fredag 28 november 2008


Sting 2008 - Addi Di Teacher | Mavado

Beenie Man - Gimmie Likkle (Nuh Pickney Nah Hold yuh)

Vybz Kartel - A who guh peta king mansion

Farenheit f/ Sean Paul & Jigzagula- Hit 'Em [Dir's Cut]


Last night, selector Boom Boom and Jigsy team up and ah play some Kartel and Mavado. Before that, Jigsy did a play some girls tune and a nice up the place, but Boom Boom come in and change the vibes, dem play two Kartel but dem play the Mavado song, Real Killer, and Boom Boom wheel it up and talk over it. Kartel and Spice were in the house and Mavado was there chilling as well. Later when Mavado walk out, mi see about 80 plus man ah walk out behind him. The ting set a way. Sting ah go hot.



Kartel, Blak Ryno and the Empire will be appearing on CVM's Hitlist programme later. Dem a premiere the new video for the Remand Medley and ah talk about the accomplishments of the Empire. Ryno career ah tek off, him ah get crazy show from wah day ya, him de pon a ting name Pre-Valentine's Walk Out in Negril and him ah go perform at a Ruseas High fete on December 13th with Wonder Woman and some other Bay artistes.

torsdag 27 november 2008

Vybz Kartel Still #1 with Trailer Load a Money

Vybz Kartel, easily the #1 deejay in Jamaica right now, continues to dominate the charts and the streets with a slew of big dancehall and reggae hits.

Kartel's tribute to wealth accumulation, Trailer Load a Money, continues to hold the #1 spot on the Jamaica Music Countdown charts for the third straight week, while his latest hit Million By a Morning raced up that same chart to #17. Meanwhile on the RE TV charts, the single Million by a Morning is hovering at #11 while Life Sweet on his own Adidjaheim label made its debut on the RE charts this week.

"I am pleased with how the fans have been responding to me, and it is good to know that my fans continue to support me. The fans can look out for more hot songs, especially the girls dem, because Get Wild and Ramping Song are getting crazy airplay and hits on the myspace," he said.

Kartel is booked solid for the next couple of weeks with appearancs in Grenada and St. Lucia, as well as shows in Junction, St. Elizabeth. He will also headline other big shows such as Magnum Xtravaganza, Sting and March Out.

onsdag 26 november 2008


What a way Bad Boy Trevor go pon mike and ah talk say anyman who eat pum pum nasty, and ah say bun out man who eat the meat, dem fi lick the clit because that no nasty. Weh him feel like? Mi know fi a fact say him dive down inna one of my girlfriend dem tings like him ah one Olympic high diver the other day. So who him a try fool? And wah tek Shebada ah go pon stage and ah do clit-licking imitation when we all know he is not into the female equipment and all these things. Heh heh, whoi mi body, wah tek some people?

Watch the nasty man yah



Vybz Kartel stamped his class at the Sting launch at the Jamaica Pegasus last night, performing alongside Spice as they did their Ramping song for the hundreds of persons who had flocked to the venue to celebrate the launch of Sting's 25th anniversary show. They also handed out dozens of posters with the controversial semi-nude pics of Kartel and Spice that have been making the rounds on the Internet and via bluetooth all across Jamaica. Crazy artistes were there, Bragga, Stacious, a new Supreme artiste name Pretty Pink, Sasha industry insiders like Stampede, Ian Muss and yours truly.The Teacha styled Laing wicked too, asking for a Trailer Load a Money to perform at Sting 2008.


Charly Black drops Girl I Love You

Dancehall’s new sensation, Charly Black, drops brand new music video entitled Bubble featuring Girl I love You. The video was directed by Nordia Rose and edited by Troytan. Nikki Z, Miss Kitty, Chi Ching Ching, Nico Bam Bam, and Unicorn were cameos in video. First Class Dancers, Portmore’s Dancehall Queen – Shari, Kizzy and Platinum were dancers in the video. This song has been getting heavy rotation in the dancehall and also on the radio. This is the new anthem for the ladies. It is also the lead song for the Arif Cooper’s rhythm Sexy Girl.

tisdag 25 november 2008

"The Industry Is Full Of Homo. Hatin Ass Niccas"

Deva Brat is O.K.

One876 contacted a member of Deva Brat's road management team today who informed us that the deejay had survived the knife attack and emerged largely unscathed except for a 'few bumps to the head'.

"Dem use a bottle and lick him inna him head and dem run him down with knives, him run go across the road and the police dem arrest the man dem who were chasing him. The deejay alright, him a voice right," the road manager told one876a short time ago.

måndag 24 november 2008


How the Empire ah move so hard? Kartel and Spice go lock Nikki Z Beach Sexy party over Sugarman Beach inna Portmore last night and it was all good. Dem new song Ramping Shop ah go hard and dem lock the place with it couple times. It was overall a very nice party, D’Angel and Macka were there when the cake was being cut and before that, Nikki Z hooked up with her mother via a long distance call. Parts of the phone call were garbled and so only bits and pieces sometimes came out but it was really sweet. Pepe Goodison was also in the house. D’Angel sang Stronger for Nikki Z, while selectors Raz and Biggy, ZJ Liquid, Foota Hype and Boom Boom played excellent sets. Foota and Boom Boom also bigged up Vybz Kartel while they were playing, and we love fi see that because people realize say the ting ah get outta hand now. We love fi see dem tings de. Big up Nikki Z on her birthday.

Ramping Shop

Deva Brat stabbed by four men at Fresh Money Sundays

Deva Bratt was stabbed by four men during an altercation on the infamous 'back road' section of Port Henderson Drive in Portmore this morning.

Reports reaching one876 are that at a few minutes before five, Deva Bratt was partying at the Cookies nightclub at an event called Fresh Money Sundays when some men grabbed him. He got away from their grasp and ran across the street where the men pursued him and proceeded to beat him up and stab him repeatedly. The police were called and the men were held and taken in for questioning. .

One876 is unsure just how badly Deva Brat has been hurt. We are also yet to get a formal statement from the police regarding the incident as the investigations are still at an embryonic stage and the men had not yet been formally charged at the time the story was posted.

söndag 23 november 2008

The Teacher Is Back Fe Real!!!

Some mad Chunes from the new Galbum

Court Case

Addi Addi Addi

lördag 22 november 2008


What a way the gays dem a fight Bounty Killer hard a England!!! However, the London police service gave the go ahead for a concert with the Alliance head this weekend at the Stratford Rex on the 23rd. Even the media, Britain's Evening Standard ah advocate say the people dem boycott the show and all these things. Bwoy, dem no stop fight dancehall music all over the world, the ting look sticky right now.


torsdag 20 november 2008

D'Angel poised to score first number one with Stronger

Dancehall fashionista D’Angel is on the verge of scoring her first number one single with the popular single Stronger which appears on the Sons on Spoon imprint.

“I am just very excited right now at the response to Stronger and this is hopefully the first of many number one singles because I want to bring Jamaican music to the world and elevate the level of music coming out of Jamaica right now. I have been working with ultra talented producers like Handel Tucker and Clive Hunt on defining my sound and I will be going all out in 2009,” she said.

D’Angel has a new single called First Lady and she also has a pop-dancehall hybrid single that she voiced for Billboard –topping producer Cordel ‘Skatta’ Burrell which will be released next year.

“Look out for big things from D’Angel, I am representing Jamaica to the world, to the worl’,” she said, laughing.

Savege - Dead Addi (Vybz Kartel & Empire Diss)


Apparently a man who separated from his wife in 1982 is being sued for half the winnings of a lottery ticket he bought earlier this year.

Here's how WFTV in Orlando, FL is reporting it:
William and Ida Cody have been separated since 1982, but Ida insists they were always on good terms and she even loaned him the money to buy the winning ticket. She said he promised to share the winnings with her.

"You didn't say you would be willing to split the jackpot?" William Cody was asked in court.

"No, I didn't say that to Ida, to nobody," he responded.

Attorneys hope to wrap up testimony sometime late Tuesday afternoon. Ida wants half the money, but she could be awarded a lesser amount or nothing at all

hahahahahahahahaha wkkid woman

Bombat! hahahha

Ron Artest Addresses Stat Quo's Coments On Greg Oden! "What About Lil Wayne's Swag Or Jim Jones Swag?"

Stat Quo Addresses Gayness Going On In The Men's & Rap Society

Trick Trick Responds To The Gay Rappers!

Morgan Heritage Members Go Solo

After more than 10 years touring the world and releasing hit albums together as Morgan Heritage, the family of singers has decided to embark on temporary solo careers, The STAR has learnt.
Known for songs such as She's Still Loving Me, Don't Haffi Be Dread,among countless others, Morgan Heritage consists of Roy 'Gramps' Morgan, Nakhamyah 'Lukes' Morgan, Memo 'Mr Mojo' Morgan, Una Morgan, Denroy 'Daddy' Morgan and Peetah Morgan.

The STAR recently spoke to the lead singer Peetah about his groundbreaking moves as a solo entertainer. Currently under the wings of Shane Brown of Juke Boxx Productions, Peetah explained the reasons for the temporary split.

"Everyone knows the group Morgan Heritage. Now we've decided to introduce each person as a single artiste to the fans around the world. We've been talking about doing this for a year now, but then we released another album this year, Mission In Progress, and we did a touring project behind it, so now we're focusing on our stuff."

Tour Cancelled

This year, the group's European tour was cancelled due to a recurring injury that has been affecting Gramps.

According to Peetah, his brother is currently doing well, and Gramps, as well as Mojo, will also be doing solo projects.

The children of reggae veteran, Denroy Morgan, the Morgan Heritage clan has grown up with music all their lives. For Peetah, it was that inherent love of music which inspired him to become an artiste. While each member of Morgan Heritage has his own sound, Peetah describes his solo sound as more "hip-hop oriented, with R&B and, of course, a touch of reggae".

So far, Peetah has recorded over 20 singles and has released Save The World for Shane Brown, a song that he says speaks to the increase in violent crimes around the world.

Peetah has other songs on the way, including Bye Bye from producer Donovan Germaine and In Love With Ya from Brown. The artiste spends most of his time in the studio, opting to forgo some shows until his solo career is launched.

While Peetah will be spending time promoting his solo career, he still doesn't want to take himself too far way from his Morgan Heritage roots.

"I can't get away from Morgan Heritage and I wouldn't want to, but is just to let everyone know of us as individuals," he explained.

Plans for the future include a concept album from the group. Peetah explained: "We want to make a landmark album of our career, something that will stand out in the industry and will be written about decades after its release."

Ninja Man Appears In Court

Deejay Ninjaman created a stir when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on Tuesday to answer to a charge of breaching the Noise Abatement Act.
The appearance of the enigmatic artiste, whose real name is Desmond Ballentine, was enough to trigger whispers and stares. When he stood before Senior Resident Magistrate Glen Brown to respond to the allegations, he did so in his usual candid and humorous manner.

The investigating officer, Sergeant M. Harris, from the St Andrew south division, said on November 10, about 8:30 p.m., the police went to Headley Avenue in Drewsland and observed a sound system in operation. Checks were made to determine whether Ballentine, the promoter of the event, had received permission from the police to host the event.

He reportedly told the police that he had sought permission from the superintendent in charge of the division, but had received no response. It was later discovered, however, that no permission was granted. He was issued with a summons to attend court.

Ballentine pleaded 'not guilty, with explanation' and proceeded to tell the court that he was not having a dance, but rather a peace campaign. He said the event was part of his recently launched One Umbrella organisation for peace, aimed at providing intervention in troubled communities.

Stopped Before It Started

He said: "I talk to troubled youths. It started about four in di evening and di police stop it 'bout eight or nine. Dat time di sound not even did start play yet."

When asked whether he would be seeking an attorney, he replied: "In this case, I don't feel like I should really get a lawyer. Dis is di first I come to court for doing something good for the country. Every time before, when I come to court, is something bad, but now I was trying to do something good and trying to make a difference."

The matter is to be tried on January 14 in the night court. Before masking a hasty exit, Ballentine told RM Brown, "Much obliged, your Honour."

Ricky Trooper hits out against Foota Hype and the rest of the selecta dem weh a gang up

Veteran selector Ricky Trooper is upset that some selectors are being hypocritical when they make a public stance that they are not aligned with particular artistes in dancehall.

"Certain selectors, especially clash selectors, form loyalties with particular artistes because it makes it cheaper and easier for them to get dubplates to compete at sound clashes, ah de so the ting de, back in the day, Pink Panther used to align himself to Fifth Element, is just a reality," he explained to today.

"So when Boom Boom and Jigsy ah go come say dem no align to anybody, ah lie dem a tell. Ah pure Alliance tune dem a play and stifle the business, all Sky Juice ah Alliance too. Earlier this week on Monday night, ah pure Alliance song a play and when Little Richie go play a Vybz Kartel song, Bounty walk out."

Trooper was making reference to a story published in today's STAR newspaper where several selectors denied being a part of the Alliance.

"Ah lie dem a tell, dem a tek Bounty money and nah play certain artistes and nothing no wrong wid dat, but when dem try stop other people from play now, dem a go too far. Some bwoy fi know say dem music only stop at the Caribbean Sea, my ting global, mi play Europe, Australia, everywhere," the man who was instrumental in keeping Beenie Man's career alive in the mid 1990s said.

Trooper said that at Firelinks session in the Asylum on Monday night, predominantly Alliance songs are being played.

"Killa run Asylum, when the selectors dem see Killa in the place, dem mek sure play his songs. And in most of the venues around Kingston, ah Alliance selectors alone play and him go to all the parties fi create this illusion but people not buying it. If yu go country, ah Vybz Kartel yu hear a play nuff because him have more variety of songs dan dem."

Trooper said that a core group of selectors had conspired to lock certain artistes out of the business.
"Dem shut out Munga, Capleton and even Sizzla out of the business," the winner of many sound clashes including a famous victory at Death Before Dishonour in 2006, said.

Trooper admitted that he had aligned himself to Vybz Kartel and the Empire, and had helped to strengthen Kartel after he left the Alliance in 2006.

"Dem fi just tell the true, dem ah Alliance selector," he said.

Trooper also appeared to be peeved that Alliance selectors Foota Hype and Boom Boom had stepped to Richie Feelings in such a disrespectful manner.

"Why dem step to Richie Feelings that way? Because dem know say him a weak fence, dem nah go step to me dem ways de, ah Spanish Town me grow, when dem find say dem can mess wid you, dem do it, but mi hear say Foota Hype diss me and call up mi name at Uptown Mondays and when mi go back the following week, him no come, but him fi easy himself.'

Trooper said that although he has been villified as one of the selectors who preached violence in dancehall, he said that there was a clear line between reality and fantasy.

"Mi know it, but mi preach violence as part of my job, part of my personality but mi never go jail yet, dem never yet hold me wid a gun, I have formed my own youth club, mi work with the police dem, so I am no criminal. But some selectors waan come mash up what Duke Reid and Coxsone Dodd build fi decades and mi no hear Stone Love or JFF ah say nothing. Dem really a go allow a few people fi come mash up this music that feed so much people?" he asked incredulously.

Dancehall has been taking a tremendous PR beating in recent years on a number of fronts. The gays led the initial assault, causing several concerts to be cancelled and millions of US dollars in lost revenue. Then came the backlash to the violent content of the music that has caused several Caribbean islands to ban Mavado from entering their countries. That list includes The Bahamas, Guyana, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Bounty Killer was also banned in Guyana as well. Finally, the onset of what is expected to be a worldwide recession is already affecting attendance at once successful stage shows. The recent staging of ICM Fest a.k.a Obama Fest was a big flop where promoters racked up thousands of US dollars in losses, and the recent staging of Millennium Countdown, headlined by the Alliance, in The Bahamas was a major disappointment as well.

"Dem need fi understand that dem a mash up the business with this garrison behaviour of preventing other people from playing who they want to, It nuh right, rasta!" he concluded.

Trooper can be contacted at 776-5109

Mavado In Mobay

Kartel And The Empire!

Portmore Empire Locks Guyana

The Portmore Empire gave a splendid performance during 'November to Remember' at the national stadium of Guyana over the weekend. The show, by some preliminary estimates, attracted at least 14,000 people.

"The show sell off, ah crazy people inna the venue and the Empire lock it. Dem love Teacha song dem, remember say the Guyanese dem understand how Jamaicans think and behave. Mi do Fire Squeeze a capella because mi did forget to carry mi CDs dem, and mi get a big reaction. The whole Empire did well, sorry say Ryno never de de, but the Guyanese dem love we over de," Doza Medicine told earlier this week.

Doza Medicine is known for the songs Fire Sqeeze and Biting Insects on the Amazon riddim. The Empire returned to the island on Monday.

Wadda and Andrew Blood diss Deva Brat in No Rapist

Dancehall duo Wadda and Andrew Blood has voiced a track called No Rapist that strongly condemns the recent rise in the number of rapes and incidents of paedophilia in the island.

The track, voiced on the Beast rhythm, has been getting a lot of favourable rotation in dances in the Corporate Area and Wadda Blood is pleased that this socially conscious song is creating a buzz in the streets.

"Mi get crazy call on my phone today about the song because apparently, CVM used it as the background to a story they are doing about paedophilia so crazy people ah ring off mi phone and mi never even did send it to them," Wadda told one876entertainment.

Wadda said that the song is not aimed at any particular individual who is accused of carrying out such heinous acts but against the very act itself.

"We don't want that kind of thing on our island, the song no aimed at nobody, mi just a talk mi mind because mi no love what a gwaan," he explained.

Wadda and Andrew Blood hit the top ten of the local music charts with Hustle Till the Day I Die earlier this year, and have toured the world with their father, Junior Reid.

"Right now, we're coming with some sick things for the Xmas," Wadda said.

söndag 16 november 2008


Datum: 30 november
Adress: Helenes Krog & Bar, Mariatorget 1A
T- Mariatorget
Öppettid: 21:00-03:00
Entré: 150 SEK
Åldersgräns: 20 år
Musikgenre: Mashups, Dancehall, Classics, Hip-Hop, Soul och R&B

In Dancehall circles, the name DeMarco brings to mind an artist with a great lyrical gift. The way that he flows and rhymes is very infectious.
He has surged up the ranks with his bonafide hits, "Fallen Soldiers" and "Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten."
DeMarco is actually responsible for creating all the hottest current rhythms in Reggae music He began making this trek with the Side Walk University rhythm, which features Vybz Kartel's "Beyonce Wine". His dominance is now unparalleled, because he has in his catalog, the Mission rhythm featuring Mavado's "On The Roc" and Junior Gong and Stephen Marley's rhythm track, "Mission."
DeMarco created the Black Rain, featuring Busy Signal's "Pon Di Edge," The Warring 2008 Rhythm, featuring Mavado's "Money Changer," the Gang War rhythm featuring Junior Gong's "One Loaf of Bread" and the Shoot Out rhythm, featuring Mykal Rose's "Police and Thief."
from producing to songwriting to deejaying to engineering– Demarco has his fingers on the pulse of almost every genre of the infectious rhythms of the world. Whether it's reggae, dancehall, hip-hop or R&B, Demarco has written and produced for the best of them. Top names like Olivia, Styles P and Sean Paul have experienced his producing skills, while Bounty Killer and others have put vocals to his lyrics; and in between all that Demarco still finds time to do combinations with other artists and record his own songs!

Wanda Sykes is a PussyEater

"You know, I don't really talk about my sexual orientation. I didn't feel like I had to. I was just living my life, not necessarily in the closet, but I was living my life," Sykes told a crowd at a gay rights rally in Las Vegas on Saturday.

"Everybody that knows me personally they know I'm gay. But that's the way people should be able to live their lives," she said.

Sykes, who is known for her feisty and blunt style, said the passage of California's Proposition 8 made her feel like she was "attacked."

"Now, I gotta get in their face," she said. "I'm proud to be a woman. I'm proud to be a black woman, and I'm proud to be gay."

Skin Head's Attorney Says Theirs Too Many Black On The Jury

Assailant And Deva Bratt

lördag 15 november 2008

fredag 14 november 2008

Fight Almost Breaks Out Between Houston Rockets & Phoenix Suns! (Shaq, Tracy McGrady, Matt Barnes Get Involved)

Hahaha Shaq moves everybody!

Mad mad.... Freestyle

bombat.. Watch the Asian dem!!! dem pick up di thing

Foota Hype Disses Richie Feelings at Bembe

Early this morning, Bembe came to a premature end as Alliance selector Foota Hype plugged out Richie Feelings' microphone and ended his set presumably because enough Mavado songs were not being played.
Reports reaching one876 is that Bembe ended at about 1:30 a.m. after a disgusted Richie Feelings packed up his CDs and left. Foota Hype then played a Mavado song, declaring 'ah we run Kingston 8, no Kartel nuffi play in yah, we no business wid no media, we loaded!" and then passed the microphone to Boom Boom who declared: ’wah do some bwoy?’.

Earlier, patrons had had a good time at Bembe even though the crowd was smaller than usual. The weekly fete has been on the decline in recent weeks because of a combination of factors including pressure from the policemen enforcing the Night Noise Abatement act after constant complaints from residents of the area.
One876 will have more as this story breaks.

Who A Clash At Sting 2008?

As the time winds down to December 26 for Sting, dubbed 'the greatest one night show on earth', the intensity is increasing with artistes creating a buzz around their performance.
The feuds and diss songs from local dancehall artistes are increasing weekly, but many wonder if they are geared at creating a 'pre-Sting' hype.

In April, Monster Empire took swipes at Bounty Killer in a song called Nuh Bad Man Fi We.

In September, Queen Paula sounded her war cry at fellow deejay Spice, whom she said hurled the first set of insults.

Then, there is Einstein, who is still fuming at Vybz Kartel for an incident which occurred last year.

Merciless, who recently returned to Jamaica and the dancehall scene, has also hit out at deejays Cobra and Bounty Killer who he says have fallen off.

And, what seems to be the 'mother' of the feuds is the one involving Vybz Kartel and the Bounty Killer-led Alliance, which includes Mavado, with whom Kartel has been involved in an ongoing lyrical battle.

But with all the intensity, are artistes trying to create a buzz for an all-out war at the popular clash show 'Sting'?

Being Sharp

Sting promoter, Isiah Laing, said it is a possibility.

"Maybe, 'cause everybody wants to be sharp. Nobody wants to be booed at Sting. Sting is the master of exams. Once you get a big forward at Sting, you are going into big money the following year," he said. "At this time, every artiste is trying to put his best foot forward to be at Sting. Sting is no ordinary show."

However, he was unwilling to say anything further about a potentail clash at Sting.

"Just wait and see (if anyone will clash). We are not ruling that out," Laing told The STAR.

"This is the 25th anniversary, so we have to come different, bigger and better. We plan to give the people a show they have been asking for over the years."

Already, Vybz Kartel seems to have clash plans for Sting.

"Dem (Alliance) have dem own network weh dem a plan. Regardless a weh dem and dem fren a plan or weh dem and (Isiah) Laing a plan, mi come fi end a plan," said Vybz Kartel in an interview on Television Jamaica's Entertainment Report last Friday.

On the previous show Mavado also said his bit about his feud with Vybz Kartel. He, too, is preparing for Sting but a clash is not guaranteed.

Though not confirmed for the show, Queen Paula said she is ready for any clash, whether with her lyrical nemesis Spice or anyone else.

"Dem nuh contract mi fi Sting yet, but once the contract and the papers right, mi ready like Freddie," said Queen Paula who recently recorded a Seanizzle-produced song called Dem A Run.

As for other artistes, she believes there will be some form of on-stage clash between Vybz Kartel and Mavado.

"Dem a do it (feud) right through the year 'cause it's a money-making thing, not just leading up to Sting anymore," she said.

While not disclosing whether he is on the line up or if he will be clashing, Ninja Man said, "I nuh know wah 'cause dem fi do weh dem a do. Dis might be a time fi a man prove who is the badder man."

"Mi neva plan fi clash anybody. Dem just seh dem have somebody fi mi clash and mi just kill dem and done," said Ninja Man who has clashed with many artistes over the years at Sting, including Super Cat, Shabba, Cobra, Professor Nuts and Vybz Kartel.

Additional information about Sting will be disclosed at a press conference, which will be held on November 25.

Gay Activist Groups Demand Apology From Capleton

Gay activist groups Homosexuelle Arbeitsgruppen Basel (HABS) and the Stop Murder Music (SMM) Bern in Switzerland are demanding that deejay Capleton publicly apologise for bashing homosexuals at a concert to be held in the country.
Capleton was scheduled to perform in Kaserne, an alternative music venue in Basel Switzerland on Thursday, November 6 when the concert was cancelled due to the efforts of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender/transsexual) rights group HABS. Efforts to contact Capleton or his management were futile.

According to, HABS together with SMM Bern, opposed the concert because Capleton has "performed songs encouraging violence against lesbian and gay people, in violation of his commitment to abide by the terms of the Reggae Compassionate Act (RCA)".

Homophobic Hatred

In the report, Peter Tatchell, UK co-ordinator of the Stop Murder Music campaign commented, "the Stop Murder Music campaign gave Capleton a chance to continue his career unimpeded if he agreed to stop inciting the murder of lesbian and gay people. He signed the RCA and promised to abide by it. But he has carried on as before, stirring up homophobic hatred and violence. We feel tricked, betrayed and cheated."

Tatchell continued, "congratulations to the Swiss campaigners for getting his concert pulled. Performers who promote the killing of other human beings should not be rewarded with concerts, money and stardom. This is the latest of scores of concert cancellations secured by our SMM activists around the world.

We have targeted eight Jamaican dancehall singers whose lyrics glorify, encourage and promote the murder of lesbian and gay people. Their incitements are criminal offences."

HABS and SMM Berne are demanding a public apology as well as a renewed statement from the artiste in support of the rights and welfare of gay, bi and transsexual people.

Anti-gay songs

In July 2007, artistes such as Beenie Man, Sizzla and Capleton, who had previously released anti-gay songs reportedly signed the Reggae Compassion Act, in a deal brokered with top reggae promoters and Stop Murder Music activists.

Under the RCA, artistes are not to perform what it calls 'murder music' which might incite violence against homosexuals. However according to gay activists, Capleton has broken the RCA on different occasions, including at last Christmas' GT Taylor Extravaganza held in Black River.

When the STAR watched a video of the performance of Sizzla and Capleton on stage at GT Taylor Extravaganza last year on the popular Internet site, the two artistes were seen making disparaging comments about homosexuals.

On the show Capleton loudly proclaimed, "all who a bun b———— and sodomite hands up".

The HABS are hoping to cancel more concerts in Switzerland and other European countries such as France where the artiste has a number of shows this week.

torsdag 13 november 2008

Rapper Trick Trick bans gays from buying album

The Hip Hop world is notorious for homophobic attitudes, but Eminem's protégé and fellow rapper Trick Trick takes gay hate to a whole new level.

In an interview with All Hip Hop, Trick Trick said: “Homosexuals are probably not gonna like this album. I don’t want your faggot money any goddamn way. I don’t like [homosexuality]. Carry that shit somewhere else.”

The rapper also despises society's acceptance of homosexuality: “It’s just that every time that you turn on the TV, that sissy shit is on. And they act like it's fucking okay. The world is changing for the worst [sic] when shit like that happens. And I address that issue. I address it hard as hell.”

Alliance-Empire feud escalates in studio shooting

One876 understands that a popular deejay got into a heated argument with another deejay, pulled a firearm and discharged it in a Corporate Area studio earlier today. No one was injured during the incident. The deejays involved come from the rival factions, the Alliance and the Empire. The HWT police are now investigating the incident because the gun is believed to be an illegal firearm. One876 will release more details once the authorities confirm key details of today's shooting. This has been yet another one876 exclusive.

Blak Ryno's Thug Anthem hits RE TV charts

Portmore Empire deejay Blak Ryno’s Thug Anthem (So Yardie Stay) has stormed into the RE TV Dancehall charts at #20, solidifying his status as the clear frontrunner in the Best New Artiste category. The deejay was in the streets campaigning last night and performed at Weddy Weddy and at Quad, getting major forwards for his songs, especially Mek Di Paper and Thug Anthem.

“Yea, the streets are really responding to me right now, the Empire is getting out there in a big way, I am getting crazy requests for shows all over the Caribbean and the US. The people love the music and I promise to continue making the hits,” Ryno explained.

He mentioned nothing of last night’s shooting incident at the Coppershot studios saying that he was an artiste and that is a ‘criminal matter that the authorities are dealing with’.

"Ah music me a pree, nothing else," he said.

Last week, he performed at a Digicel stage show featuring the likes of Busy Signal, Lady Saw, Beenie Man and this weekend, he will be performing at the Canadian Link Up street dance in Cambridge on the outskirts of Montego Bay.

For bookings, call 1781-4268

onsdag 12 november 2008

Bi-Racial Woman Who Hate Their Other Side!"I Only Claim The White Side. Whites Have A More Higher Standard

Gays Surround Elderly Lady And Destroy Her Cross!

Smokie Benz accuses Busy of 'copying' his Tick Tick song

Minor 7 Flat 5 recording artiste Smokie Benz is accusing Busy Signal of plagiarism. He claims that top flight deejay Busy Signal stole key words and phrases from his song Tick Like Clock, recorded in February 2008 for the European-based Minor 7 Flat 5 label to record his present-day hit song,Tic Toc.

"Mi record the song in February but never officially released it. Mi distribute it by mix tape in April, and mi get good response and now all of a sudden, mi hear Busy song in September, and him run go shoot video, him know wah ah go happen, mi dun talk to the lawyer already, mi caan allow him to get away with this one," Smokie Benz told one876entertainment

"The producer, Brotherman, was waiting on Beenie, and Sizzla to record to put out the riddim so mi have proof, the date is on the recorded files for the song and mi sure say Busy hear my song and him use it fi do his song and that is not right, worse is not the first time him do that to me. A couple of years ago, mi go Twins of Twins show inna the country, and do a song name Sub Machine, and a few weeks later, mi hear Busy go do the song, Heavy Machine, so is not the first time. It hurt me because when Busy song buss inna September, mi get 200 calls from people ah say Busy gone wid mi song. Mi low him wid Sub Machine but mi nah go low him wid Tick Like Clock because that song was recorded long before he copied my song to record Tic Toc, and that is not right."

One876 called Busy Signal's manager Shane Brown who denied ever hearing of the artiste Smokie Benz.

"Busy doesn't know anything about that, he would not do anything like that....I haven't even heard of Smokie Benz," he said.

Smokie Benz hit back by saying: "Dem no know mi, but dem know mi song though. Mi plan fi shoot my video soon and step up my promotion and mi ah go mek the public decide and the courts and mi lawyer decide if us not plagiarism."

You can check out Smokie's myspace at

Contact Smokie at 468-3134

Bling Dawg Chastises Kartel

Deejay Bling Dawg says he is tired of taking lyrical abuse from fellow deejay Vybz Kartel and he can no longer be friends with the artiste.

This comes on the heels of Kartel's lyrical attacks on the Alliance member and Bling Dawg's lyrical counteractions to the insults.

According to Bling Dawg, the repeated verbal abuse from his former friend has become intolerable.

Bling Dawg told THE STAR how the rift between the two developed. "How it really started, to my knowledge, from Kartel depart from Alliance in all dat time I tried not to get involved between him and other members of the Alliance.

A just see like him move off my name, calling it up directly, indirectly and one point him a seh 'caw Mavado nuh thick like Bling Dawg', wha dat mean? Seh yuh a watch a man thickness, if a man a watch mi thickness mi worried."

However, the feud came to colossal heights at 'Champions in Action' where Kartel reportedly questioned Bling Dawg's sexuality on stage.

A diss tune

Later in Kartel's Seh Weh Yuh Feel Fi Seh, a diss tune done for the Alliance, its managers and everyone associated with it, the artiste yet again insulted his former friend.

In the song Kartel states, "BDawg gwaan pump iron wid pure g.. man inna tights uppa Campion. Rememba seh yuh a thirty six year old and yuh nuh have no yute yuh a b."

When THE STAR contacted Vybz Kartel he declined to give a comment on this and other issues.

However, Bling Dawg responded to the artiste lyrically in the song War Answer deejaying:

"Mi know yuh waan be Bounty Killer from yuh deh inna Alliance....Busy and 'Vado go rise and tun giant. Jealousy a kill yuh so yuh start have defiance...a gal alone mi know tattoo dem man name..yuh really need fi stop call Selaisse name...when yuh fren have yuh facial features tattoo pon him."

Lyrics to defend

Bling Dawg told the STAR, "Mi use lyrics to defend myself. Kartel is said to be one of di baddest deejays but him nuh badda dan me. Me buss before di whole of dem...wi caan be friends no more. My friendship is not a paper thing, if I have a brethren mi keep it real, mi nuh hypocrite, fren like dat mi nuh need. Mi have Alliance."

Bling Dawg retaliated in a second song Yuh Mouth which he recorded Wednesday night after returning from Miami. In the song Bling calls Kartel the 'Bleaching Don' among other things.

He believes that Kartel is looking for a hype coming up to Sting and that is why he is feuding with so many entertainers.

Bling Dawg has released a number of songs including Weh Wi Come From, Waan Back Wi Money and Slow Wine.

Girl Fight: High School Girl In Clermont, FL Is Fully Prepared To Throw Down!

Vybz Kartel ft Jah Vinci and Black Rhyno Stroll


The Portmore Empire will be heading to Guyana this weekend to perform at a stage show there. Addi will lead out the Empire without Blak Ryno who has a show in Montego Bay this weekend but Shawn Storm, Doza Medicine, Lisa Hype will represent. Remember this is the same Guyana who banned Bounty Killer and Mavado earlier this year, but this is Kartel’s first time in Guyana ever so it will be interesting to see the reaction of the press and community groups to his presence, mi ah go keep mi eye on this one.


måndag 10 november 2008

Soulja Boy Talks Slave Comments

Soulja Boy is talking to about his recent comments on slave masters.

In a recent interview with journalist Touré, Soulja Boy was asked which world figure he hated most. And when Soulja Boy couldn't think of any, Touré said other people had said Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden and slave masters. At this point, Soulja Boy said the following:

"Oh wait! Hold up! Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we'd still be in Africa. We wouldn't be here to get this ice and tattoos."

Soulja Boy is now speaking to exclusively about the comment.

The following is his explanation as to what happened:

"Man basically what happened that day, I was at BET filming the last episode of Rap City and then the Touré dude asked me if I wanted to do an interview with him and I said no. I had seen the interview with Bow Wow and Omarion and he was like roasting them or whatever and it turned out to be bad. I was like, I'm straight, I don't want to do an interview with you. Then, my management was like if he's good we can do an interview with him...for promotion or whatever...I was just joking. Most of the questions he was asking me wasn't making no sense. Like, he was asking me how I wanted to die and asking me all these questions so I thought he was joking with me. I didn't really take it seriously. Basically it was sarcasm that got blown out of proportion."

And to just to confirm it, writer Maxine Ross asked Soulja Boy "you didn't really mean it?" to which Soulja Boy replied "...nah. It was a messed up situation. I didn't really mean that."

Shontelle From Barbados

Bajan Gal Sounds Like Rihanna. Soon buss big eeeh?!

T. Rogers "OG Blood" & Bloods Speaks On Rappers Claiming Blood Like Jim Jones & Lil Wayne

Talib Kweli Freestyle On A-List Radio!

4 White Boys Beat Guy Right After Obama Won In Staten Island. N.Y!

Prop 8 Protest -- Gay Marriage


it come in like deva waan join the alliance

söndag 9 november 2008

”Jag trodde inte att Ince skulle satsa på mig”

Svensken gör succé i Blackburn – stor intervju med Martin Olsson
När Martin Olsson, 20, flyttade till England räknade han med att göra tre år i Blackburn Rovers och sedan återvända hemåt.
En erfarenhet rikare, men knappast som Premier League-spelare.
Nu har han tagit en ordinarie plats i truppen och gjort flera matcher från start i ligan som av många anses vara världens bästa.
– Det är knappt att jag tror att det är sant. Jag är chockad, säger Olsson till
Mark Hughes var mannen som såg kvaliteter i den då 17-årige Olsson när han värvade svensken från Högaborg i januari 2006. Walesaren visade tidigt att han menade allvar med värvningen av Olsson och gav den offensive vänsterbacken chansen i i A-laget redan förra året.
– Martin är en ung spelare som imponerade när han provspelade och vi känner att han kommer att bli en tillgång för oss många år, sa Hughes i samband med övergången.
Hughes försvann
Samme Mark Hughes som lämnade Blackburn i somras för att gå till Manchester City. I det läget trodde Martin Olsson att hans framtid i Blackburn kanske var över.
– Jag trodde att jag kanske skulle få spela i de sista matcherna i ligan. Kanske få tre stycken när allting redan var avgjort. Men tränaren (Paul Ince) sa att jag skulle få chansen bara jag jobbade på. Jag måste satsa för fullt och jag har fått chansen. Jag har spelat från start i fyra matcher och hoppat in i en, säger han.
Och Martin har imponerat. Inte minst på den ordinarie vänsterbacken, Stephen Warnock, som tvingats ta en ny position på grund av skador och därmed gett plats åt unge Olsson som har tagit vara på möjligheten.
– Martin har fått en chans i år och han har tagit den. Han hade otur och drog på sig en axelskada i somras men han har kommit tillbaka och har visat managerna att han är villig att jobba hårt och förbättra sig varje vecka, har Warnock sagt.
Skulle återvända
Trots framgången har Martin Olsson fått relativt lite uppmärksamhet i Sverige. Han är något så ovanligt som ett ungdomsproffs som har lyckats gå hela vägen till A-laget, något han knappast räknat med när han lämnade tryggheten i Sverige för ovissheten i Blackburn.
– Jag trodde att jag skulle åka hit, vara här i tre år och sedan åka hem med all den erfarenheten. Jag kom från division tre, division två och trodde inte att jag skulle kunna gå hela vägen till Premier League. Mina kompisar brukar säga att det är osannolikt när jag spelar mot lag som Manchester United och Chelsea, men man får försöka att inte tänka på det. Men jag är fortfarande chockad.
Vill spela U21-EM
Nu är målsättningen att behålla platsen i truppen och att spela så mycket som möjligt i Blackburn och så småningom ta en plats i det landslag som ska spela U21-EM på hemmaplan nästa år.
– Ja, det är EM jag vill spela. Vi har ju ett bra lag där nu. Sedan vill man ju spela i riktiga EM och VM i framtiden. Det är ju drömmen. Men man behöver väl ganska mycket rutin för att få chansen i landslaget, funderar Martin Olsson.

Daniel Sjöberg

Säkerligen, men fortsätter han att överraska sig själv borta i England så kanske chansen kommer så småningom, men han har en del kvar att lära sig. Åtminstone när Martin Olsson ska betygsätta sig själv.
– Mina fördelar är snabbheten och jag gillar att gå offensivt. Jag tycker att jag har ett bra passningsspel, men jag måste bli bättre på allt. Det handlar mycket om positionsspelet och att bli fysiskt starkare.


Elephant Man - Sweep

Jah Performs LIVE on Soundcheck on BETJ on Nov. 8th


Cadillac Records (2008) HD Trailer

Bugle Says 'I was not booed'

Deejay Bugle is challenging the report carried earlier this week that he was booed during an RE High School tour event last Wednesday.

"That is not true, it never happened that way. Obviously, somebody nuh like and ah try fabricate something," a disgruntled Bugle told 0ne876 editor Claude Mills last Friday.
Oneil of Voice Mail agreed with his friend's assessment saying that he was not aware of any boos and he was onstage when it allegedly occurred.

"Mi no know nothing of that, mi no get involved inna other people business, it never happened, when Bugle was performing, I never never see nothing like that," Oneil concluded.

Bugle explained that not all students were enthusiastic about his refusal to sing a gun song as the rest of the artistes 'vibed' onstage, hence the perception that he was booed.
"The organizers played a riddim with pure gun songs on it, and the artiste ah sing other people song which is mostly gun song and the school ah get wild. We nah promote violence on the school tour, so a man fi use him conscience and know that it is not about forward and just low that, and do what you come fi do," he said.
"So mi just wings back because mi never comfortable with pure gun songs, and the kids start call Bugle Bugle, and mi go up de and explain the reason mi no waan sing dem song de, and mi do Yes Man, and it never lock the place like the gun songs, if 1000 kids were there, 990 a sing and the rest boo, so how on earth anybody fi hear any boo."

PJ Wright, organiser of the RE High School tour, also challenged the report in the media that Bugle was booed.

"If anything, it was just four persons booing or so, not enough to suggest that he did not perform well."

Allen Iverson Interview With Stephen A. Smith! (Talks About Joining The Pistons)

Kanye piss on the floor... STRANGE

Kanye was in the city to collect the Ultimate Urban gong at the MTV bash.

The evening before, he showed up for a star-studded party in the city’s Carling Academy.

But he stunned fellow artists by not bothering to find a toilet backstage, choosing to relieve himself on the floor of a dressing room shared with the TING TINGS.

Speaking at the MTV Awards, drummer JULES DE MARTINO said: “We ask for a lot of unusual things on our backstage rider but that ain’t one of them!”

In Kanye’s defence, the sink must have been full.

Kanye might need some help. Cause this here just ain't normal

woman says F@CK BARACK OBAMA'!!!

lördag 8 november 2008

Vybz Kartel - Rich (MAD TUNE)


Vybz Kartel " Get Wild " [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Vybz Kartel-Get Wild(Studio Version)

Rihanna stumbles off stage

Rihanna appeared to be feeling rumbly in the tummy and exited the stage while performing with Chris Brown at the Acer Arena, Sydney, Australia earlier today.

It was during the “Umbrella” tune that Ri Ri began clutching her tummy. She made her way over to stage left where she stumbled off stage. Some reports say the 20 year-old hot number fainted, however her reps have a different take.

According to E-Online, Rihanna’s representative said it was very hot at that venue and Rihanna needed to go off stage to sit, have a drink of water and collect herself.

Rumors did begin to fly about a possible pregnancy. On the contrary, her rep says, Rihanna is in very good health and will be performing at her next show tomorrow.

Chris Brown finished off the song, while his darling ‘collected herself’ backstage.

Flex's Tongueslip in Atlanta Causes Furore

When A.K.A sent me this video on youtube, I was a bit perturbed worse this is a deejay who is my namesake but I guess it is just a slip of the tongue but one that is very serious in the world of dancehall. What is Flex really saying in this stage performance?

Did he really tell the man dem fi 'fuckk the ass'?

Vybz Kartel Styles Mavado as 'Dogface' in ER interview..

Vybz Kartel a.k.a Addi the Teacha has responded to Mavado's comments with a diabolically brilliant interview that addresses Mavado's allegations.

During the interview, he styles Mavado as 'da dogface bwoy de' and stops short of calling Mavado a liar, by stating that the singer did not get the facial scars in an accident, but at the hands of soldier who beat him up over Mavado's own girl.

Watch Anthony Miller's ER today on TVJ for the full interview, and the juicy quotes. VK has been having a great year so far as he has brought two new products to the marketplace, with the help of his business partner Corey Todd. He has also continued a torrid pace, scoring three number one hits, Money Fi Spend, Trailer Load a Money and Nah Go Nowhere.

He has also dropped popular club bangers for the females as well and the 'Touch Me' song on Stephen's Work out riddim is easily one of the hottest songs for November, blowing up in dances and the clubs. His latest single, the infectious Life Sweet is also doing well.


Vybz Kartel counteracted Mavado's argument and levelled a few charges of his own as he dismantled his rival with a number of salient points during an ER interview earlier this week. He addressed the 'bad mind' references first.

"Ah we bring him to the world, ah we do five songs with the Barber, dem time de Killa no look pon him..ah we mek him feel like a star, and drive him up and down inna the Bimmer and mek people see him...him just bad mind Kartel 'cause dem see no matter what dem do in the Appliance, dem caan get out the Teacha, the Teacha is always striving," he said.

During the interview he made several references to Mavado as 'da dogface bwoy de'. He also denied that he had ever jerked chicken.

"Mi never trim nobody and we never jerk no chicken(laugh). Wi never come pon TV and tough up wi face and gwaan like wi a gangster, wi just know we ah authentic Jamaicans, and like all authentic Jamaicans, yu caan diss we so easy," he said.

During the interview, Kartel showed his grasp of current world affairs when hailed Obama's victory as a 'striking contrast to Alliance defeat'.

"So me saying mi nuh muss know God, mi no say nothing no wrong, I know I am a sinner but when a man ah go tek up say him name Gully Gadd and Gully Gadd because yu a put yu name in the context of God. Tell the barber bwoy who say him intelligent and caan spell i-n-t-e-l-l-i-g-e-n-t, fi know say yu have to read before yu come a road come mek a total fool of yourself...if I walk out of here and die, I know I am going to hell but Jeffrey install the AC from last week," he explained during one segment.

He asked Mavado if he had 'ever done one passport yet? Bill!".

He used the opportunity to promote his Vybz Rum and Daggering product lines. He promised that at Sting, he would 'end a plan' suggesting that the Sting organisers were in cahoots with Mavado.

Empire fans like Ricky from Grange Hill, Westmoreland have been celebrating the interview in no uncertain terms.

"Mi have the interview pon mi phone and mi walk around it and play it for all the Mavado fans mi know and laugh after dem, ah me say Empire to the world, Kartel ah di boss," he told

Serani links with the Seeker understands that Jamaica's hottest new Dancehall star Serani, who has his “No Games” banger in heavy daytime rotation on New York’s HOT 97, is continuing to expand his popularity in many markets. He recently hooked up with UK Dancehall artist Dolamite AKA The Seeker, of the famed Suncycle Crew from Harlseden - one of the toughest neighbourhoods in London, on a track for Dolamite’s upcoming album.

The Suncycle-produced track - "Disease Heart" - is a melodic shot at haters, a subject Serani has explored on other tracks making it a natural collaboration for him, over an easy-paced soundbed.

Dolamite has been in Jamaica for the past 2 weeks and he and Serani shot a video for the track on Wednesday with acclaimed director Rick Elgood at the helm.

“Disease Heart” has just been released to radio and has already been getting spins locally and abroad.


How the Ascot High kids dem deal wid Bugle so terrible pon the RE High school tour? Him get crazy boos from the audience and that a history because normally teenager nuh boo artiste because dem just grateful say the artiste dem show up, and some people say ah the first in history artiste ah get boo. Mi hear say dem have a grand finale segment and everybody come up and dem play some tracks and the artiste dem a sing other artiste songs and ah hold a vibe and Bugle come up and say him nah “sing nobody song because him have good song too’ and the children dem just start boo him, him all get couple bottle too, ah history, dat never happen yet!