The Interior Ministry said on Monday that more members of the Black Hebrew community can expect to receive citizenship approval letters.

Director-General of the Interior Ministry Arieh Bar said granting members of the community the promised citizenship was a bold decision on the part of Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit.


Fish Neyo

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Ramping Shop - Remake - Spice ft Vybz Kartel neww

Booooo! That Riddim deh Nah mek it!!! BattyBway Neyo

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Mavado In The WDKX Studio 01-31-09


Nature - Wasting Time (Big Tune)

Mutabaruka reminds performers of responsibility

In the recorded interview with Lutan Fyah played before he performed at the launch of his 'Africa' double-CD last Tuesday evening, he named Bob Marley as one of the persons who helped spark his creativity.

And guest speaker Mutabaruka also mentioned Bob Marley to the large audience at Weekenz, Constant Spring Road, St Andrew, after asking how can the performers of violent songs say that their music has no influence on those around them.

Influence the world

"And we have artiste like Bob Marley who influence the world? What Bob Marley do, but sing a song?" Mutabaruka demanded.

He noted that there were artistes who were involved with guns and also "not necessarily knife play, but daggering play".

"A artiste a lick out pon politician an' when you look at him life and him music, it worse than what the politician a do," Mutabaruka said. "How can a artiste sey when him sing a song it no influence nobody fe do nutten?" he questioned.

Crucial role

He went on to point out the crucial role of the artiste in the society today, saying "is only the artiste right now the people look towards. So if the artiste is behaving worse than the politician and the preacher we in a serious problem in Jamaica".

"If artiste only imitate what is happening in America we in problem," Mutabaruka said.

He complimented Lutan Fyah on naming and putting out an album called Africa in this "bling time", but cautioned that "a whole heap of the radio station them not going to play it".

"And I tell the brethren don't pay nobody no money to play your album. No payola business to play good music in Jamaica," Mutabaruka said, to applause.

More applause

There was more applause when he asked if after all the production fees an artiste really had to pay more money to get a song on the radio, adding that it is time artistes stop paying radio announcers.

Plus, "is the worst music find the biggest money to get the biggest play," he said.

And Mutabaruka closed with a reminder to all of their responsibility towards Africa as well. "We hope many people buy the album and we hope you don't download it for free," he said.

'Empty church at Ice funeral'

Several persons in the entertainment fraternity who were expected to show their final respects to popular dancer David 'Ice' Smith at his funeral were noticeably absent.

However, just about enough persons turned up at the Our Lady of the Angels Church on Molynes Road, St Andrew, and made it a rather 'happy' thanksgiving service.

Also, most who attended chose to stay outside during the service and used every opportunity to show off their new dance moves and pose for the cameras.

Had they went inside, they just might have filled the church.

Dancehall group Voicemail, deejay Mr G and dancers Sample Six, Sadiki and Keiva were the few members of the 'dancing fraternity' who were spotted hanging outside the church.

Natalie 'Pinky' Smith, sister of the slain dancer, told THE STAR that she had no problem with the absence of some persons as she really was not looking for handouts.

"Keiva called me this morning and told me she had to call somebody else to get my number and I told her 'no problem'. She called to say she would show her support ... If she could do that they could have done that too ... I'm not looking for anything; I'm glad this is over now," she said.

As promised by Tommy Thompson, funeral director and chief executive of Brite Lite Funeral Services, Ice did not get the usual over-the-top dancehall-style funeral.

Fashion statements

Most of the women were conservatively dressed and pulled off the look for the occasion.

The men, on the other hand, chose to make fashion statements. Oversize sunglasses, 'blinging' belts, and even scarves completed their attire.

Ice was renowned for his Gully Creepa dance, which received international attention during the Olympics when Usain Bolt performed the move after his victories.

The dancer was gunned down in the early hours of Boxing Day, December 26, 2008, along Newark Avenue, Kingston 11.

The St Andrew Central police said Ice was killed moments after exiting a bar where he had gone to purchase a pack of cigarettes.

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Nigerian rapists burned

Battle hardened Lagosians can tell you what 'Lagos Justice' is. It is 'street justice', meted out in neighborhoods around the city to alleged criminals if they have the misfortune of not being captured by the police first. 'Lagos Justice' usually involves some very graphic acts of violence. In many cases, the alleged criminal is stuffed into a tyre or two, to prevent him/her (usually men, however) from fleeing. The alleged criminal is then set aflame and left to burn alive. Below is a short 33 second clip of 'Lagos Justice' in action. Please be forewarned that this clip is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC.

Nigeria police hold 'robber' goat

Police in Nigeria are holding a goat handed to them by a vigilante group, which said it was a car thief who had used witchcraft to change shape.
A police spokesman in Kwara State has been quoted as saying that the "armed robbery suspect" would remain in custody until investigations were over.
But another police spokesman told the BBC the goat was being held in case its owner claimed it.
The belief in witchcraft and the power to change shapes is common in Nigeria.
Police reform activists have condemned the "arrest", saying it highlights the low education levels of many Nigerian police officers.
Nigeria's Vanguard newspaper has a picture of the goat and reports that police paraded it in front of journalists in the Kwara state capital Ilorin on Thursday.
But this was denied by national police spokesman Emmanuel Ojukwu.
"The vigilante group arrested the goat and took it to the police, then they told the media."
The next morning journalists turned up demanding to see the goat, he said.
"But of course goats can't commit crime."
The BBC's Andrew Walker in Abuja says communities often rely on ill-educated and badly prepared vigilante squads to fill the gaps where the police will not patrol at night.
Innocent Chukwuma of the justice reform group the Cleen Foundation, told the BBC that many Nigerian police officers were poorly educated.
"There are officers who don't even have a secondary school education, and the police have a big job to do in finding these people and getting rid of them."
He said in the past political leaders had allowed the police to be filled with incompetent and in some cases criminal officers so they could be easily bought to protect their own criminal activities.
Police have also been unable to stop vigilante squads from lynching suspects before they could investigate, he said.


Nigeria Vs Jamaica 11 Feb

Nigeria's Super Eagles will play a friendly against the Reggae Boyz of Jamaica in London on 11 February.
The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) said the fixture replaces an earlier game planned against West African rivals, Ghana.
The Super Eagles will use the game as a build-up for their World Cup qualifier in March.
"All necessary arrangements for this game has been concluded and the coaches are looking forward to the game in London," NFF spokesman Ademola Olajire told BBC Sport.
"Now we hope the players will have easy access to get to London from their respective club sides.
Nigeria coach Shaibu Amodu is keen to try out as many Europe-based players as possible, especially those who did not make the team for the first round of the 2010 World Cup qualifiers.
Amodu is expected to use the friendly to assess players before they travel to Mozambique for their first World Cup qualifier on 28 March.
Five members of the Nigerian squad at the last Olympic Games in Beijing have been named in the squad for the Jamaica friendly.
Adefemi Olubayo, Sani Kaita, Olufemi Ajilore, Onyekachi Apam and Dele Adeleye have all been called up by Amodu.
Significantly, Michael Eneramo who was considering featuring for Tunisia after he appeared to have been overlooked by Nigeria, has also been called up.
The Esperance striker was weighing his options after overtures from Tunisia.
Both Nigeria and Tunisia are drawn in the same qualifying group for the 2010 World Cup.
Group B also includes Kenya and Mozambique.

Vybz Kartel Ft Spice - who god bless (2009)

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What a nasty man YO!!! Real BattyFucker!

Stop Order on 'Rampin Shop' - Ne-Yo's publishing company writes Kartel

The current version of Vybz Kartel and Spice's Rampin Shop has been ordered to be destroyed and pulled from all radio stations, television stations and the Internet by EMI Music Publishing. Plans are in motion for the song to be re-mixed and re-mastered so it can be played on air again.

When the STAR spoke to Vybz Kartel yesterday he explained that he had received an e-mail from EMI Music Publishing stating that Rampin Shop infringes on the copyright license of Miss Independent by Ne-Yo. Rampin Shop was released towards the end of 2008 and is currently on a remade version of the Miss Independent rhythm, the song while immensely popular in Jamaica has not been officially released to the International market. While Ne-Yo is officially signed to Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), the copyright license for the composition of the Ne-Yo song is licensed by EMI Music Publishing for composers Shaffer Smith, Tor Erik Hermansen and Mikkel S. Eriksen.

Kartel forwarded the e-mail from EMI to the STAR in which it stated, "'Ramping Shop' by Vybz Kartel and Spice infringes the copyright in 'Miss Independent' (Smith/Hermansen/Eriksen). Clearance of this use of 'Miss Independent' has not been sought or obtained and I am informed that clearance will not be forthcoming. Accordingly 'Ramping Shop' cannot be released or exploited in any way. Please confirm your acknowledgement and acceptance of this, and that you will arrange that (i) all recordings of the infringing track will be re-called and destroyed and that no further copies will be issued, and (ii) that the audio and/or video

will be taken down immediately from all Internet sites."

According to Kartel the current version of the song will not be used and to solve the problem a re-mix of the song is currently being done. He said, "the remix will sound like dancehall, just like what Ne-Yo's people did when they made Miss Independent ... Notnice and I will be doing the remix today (yesterday) so listen out for it by Friday when it is mixed and mastered."

Lutan Fyah drops 30 tracks

n the upper right hand corner of Lutan Fyah's seventh album there are a few numbers that tell the tale, in short, of the set entitled 'Africa'. It reads "2 CDs, 30 tracks, 4 #1 hits in Jamaica."

Those hits were presented at the end of the album's official launch at Weekenz, Constant Spring Road, St Andrew, on Tuesday evening, when speech gave way to song. The large, enthusiastic gathering cheered for De La Vega, Juvenile, Mek It So Hard and Africa, Lutan Fyah, bouncing on his toes as he delivered. And he hailed some of his performing colleagues in the audience, including Queen Ifrica, Capleton, Natural Black and I-Octane, as the evening developed into a mini stage show.

Some of those guests were also featured on 'Africa'.

In a recorded interview shown before he performed, Lutan Fyah made it clear that he played an integral role in the creation of the double CD. He pointed out that "most of the songs on the album is really me produce them. Most of the producer is not a producer. Is up to the artiste to produce the music, so is a great achievement," he said.

Africa - bedrock of humanity

As for the title track, Lutan Fyah said it presents the continent as a woman and "Africa is the bedrock of humanity." Still, he said "most don't know the African self."

Guest speaker Mutabaruka said that he appreciated the name, as "we live in a society where it is all about guns and daggers."

"We give thanks to see a brethren come with an album named Africa in this bling time," Mutabaruka said. "Most people is Miami and New York them waan go. Them no waan go nowhere with so much bang-belly pickney and fly inna dem eye - that is what is projected."

Later in his address, Mutabaruka said that Lutan Fyah had decided to go against the tide. "we going to call an album 'Africa'. Nothing else. That is saying a lot."

He pointed out misconceptions of Africa and how 'forest' was used for places in Europe where there were lots of trees and 'jungle' was used for Africa, with images of having a picnic in the former and the latter, automatically a dangerous place.

He cautioned, though, that "a whole heap of the radio station them not going to play it. And I a tell the brethren don't pay nobody fe play yu album. No payola business to play good music in Jamaica."

There was applause from the gathering.

And Denise 'Isis' Miller, who hosted the launch, said "I find that Lutan Fyah is aware of what is happening, nationally and internationally and you can hold a decent conversation with him."

A 'spicy' year to come

Deejay Spice is moving forward musically in 2009 with more radio-friendly songs that show a slightly different side to the normally raunchy artiste.

The collaboration Rampin' Shop done with Vybz Kartel has recently propelled the deejay into the spotlight once more and Spice plans not to let the hype fade without making her mark.

Spice has also garnered four nominations at the upcoming Youth View Awards for best female artiste, fashion icon, young, hot and hype as well as best dancehall female artiste. According to Spice fans can expect the best for the new year, with more and more singles.

New songs

She said, "I have a new song out on Birch's rhythm called Make Di Money. I also have a single out on Notnice's new rhythm 'Story teller' called No Matter What People Say, that is a more singy-singy side of me where I'm telling my life story so that people will know the troubles I've been through."

Spice is also looking for a manager, as she has been managing her own career for the last five years and feels its time to step up in the game.


Even though things have been looking up for the artiste, more rumours have been circulating. The most recent one is that Spice is now a member of the Vybz Kartel - led Portmore Empire. However, Spice dispelled the rumour saying, "I'm not an official member, as everybody knows I par with them and do a lot of voicing with them - that's all."

As for rumours that Spice and the father of her child are no longer together following reports that the two were going through problems, Spice told the STAR her family is 'perfect together' and that she and boyfriend Nicholas Lall are good.

VEGAS IS BACK! Singjay returns with positive image

"I am blessed, everyday of my life I am blessed, when I wake up in the morning and I lay my head to rest I am blessed" - I'm So Blessed by Vegas

Months after his self-imposed break from the music business the singjay known as Mr Vegas is back in the game, having re-invented himself.

Last September, Vegas, real name Clifford Smith, publicly announced that he would be leaving the entertainment industry after an active 12-year career. After claiming to be unhappy with the business and wanting to work at his own leisure, Vegas is now back with a new, positive image, which is reflected in his latest single I'm So Blessed. With a gospel-like chorus, the song reflects Vegas' re-emergence and new outlook on his musical path.

Music school

When the STAR spoke with the artiste yesterday, he said that he had spent his time away from the business in the studio, working on his latest, yet to be titled album. Vegas has also been busy improving his craft by attending a private music school, where he has been learning to play the keyboards and guitar. The singjay has also been working on his voice, with lessons from acclaimed voice trainer Georgia Schliefer. Vegas is also getting ready to shoot two music videos, one for his song I'm So Blessed.

"It's a whole different vibe, positive which is what I feel the music needs now," Vegas told The STAR.

"I took a break to take the pressure off myself, to be out there and to find a tune that will run di place. So I took my own time. at one point I wanted to just disappear and try surround myself with good music. I feel more complete now not just like a one day artiste."

While Vegas has changed to a more positive outlook when it comes to his music, he told the STAR that it didn't mean he wouldn't be performing some of his older songs, like Daggering.

"I'm not so righteous where I would try stop sing some of the songs that made me who I am, but I might not sing them as much. As someone who has been around music for 12 years, where there is so much negativity, I think my voice can make a huge difference, to show the young artistes that not everything has to be done the same way and that there are different things to talk about," Vegas said.

According to Vegas, persons can expect his new music to be more on the singing side, similar to love songs he has done in the past. As for upcoming shows, Vegas says he cancelled shows in Europe, but he is planning to re-schedule, after his album is complete.

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BET did not premier Mavado’s So Special video - censorship

We were as surprised as everyone at BET's decision not to follow through on their promise to premier the "So Special" video on yesterday's 106 & Park. Despite 106 & Park's presenters hyping the premier for several days, including showing clips from the video, a last minute intervention by someone in the legal department prevented the video from airing.

"The anticipation was very high for the BET premier," said Mavado's management team. "We weren't notified until late in the day that there was a last minute objection by one of the legals over there, who had a censorship issue. He objected to "excessive display of alcohol" and "careless use of women as writhing set dressings!" The video is now available to watch online so people can make up their own minds about that."

Mavado's management went on to say that when the video was first submitted to BET they flagged several issues and were sent 3 different edits before approval.

"The show's programmer had passed the video and had been running promos so she was livid at the decision," he continued. "It’s disappointing but all is not lost. If anything this may help publicise the video even more - Mavado can't seem to step without some form of controversy!"

söndag 25 januari 2009

Mavado goes to 106 & Park

Mavado's popularity will continue to rise in the United States with the BET world premiere of his So Special video.

The video, which is directed by Ras Kassa, will be shown for the first time this Monday on BET's 106 & Park. The video was done in December, with the final touches being done recently.

Mavado's manager, Julian Jones-Griffith, said it has always been their intention to get the video on the station.

In addition, he said the presenters of the show have been requesting the video for some time.

"The presenters on BET (106 & Park) have been shouting us and saying they want a video. They have been waiting for us to do it," Jones-Griffith told THE STAR.

"Mavado is very popular in the States and it's a chance for people to connect his face with his music."

Jones-Griffith said Mavado is 'glad and excited' about the world premiere on 106 & Park.

While it would be a good opportunity for Mavado to be on the show as the video is being presented, Jones-Griffith said it seems unlikely.

"With new artistes, they don't usually have you on the sofa so early," Jones-Griffith said.

So Special continues to gain on the Billboard Hot 100 Hip Hop and R&B chart alongside Serani's No Games.

Mavado's sophomore album is set to be released in March.

Wooooy! Gal Dem Get Mad!


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Macka to star in first ‘Collywood’ Flick

Macka Diamond is pulling out all stops as she lets her creativity flow for the benefit of her current fans and those she is yet to win with her upcoming role in an action packed Caribbean focused movie.

The chart topping DJ, who is in high demand globally, has opened up many new avenues for herself, starting with the launching of the book, “Bun Him”, which she authored; and now continuing with her major role in the film titled, “Paradise Redemption”.

Set to be shot in Antigua, the film is said to be filled with drama. Macka told The Star that “Paradise Redemption” is about her character, a middle aged woman, whose grown daughter is in the garrison. The daughter’s boyfriend is murdered and after getting involved herself, she also gets killed.

From there Macka’s character gets involved as she seeks revenge. In doing so, the DJ said, she’ll be getting down and dirty, pulling off some serious matrix stunts that even involve riding bikes. “It’s gonna be crazy,” she is reported as saying.

No stranger to the film set, Macka has held starring roles in the Jamaican television soap opera, “Royal Palm Estate,” so she is seasoned and ready. However, as this is her first major motion picture role, she has admitted that there are a few butterflies in her system, but that will surely pass. Acting was Macka’s forte while still a student and she is certainly dramatic in all her appearances as a prominent and respected DJ.

Filming will start on January 17th and Macka has a bit of studio work to complete before leaving for Antigua.

Set to be included in what is planned as an inaugural production of a possible Caribbean series that will ‘resemble’ the Nollywood or Bollywood films – from Nigeria and India, Macka is confident that this is the start of something big. The DJ is sure that she will go on to star in other films in the future; and is thrilled to be a part of what could very well be the beginning of ‘Collywood’ films – from the Caribbean.

Yardflex would like to wish Macka Diamond all the best on her new venture and a belated Happy Birthday.

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lördag 10 januari 2009

Turbulence och Cocoa Tea till Sverige!

Den 6 Februari skulle Bob Marley fyllt 64 år. Det firas med en glad födelsedagskonsert på Energikällan i Tyresö, Stockholm. Det är då Sverigepremiär för en av Jamaicas mest respekterade reggaesångare/dancehall deejay Cocoa Tea. Med honom följer Turbulence & Step by Step Band från Kingston. Governor Andy vänder plattor och ser till att välja Bob’s allra bästa låtar.

FREDAG 6/2 19.00 - 03.00
Solkraftvägen 23
PRIS: 180 sek

fredag 9 januari 2009

Vybz Kartel million by a morning takes number 1 spot

By Richie B, host – “HOT MIX” on Hot 102FM


01 02 08 Million By A Mawning-Vybz Kartel-Don Corleon (1wk@#1) U-1

02 01 12 Sweep-Elephant Man-Scatta Productions/Kings of Kings (3wks@#1) D-1

03 03 20 Rolling Deep-Flippa Mafia-T J Records NM

04 05 17 Burnin, Burnin- Miss Triniti feat. Beenie Man-Unseen Lab U-1

05 07 05 Weh Dem A Go-Vybz Kartel feat. Jahvinchi-Big Ship U-2

06 04 15 No Games-Serani- TJ Records(pp#2) D-2

07 06 26 More Money-Harry Toddler-Downsound Records(3wks@#1) D-1

08 09 10 Yuh Know Fi Wine-Beenie Man- 357 Records U-1

09 11 14 Ghetto Prayer – Shane-O-Jam II U-2

10 08 23 I'm So Special-Mavado-TJ Records (4wks@#1) D-2

11 12 16 Move-KK Alese- Ruby Sarah Music (pp#12) U-1

12 10 24 Trailer Load of Money-Vybz Kartel- Adidjaheim Records/ Chimney Records (2wks@#1) D-2

13 15 03 Time To Shine-Laden-Big Ship U-2

14 16 04 Flying Dagger (100 Stab)- Idonia- Equinoxx U-2

15 17 03 Dip Again- Elephant Man feat. Ding Dong – Big Ship U-2

16 13 09 Daggering - RDX-Apt 19 (pp#13) D-3

17 18 03 No Chorus (Real Killer)-Mavado-Big Ship U-1

18 14 06 Mama Hungry-Serani-Daseca (pp#14) D-4

19 - New Romping Shop-Vybz Kartel feat Spice-Adidjaheim Records/NotNice

20 - New I’m So Blessed - Mavado – Big Ship

Mavado burning up the states with ‘special’ appearances

Wyclef Jean’s sister, Melky Jean got married this past weekend in South Florida and Mavado was a guest of the bride and groom.

Melky and her husband, Supreme planned an amazingly lavish wedding a luxurious resort and one of the bride’s special wishes was for Mavado to attend.

Melky, who is a Grammy nominated songwriter, considers Mavado as her favorite artist. The ‘Gully God’ has also been a friend of Wyclef’s for some time now. They have collaborated on recordings in the past and plan on continuing to do so.

From the wedding Mavado went on to rock the cities of Orlando and Tampa with two sold out performances.

This year has started off with a bang for Mavado whose sophomore album titled, “Mr Brooks - a Better Tomorrow”, will be on shelves next month.

With BET’s 106 & Park set to jam the premiere of the “So Special” video; and his many promotional appearances, Mavado is definitely in line for greater things this in 2009.

torsdag 8 januari 2009

Vybz Kartel gets four HYPE TV nominations























Also fans can vote for their favorite Dancehall/Reggae nominees for the Hype TV awards for 2008.Click on this website and start voting now, www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com. Voting ends on February 14th, 2009.

Deejay Kapri calls Kipo a 'coward'

Deejay Kapri, while congratulating Kip Rich on his fine Sting performance where he dismantled the Monster Hemp Higher, believes that Kipo could not stand up to a lyrical confrontation with him.

"I applaud him for his performance but a man is easy to shine among reflectors, but him caan shine against the light, which is me. Mi waan know wah him a deal wid because him never answer me, him not even foul me up fi open up the people dem ears, wah Lip-rich ah deal wid?" he said.

"Yet still him tek on the Monster Hemp Higher...everybody know dem a flosser, dem not lyrically inclined to war. I want to know where he is because him ah celebrate him victory yet still he is afraid to face me. If him call him owna name and mek it all sound like Kapri, mi ah go murder him lyrically," he boasted.

He has a new song that he is ready to unleash to the world which declares:

Yu and 19 man ah step plus him bredda that a 20 fag
Yu ah search fi me like mi hard fi find
After yu go trick Jamworld wid yu bomboc---t nursery rhyme
Him ah hype up hype up
Say me call him name fi get a write up
But mi a pree him from the day him say mi caan buss
But how a coward fi a call a man a coward
When mi dun hear say Ele say yu a bowas

You can listen to his music at myspace.com/kaprimusic

onsdag 7 januari 2009

Dancer 'Ice' to go out in 'Brite Lites' - Celebrity funeral home to provide glitzy send-off

The funeral for popular dancer David Alexander Smith, aka Ice, will be held on Saturday, January 31, at the Our Lady of the Angels church on Molynes Road, St Andrew.

Ice was gunned down in the early hours of Boxing Day, December 26, 2008 along Newark Avenue, Kingston 11.

According to a report in the STAR, the St Andrew Central police said Ice was shot and killed moments after exiting a bar where he had gone to purchase a pack of cigarettes. Further reports are that the vehicle in which he was travelling, a Mitsubishi Lancer, was also stolen.

Ice's sister, Natalie 'Pinky' Smith, says the funeral will be open to the public and will have all the 'fandangles' courtesy of Brite Lite Funeral Services.

She tells the STAR, "It will have the whole fandangles, the glass casket right through, the glass chariot, the limousine, the banner - the whole works."

According to Pinky, Ice's family is back to life as normal weeks after his death and is doing their best to 'hang on'.

As to whether Ice's former fellow dancers will be giving a special tribute to the fallen dancer, Pinky says she is unsure. She says she is not familiar with the popular dancers to make the arrangements.

'Nine night'

A 'nine night' for Ice will be held at his home on Zinnia Avenue on Friday, January 30, while an unofficial nine night was already held on January 4, on the Black Roses corner in Arnett Gardens.

Ice was a long-time member of the Black Roses crew, formerly led by William 'Willie' Haggart. Gerald 'Bogle' Levy, popular dancer, was also a member of the crew. Both men were shot dead in separate incidents.

Ice created the popular dance, 'Gully Creepa'. The dance brought attention to the dancer, especially after Jamaican athlete and world record-holder Usain Bolt performed the move after winning the 100-metre event at the 2008 Olympics in China, last August.