tisdag 30 september 2008

Beenie Tax Evasion Trial Case Thrown Out

Beenie Man's tax evasion trial was thrown out of court today as the judge found that there was insufficient evidence to go forward with the case which has generated manic press attention in recent weeks.

'Beenie Man was overjoyed when he heard that the case got thrown out, the first thing he said was ' Rastafari, thanks Jah" as he thanked Jah for being there for him, and now it is like a big burden has been lifted off him,' Ray Alexander, Beenie's publicist told one876entertainment minutes ago.

"He is going to deal with it one step at a time now, he is going to get an accountant to audit his books and then once the assessment is done, he will make the payment over to the Jamaican government."

Gordene Breaks Silence about Jah Cure baby rumours

One876entertainment has landed an exclusive interview with Gordene, the 20 year-old beauty who is four months pregnant with what could be possibly Jah Cure’s first child. She denied that she ever spoke to reporters from the website, Yardflex.com about her pregnancy or about her relationship with the ‘Love Is’ singer.
Even more importantly, neither herself nor Jah Cure has confirmed nor denied that he is the father of her child, despite the fact that the media has been reporting that he is the father.
“I have never spoken to Yardflex, I have never disclosed any details of my private life. I never said those things that they quote me as saying. I am beyond upset; I would not try to sabotage or hurt Cure or anything between us, that is just not my character. Anyways, what would it benefit me to say these things,” said the expectant mother, who is now 4 months pregnant. “I love him, I would never hurt him. This is very stressful.”

“I am not trying to disclose anything. They are trying to say I am effing proud to be pregnant and I am going around broadcasting it to everybody who will listen and that is not true. The only reason that I am even giving this interview is to make sure that his career is not harmed by any rumours. I would never hurt him.”

She did, however, say that someone defaced the door to her Oaklands apartment by stenciling derogatory words on her door.

“They wrote slut, whore, bitch and skettel using white out on a white door. And then someone threw browning, the one you use and cook, on the door as well,” she said, a bit bemused at all the vitriol.

“People just bash me, no one has tried to confront me physically or said anything to my face, but I hear things which are said behind my back,” she said.

Gordene has been spotted on the party circuit in recent weeks, fuelling speculation about her ‘little bump’.

“I don’t drink or smoke, I still deserve to party,” the St. Andrew High school grad said.

Gordene earns money as a ‘party promotions girl’ working for Main Event, a party planning company. She is a student and is reading for an associate degree after which she will attempt to matriculate to a major university where she can get a bachelor’s degree in marketing. She has also dabbled in music, recording a couple of songs which were never released. She supports herself by working as a part-time ‘party promotions girl’ so that she can foot the bill for her uptown apartment.

“I am trying to find somewhere else to live, somewhere cheaper, because since I am pregnant, I cannot do promotions anymore and the cigarette smoke is not healthy for the baby.”

Does Jah Cure take good care of you?

“To be fair, he tries to be nice, but the pressures of everyone around him is hard because of my reputation as a party girl. And I have been with other artistes in the past before Cure. He is not 100 per cent sure he is the father, but there is a high possibility that he is the father; I have not been with anybody else since meeting him.”

How many months have you been seeing him?

“About five months, I will be pregnant for four months next week.”

Four months?

“Yea, it was a fast one, I fell in love, we kicked off really well. I was very into him, but now I am more concerned with me and the baby. I still do love him. He is trying his very best to be supportive, but as an artiste, there is a harsher side because of the pressures of the people around him.”

Jah Cure, for his part, has been very supportive, yet cautious. According to word from his camp, “although he is not sure that he is in fact the father, he remains very supportive of the young lady and is doing whatever he can to make her pregnancy and herself comfortable.”
“However, once I am proven to be the father, my 100% support will be given financially and otherwise,” said a statement from the artiste.

Some people just chat TOOO MUCH!

måndag 29 september 2008

Beenie Man Tax Evasion Trial Kicks off Tuesday

Beenie Man's tax evasion trial will kick off tomorrow as the judge was forced to postpone today's hearing because the deejay arrived late for the trial.

The case started in May following allegations that Beenie Man owes the government more than $40 million in outstanding taxes. Revenue officials allege that for several years the artiste failed to pay over the taxes to the government. However, Beenie Man has insisted that his former management company, Shocking Vibes, was responsible for paying his taxes and has challenged the tax assessment.

Beenie Man has had a rough 2008 marked by legal and personal troubles for instance, his tax evasion trial, his divorce trial involving his wife, Michelle Downer-Davis, a child support case involving the Shezal Laing, the mother of his five year-old son, and last week's shocker, the pregnancy of his 16 year-old daughter.

What Goes Around” plays for one night only in Toronto

The movie “What Goes Around” - directed by Steve ‘Tehut-Nine’ McAlpin, will have its Canadian premiere on October 9, 2008 in Toronto.
Presented by Jaydees Entertainment in association with L3 Publicity, the movie that has been described as a hit - following its US premiere in August, features some of dancehall’s hugest stars: Mavado, Nohard Grant, Flippa Maffia, KC Jockey, Ghost Teflon, Supa Twitch, Ding Dong and Maestro.
With a different take on the old saying, “you reap what you sow,” the movie that was also written by McAlpin, presents the twists and turns of romantic relationships that highlight the proverbial womanizer, absentee father, unfaithful girlfriend and cheating ‘playboy’ lover. Layered with humour, the film takes viewers through the rugged ups and downs of each character. Emotions run rampant as some of the colourful characters deserve sympathy while others stir up anger and trigger suspense.
It is presented against the backdrop of Southern Florida’s Caribbean/American music scene and also features Sakina Samuda, Kim Goss and Alton Ashman.
The movie will be shown for one night only on Thursday October 9th, 2008 at 7pm and 9pm at the Yorkdale Silver City Movie Theatre at 3401 Dufferin Street in Toronto.

WHAT GOES AROUND (HD Movie Trailer) from sunrasonfilms on Vimeo.

Raperman caught and strangled to death

September 29, 2008. INDIANAPOLIS -- (AP) A man who police said broke into a home with the intention of sexually assault a 17-year-old girl in her bedroom died early Sunday morning after a struggle with the girl's father.

David Meyers, 52, was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after officers arrived following a report of a home invasion in the 3500 block of West 79th Street at about 3:20 a.m.

Officers said they found Robert McNally, 64, on the floor with his arm around the neck of Meyers, struggling to hold him down.

When officers told McNally he could let go, they found that Meyers was unresponsive. Medics who were called to the scene then pronounced Meyers dead.

Indianapolis police Sgt. Matt Mount said Meyers had come into the home naked, except for a mask and latex gloves.

"He had rope, had a knife, had condoms, had a gag," Mount said.

Police said Meyers had gotten into the home through a window next to the girl's bedroom and that he knew the home well because his uncle owns it and he was an acquaintance of the family.

The teen awoke to find a naked man in her room and began screaming, alerting McNally, police said.

During a protracted struggle in the hallway of the home, McNally was able to get his arm around Meyers' neck and subdue him while his wife called police, officers said.

Meyers was a registered sex offender and was released from prison two years ago after he had served 10 years of a 20-year sentence for criminal confinement and sexual deviate conduct stemming from a case in Hamilton County.

Meyers was also being sought in Boone County for failure to register as a sex offender.

Police said Meyers had been living with his mother down a gravel road from the home that the McNally family lived in and had recently lost his job.

"When they got the mask off, both the father and daughter recognized him," Mount said.

Police said Meyers had a history of heart problems. They were not immediately sure if he died as a result of heart failure or from being choked.

The results of the police investigation will be turned over to the Marion County Prosecutor's Office, but it is unlikely charges will be filed, police said.

Sean Kingston’s $500,000 necklace is stolen from FedEX

When $500,000 worth of bling absolutely positively has to be there overnight, you might want to insure it for more than you would a cheap Persian rug.

Sources tell TMZ rapper Sean Kingston had his sister FedEx the jewelry (pictured above) from L.A. to a jeweler in NY. When the package arrived (a day late) -- no jewelry inside the box! Here's the problemo: Sis only insured it for $500 -- only a comma and three zeroes short of the mark.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department now has the case. A rep for Kingston could not be reached for comment.

Father Cure

Jah Cure wants to keep ‘expecting father’ status quiet Mr ‘Longing For’ – Jah Cure, has a blessed bundle of joy on the way, but he seems to be peeved that 20 year old Gardinia is insistent on blabbing the news to anyone who will listen.Wanting to keep this bit of his life private, Jah Cure is constantly at odds with his expected child’s mom who he blames for spreading the news. Gardinia however, has told Yardflex sources that she is not having a happy pregnancy, since many people are harassing her as a result of her being pregnant for Jah Cure. Besides being heckled at times, the ‘cute party girl’ has also had the word ‘slut’ written on her Oaklands apartment door; allegedly by some jealous and irate female fans.“I can’t stand him no more – he called me talking crap...” Gardinia told our source who also said Jah Cure denied the child was his at first – considering its mom’s affinity for the party scene. However, he has no choice now but to acknowledge what he knows deep down is a reality, the source said.We a wonder what is wrong with young girls...why are they terrorizing Gardinia? They need to leave her alone.

BomboClaut!!! US border Dem nuh eazy

Mind Reading Scanners for US Borders

A new generation of border security screening has surfaced within Homeland Security; and testing of an innovative search mechanism that can read your mind is currently underway.

The body scanner type device is a system called Malintent and as opposed to screening machines that look for metals and explosives, this one is programmed to detect a person's intentions; and can determine whether someone is out to terrorize or be a dangerous nuisance. Searching the human body for non-verbal cues, this brainchild of Homeland Security's Human Factors division is able to foretell any individual's menacing intentions to hurt fellow passengers.

With the sensors and equipment for reading body temperature, heart rate and respiration levels, all packaged in a mobile laboratory around the size of a trailer truck, this is no polygraph test. There are no wires or straps; the series of sensors and images operate like an 'X-ray for bad thoughts'.

Malintent was put to a field test in Maryland where 144 people were scanned; most of them unknowingly. The average DC area residents were told they were attending a tech expo. Rigorous safety tests were done on subjects to prevent any physical or emotional harm following the tests.

How it works is - warning signs are transmitted to analysts when the sensors identify that something is not right with a subject. That person is flagged and sent to a second screening involving micro-facial scanning of minute muscle movement in the face, that measure mood and intention. Seven main emotions and emotional cues can be measured by DHS and these are reflected in the contractions of facial muscles.

If a passenger is rushed or stressed this mobile lab called "Future Attribute Screening Technology" or FAST won’t be fooled, as it can tell the difference between bad guys and a rushed and nervous traveler - even if one sweats a lot naturally.

Never before has a comprehensive screening device such as this one, been put together and while some politicians score it as a home run, some question privacy issues with this invasive scanner that gets a chance to clock all ones vitals.

DHS has however declared that data scanned is immediately dumped and not maintained. It is also unable to track who you are.

Screening technology will further develop with the eye scanner planned for release next year and pheromone-reading technology by 2010. Equipment that reads body movements will also soon be added.

Sort out the thing Deva!

Boy, mi nah go stop support Deva Bratt, ah mi deejay that, even though AKA ah bun him out wicked. The man obviously mek some mistakes, mi even hear say one of the girl dem send two man go prison already so is a girl weh been around the block a couple a times, so fi him name shoulden call de so. Mi understand how Deva coulda feel say ah him Kartel ah talk wid the I Could Never Turn a Raper song, but him fi just tek the high road and deal wid him personal problems before him get back inna the passa passa. If him can come out fi Christmas, him ah go hot fi Sting.

Sting ah go MAD this year! FE REAL

Ah pure beef de pon the road, everybody have a score fi settle wid someone. Fantan vs Rolexx, Mavado vs Kartel, Queen Paula vs Spice, Deva vs Kartel, Macka vs Saw, Black Queen vs Milk, Baby Chris vs Viper, Blak Ryno vs Brammer, Merciless vs Bounty Killer, ah just crazy vibes ah gwaan inna the business right now and it look dem affi go settle it ah Sting. Mi hear say this year Sting ah go name the Final Showdown, Kill or Be Killed. Reehhhh!

söndag 28 september 2008

Merciless diss Mavado, Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel & Ninja Man in new song

Ooohhh Noo Merciless!!! You have to come a 100 times harder than that if you want to war with Killa, Ninja, Kartel and Mavado. that tune deh nah go mek it!

what a waste video!!!

lördag 27 september 2008

The New York Times

For Him, Reggae Is the Family Business

The record producer Stephen McGregor,comes from a musical family.

Stephen and his siblings Daniel, known as Chino, right, and Yeshemabeth, known as Shema, with their father, the singer Freddie McGregor, front.

THE new hit-making force in Jamaican music doesn’t live in the steamy downtown ghettos Bob Marley made famous but on a leafy residential road high on a hill here, in the upscale neighborhood Havendale, St. Andrews. Just 18, Stephen McGregor, also known as Di Genius, is a member of one of reggae’s reigning families: the clan of the veteran singer Freddie McGregor.

Big iron gates slowly swing open to reveal a yard with a raised, shaded area designed for playing dominoes. Inside a large villa narrow wooden stairs behind the living room lead up to Big Ship Studio, named after Freddie’s 1981 worldwide hit. With its richly colored walls hung with framed awards and its big black leather couch, Big Ship feels like a cozy clubhouse outfitted with huge speakers and a mixing desk. Here Stephen, who is known as the studio’s Captain, swivels around in an office chair, punctuating a chat by flicking a fader and unleashing yet another monster hit like Sean Paul’s “Watch Dem Roll” and “Always on My Mind,” his collaboration with Da’Ville.

Also in the room are Stephen’s brother Daniel, 25, a popular lyricist and rapper known professionally as Chino, and his sister Yeshemabeth (also known as Shema), 29, an up-and-coming singer. Stephen produces them both.

All three siblings are making sound waves in Jamaica, but Stephen, who looks about 14 with his guileless smile and neat cornrows, is the most prominent. One of the hottest producers on the island (and certainly the youngest), Stephen has a challenging sound that combines playfulness, the spatial drama of a movie soundtrack and orchestral brio.

“Jamaica has a lot of great producers,” said Bobby Konders, a D.J. at the New York urban-music radio station Hot 97, “but people view him as the new kid carrying the flavor; so young but with a proven track record. He took many different influences from hip-hop and reggae and made them into his own sound. Stephen’s that dude, and he’s a winner.”

Since the 1960s Jamaican musicians have been recycling rhythm tracks, called riddims. The success of a riddim is judged by how many artists “juggle,” or make their own vocal interpretations, of it. Marked by a tension between sparse, punching jabs of sound and lush snatches of melody, Stephen’s riddims are so popular that more than a dozen people might sing over them; his thematically linked riddims have their own compilations on the top reggae label, VP Records.

Stephen’s skills are also propelling the careers of the lanky, dashing Chino, whose slightly abstracted air suggests constant mental wordplay, and Shema, whose rich voice and cameo features recall her mother, Judy Mowatt of Bob Marley’s backing trio, the I Three. Shema was in a band with Damian (Jr. Gong) Marley, Bob’s son, and she is now working on her own album, to be released this year on Big Ship Records.

Their father, Freddie McGregor, has been a star since he was a child, recording in the early 1960s for the Studio One label, where Bob Marley was an artist and in-house arranger. “I remember how Bob kept on saying, ‘We must have our own studio, our own thing,’ ” he recalled. “When I recorded songs for different producers, I always wished I owned them. I knew I had to take a chance and build my own studio.” He finally started Big Ship in 1996.

Stephen gravitated to the studio when he was a little boy. “If we saw the door was open, we’d know Stephen was in there,” Freddie said. “He was just so short you couldn’t see him over the mixing desk."

By the age of 7 Stephen had taught himself to play keyboards, bass, guitar and violin. But his prodigy status was cemented even earlier: he wrote and released his first song, “School Done Rule,” when he was 5. That was Stephen’s sole foray as an artist; he prefers the producer’s role. "It’s psychological, dealing with all the different egos and attitudes," he said. Clearly, his laid-back but cheery demeanor can coax the best out of artists ranging from the suave Sean Paul to gangster ragamuffins like Vybz Kartel and Mavado.

Stephen’s “whole energy is fresh,” Sean Paul said, “and I feel excited to work with a new sound and a new crazy young talent like him.”

Stephen had his first hits in Jamaica in 2004, while he was still attending the prestigious Ardennes High School; a local D.J. gave him the nickname Di Genius. “I never spoke about my music at school, except to my closest friends,” Stephen said.

Tactfully Stephen won’t identify the big reggae star who promised to sing on his first professional production — and then brushed him off. Instead, on a whim, he and Chino drove to the cassata-colored mansion of the zany reggae star Elephant Man, higher up the Havendale hills. He gave Stephen a break and became the first of about 15 vocalists to put their stamp on his “Cartoon” riddim.

With its cheeky samples of the flatulent trumpet sound familiar from old Warner Brothers animations, “Cartoon” was whimsical, surprising and like no other reggae track. It was followed by a string of hit riddims. “In Jamaica if you do something different that’s working, as soon as one person hears it the whole industry wants to be on it,” Stephen said.

Jamaican dancehall, the quintessential sound of the young McGregors’ generation, is far removed from the spiritually oriented conscious reggae of 1970s artists like their father and Marley. Many of the lyrics of Stephen’s songs with Mavado and Vybz Kartel are brutally violent.

Perhaps Stephen’s appeal to the American hip-hop audience is the way he projects urban tension and alarm. The somber “Darkness” riddims, with titles like “Shadow,” “Darker Shadow” and “After Dark,” sound almost frightening when heard at bone-shaking volume at a bashment, or street dance.

Still, Stephen’s key attribute is his versatility. He has worked with the Hasidic reggae artist Matisyahu. He delivers sweet lover’s rock songs for his father (“Sharing the Night”) and radio-ready pop reggae for Chino (“Ruff It Up”), and the siblings’ collaborations tend more toward happy hedonism. “Our ‘Red Bull and Guinness’ riddim actually became a big movement in Jamaica,” Chino said. “Sales of Champagne slowed down.”

Another alcohol-infused McGregor hit was “Ghetto Whiskey,” named after a Jamaican tipple of Guinness, Stone’s Ginger Wine, Red Bull and Magnum Tonic Wine. “It proved the power of music,” Chino said. “People didn’t know if it would poison them, but they had to try it.”

Whether sweet, funny or ominous, Stephen McGregor’s sound palette is always fine-tuned by his domestic think tank. “We have a support system here because we’re family,” he said with a laugh. “More heads are better than one.”

Published: September 19, 2008

Sasha discusses her very public relationship and break-up with Turbulence

Reggae artist Sasha recently sat down with Juicetvonline’s Vanessa Gordon, to discuss her highly publicized relationship and break-up with fellow artist, Turbulence. Sasha and Turbulence were involved in a very public break-up in 2006. Rumor has it that Sasha discovered that Turbulence became engaged to both her and another woman at the same time, and then the two women became acquainted and subsequently confronted Turbulence.

Over the next months, each artist released songs expressing their feelings regarding the matter, Sasha’s “Got What You Need” and Turbulence’s “No Man No Perfect”, but earlier this year they surprisingly collaborated on the hit, “Don’t Wanna Be Alone” in which they even shared a kiss. It seems that time is continuing to heal the wounds and both artists state that they are still friends and have love for one another. You can check out Sasha’s feelings in her own words below and view the video for “Don’t Wanna Be Alone” after the interview.

Beres Hammond-I Feel Good

Beres Hammond has just released the first video from his latest CD release, “A Moment In Time”, which is available today on I-Tunes, and in stores November 11th. The video entitled “I Feel Good” is definitely a feel good song in true Beres style and was directed by Ras Kassa The Guru.

Olsson från start när Blackburn slog Newcastle

Martin Olsson fick chansen från start i Blackburn som mittfältare. Efter matchen fick svensken fira en seger mot krislaget Newcastle.

Brett Emerton och notoriske målgöraren Roque Santa Cruz gav Blackburn ledningen med 2-0 mot krislaget Newcastle.

I 51 minuten fick de svartvita en gnutta hopp tillbaka när Michael Owen reducerade på straff.

Svenske Martin Olsson fick chansen från start. Han spelade 90 minuter som innermittfältare trots att han är van att spela ytterback.

Deva is a Pervert!

Members of the Portmore Empire have lashed out at deejay Deva Bratt for his repeated attempts to discredit the organisation.

"Deva must stop trying to look a hype, if it wasn't for the Teacha, there would be no Portmore Empire. Deva get himself into a situation because him mek some poor choices and now him a try bring down the organisation that push him into the public's face," one member said.

Other members suggested that Deva was a 'pervert', a sick youth who could not control his sexual urges and that he should try to deal with his problem before he went around making statements that he cannot prove.

"If him tek this route, him only ah go kill him hand, him fi realize that this is not about him. The organisation is about business, this is nothing personal against Deva Bratt, him need fi sort out him legal problems and den build back, but if him do this, me caan be his friend," another one said.

"If him diss Teacha, Deva nah go have no career, anno Teacha tell him fi go jail pon two carnal abuse charge, ah just because mi nuh waan talk who Deva Bratt really is...him fi just easy himself and be a soldier."

In the meantime, Vybz Kartel has remained calm and collected in the face of Deva's stinging allegations, only denying that he ever did a song that made specific reference to Deva Brat as a rapist.

He issued a statement through his publicist that said: "The Portmore Empire is a registered trademark of Adidjaheim Records and was registered almost two years ago with the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO). All Portmore Empire artistes are signed to Adidjaheim Records, and only signed artistes are accorded certain privileges."

The release further stated that the Portmore Empire does not associate itself with anyone who is involved with any case of carnal abuse or exploitation of women.

"Deva Brat was not kicked out of the Empire, he never signed, so he was never officially in the Empire. He is a troubled youth, mi see him diss up Zabrick and the yutes dem around him when him de Highlanders rounda Wong...and when him say Empire, him get the chance fi buss and dash it way," one high-ranking member said.

Deva Bratt hopes to make bail on the second carnal abuse charge by Christmas. He told one876entertainment.com that he would be out by Christmas.

"When me come out, things ah go different, right now, people line up round the block fi bail me. When mi come out, yu ah go see everything," he promised.

Cherine Anderson Heads to Australia

On the heels of wrapping a successful 21 date tour of the US in early September, the young Dancehall Soul songstress Cherine Anderson returns to the States again, this time hitting the road with singer/activist Michael Franti and Spearhead. Anderson is touring with the massively popular Franti and Spearhead in support of their September 9th release, All Rebel Rockers, in which Cherine is featured on three songs. The first single off the album, "Say Hey (I Love You)" featuring Cherine, is receiving great radio rotation as well as being featured on ads for the CW and E! Entertainment Networks.

Anderson serves as the band's opening act performing songs from her upcoming EP "The Introduction-dubstyle", and rejoins the band as a featured vocalist during the Spearhead set. Just several shows into joining the tour, Anderson's presence has created a buzz. Nicole Kristek of Mel.Opho.be writes about the show at Marymoor Amphitheatre in Washington, "(Cherine) showed off her range and power with slow "diva"-style vocals mixed over reggae beats. A bit reminiscent of Lauryn Hill but with more funk to her voice, we found her to be extremely charismatic, weaving her sultry way across the stage".

Blak Ryno's Thug Anthem is Blazing

Blak Ryno's Thug Anthem on the Day Rave rhythm has quickly become one of the most played songs in the dancehall today. Ryno just returned from Zurich, Switzerland where he performed alongside the Portmore Empire.

Blak Ryno is not too surprised at the success of the single.

"Mi no surprised still because I felt it was a hit when I recorded it, and from it go out, ah just crazy calls mi a get, hits on the Myspace say ah one of the top three songs on the riddim," he said.

"Even in Switzerland, some people in the crowd know it already, I had to pull it up three times the way dem a gwaan. It was a mixed crowd, black and white faces and the Empire locked it down."
Ryno's signature sound and singalong hooks have been bombing the airwaves into submission with hit singles such as Mek Di Paper which hit the top ten of local charts and his follow up Evil People. These juicy cuts are heavy with aggressive catchphrases that are popular among teens and dominate their ringtone choices. This latest single Thug Anthem is set to firmly establish him as a force to reckon with and shows his new found maturity and swagger. The single is also controversial because there are a few lines in it that appear to diss Mavado, the Gully Gadd, with whom the Empire has an ongoing lyrical feud. The lines go: 'No, mi no back from war, ah mi hobby/machine never empty, ratchet never dully/empty one inna yu skully/if yu feel say yu bad, p-hole, crawl outta the gully'.

For bookings, call 1 (876) 781 4268


Fantan say 'rasta no mix up inna bangarang'. Him never threaten Rolexx or nothing like that. Him say nuff selector nah give the one-drop artiste dem no justice inna the dance, and that the selector need fi play him, 'Richie Spice, Tarrus Riley and Lutan Fyah' more inna the dance.
"If a fire bun and a man waan bawl, him bawl, we love the yutes dem same way," he said.
A release has been issued by Rolexx's publicist that the selector that Fantan and a bunch of men had been at a studio looking for him and making loud threats.


No disrespect to Mr. Vegas, but ah Aidonia have the best daggering song inna the dancehall right now. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25...100 stabs...ah mi song, when dem a go do the video, Donia, sort out the ting. Dem a try style the deejay but t nah go work.

Harry Toddler Hits Top Ten again

Down Sound Recording artiste Harry Toddler has scored his second top ten single this year with the song Bruk Don (More Money) which is in the top ten of three charts, the Jamaica Music Countdown, the RE TV Dancehall and the Stampede Street Vibes charts.
Harry Toddler’s Bruk Don is now at #9 on the Jamaica Music Countdown, and it is also at #9 on the RE TV MVP top ten chart and also #9 on the RE TV Dancehall charts. The single is #7 on the Stampede Street Vibes chart.

"Toddler has been doing well, his Don't Run In and More Money songs were played on HOT 97 during August. He has been working with other producers as well putting out songs, and we have been getting calls for him for stage shows in the Caribbean, so things are well positioned right now," Josef Bogdanovich, chief executive officer of Down Sound Records, told one876entertainment.com.

Toddler scored his first number one single in seven years with Don't Run In and has appeared on all of this year's big ticket events like Reggae Sumfest, Beenie Sizzle and Capleton's St. Mary Mi Come From. He has also done some gigs in the Caribbean and appeared alongside Elephant Man in Uganda.

"I am just giving thanks to God right now, I am grateful for the support of my fans and Down Sound records who make it all possible, however, whatever," the Blond Ras said.

Harry Toddler is booked to appear on this year's three-day Millennium Countdown festival in Bahamas which begins at the end of October. He will appear alongside Mavado, Bounty Killer and members of the Alliance on dancehall night of the three day festival.

Macka Diamond to team with VP to distribute Bun Him book

Macka Diamond will be joining forces with VP Records to promote and distribute her 'Bun Him' novel through VP's impressive chain of Mom and Pops record stores across the United States.

"We reached out to Macka Diamond to make her book available in our network of record stores across the country and she has agreed to provide us with a few copies. Beenie Man's book is also available and is selling well," Donovan Williams, the distribution manager of VP Records, said.

With the release of "Bun Him", Macka Diamond's critically acclaimed debut novel, she has been on the road, locally, regionally and internationally, making promotional appearances and signings. Macka Diamond has indeed expanded her repertoire and her "Diamond District Ja." company is doing well and will be relocating to a new HQ in Hellshire, St. Catherine.

Vegas Calls It Quits From Music

A disheartened Mr. Vegastold one876entertainment that he had decided to call it quits and take an extended sabbatical from the music industry to spend more "time with God and my kids".

The deejay, who sounded really despondent during the interview, said that his decision was not based on any one factor, or any fallout with his present management team, Irish and Chin.

"You know when you are in a place and you're are not happy with your environment, it is best to take a walk, the passion is just not there any more; i tis not coming from teh heart, the music is not what it was. Mi feel mi waan leave right now, just take a walk," he said.

"It no have anything to do with no man ah get to me, nobody caan get to me, God control all destinies...but mi tired fi a keep proving miself."

The singer who is known for the monster hits, Nike Air, Tek Weh Yuself and this year's Daggerin, said that he wanted to take time to get "close to kids and God'.

"God shows you signs and you use these signs as stepping stones," Vegas waxed poetically.

"I believe it is time for me to take a walk, I don't know how long. The other yutes dem can do dem ting. Mi have high expectations for yutes like Serani," he said.

Last year, Vegas was admitted to the hospital for pericarditis and gastroesophageal reflux. Pericarditis is the inflammation of the pericardium sac which encloses the heart and causes pressure on the heart muscle which results in pain. He has been receiving treatment for his medical problems.

Usain bolt on David Letterman show

British baby-mom slings mud at Beenie Man on Youtube

On May 24 this year a Chris Godfinger interview with Beenie Man was posted to Youtube and in it Beenie Man spoke negatively of his child’s mom in England saying, “Mi baby-mother is a kind of careless woman…Mi get a son a England which me neva know bout but mi know bout him now.”

Shezal Laing, who is reportedly the child’s mom in England who filed for child support from Beenie Man posted a video on September 19 responding, and it is entitled 'Beenie Man, mother of child responds to his lies' – where she creatively uses text, photos and Buz Luhrmann's tune, “Wear Sunscreen” to respond to what she calls Beenie’s lies.

Laing claims in the video that Beenie Man has not paid attention to his son and that when he reaches out his arms it is her and not the DJ that the boy is reaching for.

Still photos with a red suit clad Beenie Man bottle feeding his son grace the video’s cover page and as the child, who is now six years old, grows – the images are happy ones with just his mom and him.

Laing even ridicules the ace DJ, making cynical comments about his appearance and ends the video with a final scene that demands child support payment.

"Pay the money you owe me and never, ever mention me or my child again," the video ends.


Artistes lined up to take the stage and give blessings to Usain Bolt.

Thursday September 25; Kingston, Jamaica: When Shaggy took the stage at 1:30am Sunday morning there was little more he could to raise the tempo of a concert that had took the 45,000 William Knibb crowd by storm. The No Joke Entertainment produced Usain Bolt Homecoming celebrations fulfilled expectations beyond measure.

"The show was exquisite, we had high hopes but these were exceeded by the outpouring of support from the community of Sherwood Content and Surrounding areas. The artistes turned out and so did the dancers and made the show a fitting tribute to Usain." – Mario Lazarre Jnr, CEO No Joke entertainment

The events associated with the Hart Hill Usain Bolt Homecoming began on Friday September 19 with Usain Bolt doing a series of interviews with the international media Including Bryant Gumbel, BET and Vibe Magazine. The celebrations continued on Saturday September 20 with a press conference at the lush Grand Bahia Principe Hotel. There was then a fun day at the Waldensia primary school hosted by Miss Jamaica 2007 Yendi Phillips. The fun day saw the children of Sherwood Content and surrounding communities being treated to rides and a kiddie park. The children also received school supplies from National Meats/Hart Hill and were visited by the big man Usain Bolt before the end of the treat at 3 pm.

With the days' activities coming to an end it was now then time for the night's event to begin. The William Knibb High school was for several days the subject of heightened activity with preparations going at full speed. It was then no surprise when the crowds began to gather at the William Knibb play field, that many were awe struck by the level of preparation that had gone into the venue. The No Joke Entertainment production Team along with the Prosound crew were on point. The outfield was lined by National Meats/Hart Hill Mobile Meal trucks and the back stage was served with some of the most decadent treats from all over the world.

Artistes lined up to take the stage and give blessings to Usain Bolt; the audience's applause reached a crescendo when Bolt Joined Ice, Ding Dong and Ravers Clavers in a dancing frenzy in front of an appreciative crowd that railed every step of the way.

Several artistes then came on stage and presented what can be considered one of the best stage shows Trelawny has ever seen. D'Angel gave what some believe was her best performance of the year; RDX brought added energy to the tens of thousands gathered. Wayne Marshall was his perennial best, Richie Spice was indomitable and Code Red was a crowd pleaser especially after taking a swipe at Carl Lewis.

When Shaggy exited the stage at 2am Sunday morning and MC for the night and deputy CEO of No Joke Entertainment Candice Buchanan called an end to the live activities of the Hart Hill Usain Bolt Homecoming celebration there was not much more that could have been done musically to celebrate the greatness of Usain Bolt.

Busy Signal hitting harder five years after

Two years and another album, Busy Signal is marking this milestone in the music industry with the release of his latest album entitled, “Loaded.”

It comes two years after his debut album, “Step Out” and lives up to its name with some hard hitting tracks like: “Jail,” “These Are The Days,” “Unknown Number” and the 2008 blazing club hit, “Wine Pon The Edge.” Distributed by VP Records, Busy’s sophomore album has a fantastic blend of new songs and has been on shelves since September 9.

Breaking out on the dancehall scene as a protégé of Bounty Killer, Busy gained huge recognition in 2006 when he became an international household name as a result of his lyrical brilliance.

Buzzing around the world, promoting “Loaded,” has been Busy’s primary preoccupation over recent weeks.

This is the first album released since a change of management saw Busy shift from the Alliance ‘driving force’ Julian Jones-Griffith, to become managed by Shane Brown.

Big tings coming out of Big Ship

It’s a family affair with the McGregor reggae clan spearheaded by veteran singer Freddie McGregor, whose offspring have risen to fame - continuing the legacy of the ‘Big Ship” name.

Named after Freddie’s 1981 massive hit, “Big Ship” the family’s musical base is situated on a plush Havendale, St Andrew slope and is the creative mecca for Freddie and his children: 18 year old world renown producer, Stephen McGregor – also known as ‘Di Genius’; 29 year old outstanding songstress Yeshemabeth ‘Shema’ McGregor and Daniel, the popular rapper known as ‘Chino’.

All three children are making waves on the Jamaican and international reggae music scenes; and Stephen, who produces both siblings, is conquering global musical settings with innovative urban/classical productions.

And it is no wonder, as their upbringing by Freddie, who successfully followed a childhood dream of owning his own studio – nurtured the musical McGregors’ innate talent and powerful passion for the art form.

Chino’s poetic fluidity drives his almost abstract style while Shema seems almost cloned from her mother, Judy Mowatt – of Bob Marley’s I Threes – with physical and vocal exquisiteness. Both have been blessed with having Stephen in the family as he has propelled their careers with his huge abilities.

New York’s Hot 97 jock, Bobby Konders recently spoke highly of Stephen saying, “Jamaica has a lot of great producers, but people view him [Stephen] as the new kid carrying the flavor; so young but with a proven track record. He took many different influences from hip-hop and reggae and made them into his own sound. Stephen’s that dude, and he’s a winner.”

While Stephen’s thematically linked rhythms appear on a VP Records compilation, his unique rhythm tracks have extensive life; as is breathed into them by the more than a dozen artists who normally sing over them.

The ‘whiz kid’ fell in love with the studio at a very young age and by 7 years old, had taught himself to play keyboards, bass, guitar and violin. An undisputed exceptional child, Stephen’s abilities surfaced at age 5, when he wrote and released his first song, “School Done Rule.” Since then he has chosen the producer’s hat as the one to wear, and has been very successful in his work with artists like Sean Paul and Vybz Kartel.

torsdag 25 september 2008

Martin Olssons Mål


onsdag 24 september 2008

Martin Olsson avgjorde matchen mot Everton

Martin Olsson fick inte bara spela från start – han avgjorde också ligacupmatchen.
- Det var ett riktigt snyggt mål, jag tunnlade mittbacken, säger han till fotbollskanalen.se.

Martin Olsson har inte fått så mycket förtroende i Blackburn sedan Paul Ince tog över som manager, och han blev överraskad när chansen väl kom.

- Jag var uppsatt för en B-lagsmatch men han bara plockade bort mig därifrån. Sedan fick jag höra att jag skulle spela, det var kul.

Och efter bara tio minuter satte du 1-0, kan du beskriva målet? - Det var ett riktigt snyggt mål. Jag spelade vänsterback och sprang över hela vänsterkanten, väggspelade med Robbie Fowler, tunnlade deras mittback och sedan sköt jag in den vid första stolpen.

Hur firar du ikväll? - Min mamma är på besök, det var bra tajming, så nu ska vi äta en god middag. Det blir inte så sent.

Vad sa Paul Ince? - Innan sa han att det var upp till mig att bevisa att jag skulle spela. Och det gjorde jag ju. Nu hoppas jag att jag får spela på lördag mot Newcastle. Jag får nog åtminstone sitta på bänken.

Vad sa Ince efter matchen? - Han sa bara att jag var fantastisk.

Olsson cuphjälte för Blackburn

Gjorde matchens enda mål mot Everton
Blackburnspelaren Martin Olsson avgjorde matchen mot Everton i tredje omgången av engelska ligacupen med matchens enda mål som kom redan i tionde matchminuten.

Den 20-årige vänsterbacken gjorde ett genombrott efter ett vackert väggspel med lånet Robbie Fowler, som debuterade för Blackburn i onsdagskvällens cupmatch, och sköt förbi Tim Howard i Evertons mål.

Chelsea hade inga problem att besegra Portsmouth på bortaplan. Det blev 4–0 efter bland annat två mål av Fank Lampard.

Premier league-kollegan Manchester City åkte dock ut i en släpande match från andra omgången. Det blev förlust efter straffar mot league 1-laget Brighton borta efter 2–2 efter förlängning.

Och trots hemmaplan åkte Aston Villa ut mot League Championship-laget Queens Park Rangers.

Beenie's Daughter is Pregnant at 16

One876entertainment has learned that Beenie Man’s 16 year-old daughter is pregnant. Rumours suggest that it is either for a popular deejay, or a young teenaged boy called 'Nick' who the young girl was dating a few months ago.

The air had been pregnant with whispers all of last week that the teen was 'with child', with some rumours suggesting that she was four months pregnant just a few weeks shy of her 17th birthday. Her mother reportedly lives in Canada.

This development means that the 35 year-old deejay is facing the possibility of being a grandfather for the first time. One876 was unable to get in touch with the ’Doctor’ to get a comment, however, other industry insiders confirmed that she was indeed pregnant.

"She is not here, she is in Florida. The rumors were getting out of hand, Beenie Man is going through a lot right now, my heart goes out to him at this time because of all his other troubles. It’s tough for this to happen, but I guess it is also another life coming into the world,” the person said.

Members of the management team of the deejay (who we will not name here for obvious reasons) denied that he was involved.

“That is a million times false, she too young for that to happen, ah style dem a try style the deejay; we and her are just friends,” the person was quoted as saying.

Teenage pregnancies are quite common in Jamaica. According to the United Nations Population Fund, contraceptive use among Jamaican teens is low. Data from Jamaica's National Family Planning Board shows 66 per cent of all births are not planned and among women under the age of twenty, 40 per cent have been pregnant at least once, and 85 per cent of these pregnancies are unplanned.

The figures for teenage pregnancy in Jamaica are startling; before the age of 20, some 20% of Jamaican women have been pregnant at least once; 48% of males 15-19 years of age do not use condoms with their regular sexual partner, while 41% do not use condoms with a non-regular partner.


What is going on with these teenaged girls? It stink on the road say Rosie Daseca’s younger sister is also pregnant for a popular deejay. My word! Dutty Jen, mi no waan yu put yu goat mouth pon my pickney (or pitney as you like to write) but from she reach 10 mi ah stop go certain dance, mi no waan come in like Jen who she and her madda used to go the same dance and ah borrow each other bleaching cream and hair, whooiiii, mi body! Mi assets! Mi tight-o right-o! Weh dem feel like?
Back to the argument, mi hear the Little Miss is really SIX months pregnant and she is (wait for it, wait for it…drum roll please) expecting a girl. It would be remiss of me not to point out teen pregnancies are a bit of a tragedy for too many of our young girls, and I don’t blame Beenie in any way, sometimes, these things do happen, what is important is how he handles the situation now. Beenie ah still mi artiste to the end like Chuck, but right now, it’s all about baby fever, Proper Ugu Toya is also preggers for the White Gadd, Gordine is pregnant for a big big name artiste, just wait, more baby news is on the way.

Kartel's Divorce Now Official

Deejay Vybz Kartel a.k.a Addi the Teacha is now officially a single man, joining the ranks of eligible celebrity bachelors, as his divorce has been granted by the Supreme Court of Jamaica.

The decree absolute for the dissolution of marriage was granted on September 9, 2008. It was filed by attorney-at-law Seymour Stewart.

One876 obtained official documents which stated that the marriage be “dissolved on the ground that it had broken down irretrievably and no cause having been shown to the court why the said decree should be made absolute”. The divorce was granted by Judge McIntosh.

A decree nisi for dissolution of marriage had been granted in February this year. It came to the public attention in February that Kartel had decided to end his two year marriage to his wife Stacy Ann Alicia Elliott who resides in the United States.

In papers filed with the Jamaican Supreme Court, Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Azim Palmer, alleged that his 31-year-old bride had given birth to a son who was fathered by another man. He said he had never lived with his wife since the January 9, 2006 private wedding, pictures of which are posted on the Internet. Kartel also provided for the court a copy of the child's birth certificate. Kartel said also that his wife never visited him in Jamaica after the US revoked his visa to that country some time after the wedding.

The two met at a stage show in Brooklyn, New York and had been dating four years prior to tying the knot in a private ceremony before a marriage officer at the Registrar General Department branch on Trevennion Park Road in Cross Roads, Kingston.

lördag 20 september 2008


The Portmore Empire will be holding centrestage in Switzerland with a show tomorrow that by all indications, is already sold out. Members of the Empire such as Shawn Storm, Blak Ryno, and Jeffrey Hype have reportedly also made the trip.

While Elephant Man is on tour in Japan, his hot single Nuh Linga still lingers in the #1 position

Hype TV Top 20 Singles Chart


01 01 13 Elephant Man-Nuh Linga -Board House -3wks@#1
02 02 13 Mr. Vegas-Daggering -KirkleDove/Irish & Chin -2wks@1-Shot to Watch
03 04 11 Vegas-Nuh Fight Over Man -Legend
04 03 17 Lady Saw-Sunday to Sunday -Big Ship Peak@#3
05 06 09 Konshens-Winner -Natural Bridge/Cash Flow
06 08 06 Morgan Heritage–Nothing To Smile About –No Doubt
07 05 14 Ce'Cile-Ride Or Die –Danger Zone/SoBe -Peak@#4
08 11 07 Assassin- Dem Nuh Want Nuh Gal - Board House -Greatest Gainer up3
09 07 21 Elephant Man-Gully Creeper -Seanizzle -5wks@1
10 10 16 Beenie Man-Gimme Likkle-Born So Records -Peak@#2

11 13 06 George Nooks- Rest Your Love On Me – Total/Tads
12 09 16 Mavado-Money Changer-Juke Boxx -3wks@#1
13 12 08 Vybz Kartel-Money Fi Spend - Big Ship - Peak@#11
14 15 04 Stacious – Goodaz Clap – Ward 21
15 17 03 Mavado- Am So Special –TJ Records
16 14 20 Richie Spice-The Plane Land -No Doubt -Peak@#3
17 16 20 L.U.S.T-Just As I Am -Borne Music -Peak@#2
18 19 02 Tarrus Riley-Far Away –Don Corleon
19 18 22 Stacious- Falling Down – John John -Peak@#8
20 NE 01 Queen Ifrica-Keep It To Yourself – Don Corleon – New Entry

fredag 19 september 2008

Collaborations with Britney spears and Robbie Williams in Shaggy's horizon

DJ Shaggy - whose 'greatest hits album' is out in stores now - expressed recently that he would like to collaborate with Robbie Williams and Britney Spears. Taking them out of their sphere of creative comfort is what he wants to do, evoking a dynamic switch in style.

'Mr Boombastic' told the Mirror he would have Britney doing the dutty wine, "Imagine Britney Spears doing a hardcore dancehall record," he said; or "Robbie williams doing an old classic rub-a-dub or something unique."

Tami, Shaggy For Pepsi Ad

Local songstress Tami Chynn and deejay Shaggy have been chosen by the international drink company Pepsi to record and appear in its latest advertising campaign.
The two artistes, along with United States entertainer T-Pain, have recorded three commercials (their versions of the funk 1974 classic Kung Fu Fighting by Jamaican Carl Douglas) for the giant drink company.

Directed by award-winning director Fredrik Bond, the commercial also features comedic actor Verne 'Mini Me' Troyer.

When the STAR spoke with Ellen Healy, director of sports and entertainment of PepsiCo International, she explained that the commercial was filmed in Los Angeles at Universal Studios earlier this year.

Global Stage

She explained to THE STAR how the artistes were chosen. "Pepsi was fortunate to be given a sneak peak at how talented Tami Chynn is and we wanted to help her make it to the global stage. We believe that brands like Pepsi can help enable young talent. Akon introduced me to Tami when we were both in London earlier this year. Tami and her manager met with us in New York and shared her new single and album. When the 'Pepsi Kung Fu Fighting' song and TV ad concept was created, we thought she'd be a great fit."

Recently, Chynn began making strides internationally after signing to Akon's label Konvict Muzik. Chynn's sophomore album Prima Donna, was launched in January and the lead single, Frozen featuring Akon, has garnered attention and accompanying air play. Chynn is also set to open for New Kids on the Block on their tour during October.

Healy further said that Pepsi had been looking to create a new spin on the song, Kung Fu Fighting, when the artistes were approached. "We approached many great artistes that had unique music tastes and sounds. We love what Shaggy did to create a new vibe to the old song Kung Fu Fighting, he truly brought in his signature sound so we selected his version of the song too," she said.

Promotional Footprint

Tami Chynn's version of the commercial was placed on Youtube on September 14. The start of the commercial sees the artiste deejaying, "its your girl Tami Chynn, always representing", as she walks alongside T-Pain. It continues with two men fighting over a can of Pepsi. Shaggy is seen in the commercial wearing a green suit and sitting in a small car.

As to where the commercials will be aired, Healy said that the media, promotional footprint and timing have not yet been determined.

With their commercials, Chynn and Shaggy join a list of iconic entertainers who have recorded for Pepsi. They include divas Britney Spears, Beyonce and Pink, along with jazz legend Ray Charles, pop icon Michael Jackson, supermodel Cindy Crawford, basketball star Shaquille O'Neal, Latin American sensation Shakira and actress Halle Berry. The television commercial will officially be launched on


Anju's 'Mad' About New Album

After a long absence from the dancehall scene, Mad Anju plans to rejuvenate his music career with his new mixed CD titled, 'My Cabinet'.
Mad Anju, real name Lucien Dixon, rose to fame in the early 2000s with songs such as Wah Dis Fadda and Mi Nuh Play Chess. However, he somehow disappeared from the dancehall.

"Mi did a cool out and give di music a break and mi just a forward back," said Mad Anju, whose contract with VP Records ended late last year.

De Mad Bwoy

Since the start of the year, he has been doing more work with Drop Di Bass Records, which he has been working with for the last two years. Earlier this year, he released an international album called De Mad Bwoy on iTunes.

He also released the mixed CD My Cabinet, which is geared towards a hardcore dancehall audience. It features songs like Who Faasa and So Amazing, which are both in support of the Jamaican athletes, who represented the island at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. There are other songs on the CD like Fatty, My Cabinet and That Girl, which features Sizzla and Kevin Little.

With this new CD, Mad Anju says: "I hope to be a success with the type of music I do. I don't support the violence and gun bussing. I prefer a little humour, vibe, story telling and drama."

Although he wants more recognition within the industry, he says he will not dilute his product by working with many producers.

"People say I should work with more producers, but I prefer to get proper production time. One producer will try to record three man in one day and don't spend much time pon your thing," he said.

"When you are recording with a company for your album, you have time to do your thing properly. No rush thing."

Mad Anju says he has a lot to offer to the industry and hopes he gets support from the disc jocks.

"They need to give the people a balanced diet of music. Don't kill them wid a barrage of killing, killing and dancing, dancing," he told THE STAR.

Coming on the heels of Jamaica's success at the Olympics, Mad Anju says he hopes Jamaicans continue to display the same level of unity they did when the athletes were performing well.

"The same love weh display when Jamaica a succeed a Beijing, a di same love mi waan dem fi show all year round. That's what I am all about. That's what my songs are about, 'cause I am not here to incite or encourage violence," Mad Anju told THE STAR.

Love is Wicked Blows Up In Europe

Stunning singing duo Brick & Lace are currently touring Europe promoting their hit single Love Is Wicked. In the UK the single charted on Music Week’s urban chart at #18 and this week jumped to #7. Brick & Lace’s Love Is Wicked is the highest climber and biggest audience increase on the European Airplay chart. It has made a huge jump from #116 to #28. It is also a new entry at #36 on the European Single chart. Love Is Wicked charted at #8 in on NRJ France before promo on the single even started.

Nyanda and Nailah will be in France this weekend to kick off their French promotion by performing on major radio station NRJ’S showcase. Last month Brick & Lace’s Love Is Wicked single had these following stats in these European countries:

· Sweden- #2 radio track and #1 iTunes song

· Finland- #3 radio track and #2 iTunes song

· Norway- Top 10 radio track and Top 10 iTunes

Bonner Bros. Launch Cornerstone Music Ltd.

Bonner Cornerstone Music Ltd. was first established in 1995 for the purpose of promotion, publishing, artist management and distribution of the Bonner brothers' music, back catalogue and lyrics.

The Bonner Brothers are Joseph Anthony Bonner, performing as 'Spanner Banner', Richell Bonner, performing as 'Richie Spice', Glenroy Bonner, performing as 'Snatcha Lion', and Michael Bonner, writing lyrics as 'Jah Mikes'.

One of the greatest achievements to date was the pioneering of Richie Spice's career, making it an irresistible force to be reckoned with. With the international success of the Bonner brothers Bonner Cornerstone Music Ltd. is now focusing equally on the careers of the three artists with new music and albums to be expected soon.

Bonner Cornerstone Music Ltd promotes culture and reggae music with a positive message, teaching society and the youth about good morals and a positive way of life. The production represents the highest standard of reggae music and the label continuously promotes and maintains a professional and positive image of the Jamaican reggae industry. Summarizing their vision the management of Bonner Cornerstone Music Ltd says that " our positive attitude will be contagious, and one will find love flowing from brother to sister, father to mother, husband to wife, and from one nation to another."

Prince Pankhi drops It's Emergency on indie label

Look out world, here comes Otis Riddim.

Otis Riddim Records is a London based company providing Music Production, Sound Engineering, Artist Management, Distribution and Promotion and other recording services. Working mostly with Reggae, Hip Hop, R & B and Dubs Step, Otis Riddim is always looking to support upcoming artists in all areas. The founder of the independent record label, Otis Riddim, of the Jamaica Ruff Explosion Sound System, is committed to his talented cadre of artistes especially Prince Pankhi (pictured above) who has shown great promise as a reggae firebrand.

"I am looking forward to working with major label. I am listening to all genres of music to help me open to different ideas in my production,” Prince Pankhi told one876entertainment.com.

According to the founder of the label, Garth Richards aka. Otis Riddim, Prince Pankhi is one of the brightest new prospects to have emerged in reggae music this year.

Prince Pankhi's new album It's Energency, which is executive produced by Garth Richards of Otis Riddim Records, features Mike Waller and Majesstic. The CD is distributed by Jet Star and Otis Riddim Records, where it can be purchased online. Prince Pankhi's previous album The Right Way, was self-produced, on his own independent label I Entourage Recording Inc. The album features Capleton, Fantan Moja, Zahair, Steve Machettie, Uplifter, Empress Michel. The CD is distributed by Jet Star, where it can be purchased on-line as well.

Jigsy King Makes Big Comeback on Self Defence

DJ extraordinaire Jigsy King’s latest single, ‘Wha Tek Bad Mind’, on Scatta Burrell’s latest riddim, Self Defense, a tek life. With its aptly worded lyrics on a more than appropriate beat, Jigsy has found himself a new chart rider, proving that his 15 years experience in the business has earned him much wisdom and expertise.
Famous for some wicked tunes over the years, the likes of ‘Haffi Get Yuh Body’, ‘Gal A Fuss, Gal A Fight’, ‘Dance Butterfly’ and ‘Cock Up Yuh Body’, among several others, Jigsy King has never ceased to maintain a strong presence of the scene, delivering his phenomenal stage craft and witty lyrics across the globe.
He was among the first of a new breed of Jamaican DJs, which also include Shabba Ranks most notably, who were able to crossover well among multiple markets without losing their Jamaican roots. His professionalism was key and handsomely balances his persona with his hardcore dancehall image. Now under the management of Danger Zone/SoBe Records, Jigsy King has grown into a professional producer, songwriter and performer.
Listen out for Jigsy’s other wicked track on the same Self Defense rhythm.

ARTISTE: Jigsy King
TITLE: Wha Tek Bad Mind
RHYTHM: Self Defence
PRODUCER: Scatta Burrell
WRITERS: P. Harrison & E. King

Yeah man, dem fi go way man;
Bad mind weh unu hate wi fa
Thru wi come out clean everyday an wi bills
Dem pay, dem sid dung pon we name;
You know weh me wah know

A weh tek bad mind
They don’t want to see me prosper
A weh tek bad mind
They don’t want to see me strife
A weh tek bad mind
They don’t want to see me prosper
A weh tek bad mind
They don’t want to see me survive

Verse 1
(Skatta believe mi)
Nuff hate yuh thru the season without a reason
Bad mind an dutty heart dem nuffi get even
Caa when wi buk dem up wi pik dem out wid di eagle
Caa dem no wah di ghetto youth to drive the pretty vehicle
Some little dutty people, a move like a weeble
Mi see it clear wid out a doubt the boy dem is a evil
Gi dem a proper beatin, g idem the dapper beating


Verse 2
Nuff no like yu, when you a shine
So how dem fi stop yuh when god seh a your time
Yuh mek bag a money an buy de nice ride
An buy the big house an wear the latest style
But thru!
Some still in a the eighties style
An you get the award fi di greatest style
Now dem blood start boil when yuh pop off di coil
Wid dem yuh nuh smile caa dem a some evilous child

Mad Ras 'Kills' Firelinks in Portmore

Early Sunday morning, by way of huge crowd applause numbering some 5,000 persons, Rebel T was declared the winner over FireSounds and Black Kat took the nod over Area Code 876, at the first staging of the Guinness Sounds of Greatness competition, held at Ken’s Wildflower Lounge last weekend.

Early ‘jugglings’ came from the resident disco Turbo Crown as the crowd filed in hour after hour. Then it was time for the sound off with the first set coming from Area Code 876, led by Fire Black followed by Black Kat, whose main selector, Pink Panther did the honours for his team. This round – 15 minutes of non-stop juggling each – produced an even match up between the veteran, Black Kat and the Portmore-based Area Code 876.

The second round – the tune (chuun) for tune round – saw the home-based team putting up a good fight but the veterans started to show their dominance and by the time they got to round three, where the dubs (dub plates) ruled, Black Kat registered their victory with a more superior set. The victory was clear and Black Cat copped the prize money and made way for the Rebel T Firesounds match up.

The jugglings were close for this match but the judges – Kingsley “Ragashanti” Stewart and Junior “Heavy D” Fraser – scored Rebel T higher numbers. The tune-for-tune round saw Rebel T taking a commanding lead over their opponents. But not to be outdone, the Firesound brought some heat in round three by playing eight of 10 winning dubs. The competition made for great entertainment for the thousands gathered and in the end Rebel T got the second semi-final spot available.

The event, which was emceed by the very bubbly and full-a-vibes Miss Kitty, saw patrons in attendance receiving cash prizes amounting to $20,000 with one lucky Guinness lover, Andre Rose, walking away with a Sony entertainment system.

The charge-free party moves to Cambridge in the west on September 27 when Bass Odyssey competes with Body Guard and Swatch International takes on Pisces. The top four winners will form a semi-final round to be contested on October 19 in Highgate St. Mary and October 25 in Wakefield Trelawny which will then determine the top two for a game day of November 1, 2008 at the Kingston Waterfront.

Kartel records single about incarceration

Deejay Vybz Kartel has recorded a single called Babylon Say Jail for Me on a one-drop rhythm created by the Portmore-based producer Not Nice. The song chronicles the deejay's recent wrongful incarceration at the hands of authorities in relation to a criminal matter. The song is a far cry from his humourously defiant 'When Shotta Go a Jail'' which he did after he was incarcerated by cops after getting into an altercation with fellow deejay Ninjaman at Sting 2003.

The lyrics go:

Babylon say jail for me
Then the judge set bail for me
Smaddy tell the jury Jah control mi destiny

Down a cellblock mi whole mi stay, mmhhhh
Pree me a pree mi case, mmhhh
Next court date a next year February, that a fuckry
Mi de pon two months remand, mmhhhh
Thirty years mi a face,mmhhh
And the police bwoy know inna him heart
Ah the court time him a waste

onsdag 17 september 2008

Shit Eater Gwan like him bad!

Faggot Fe real eeh?! What is he singing about?

[Verse One]
I like your smile
The way you dress
I must admit
I am impressed
So why you single
Your sayin yes
Then who’s that girl behind you looking all upset
What’s wrong you’re sweating
And look distressed
She’s just a friend (right)
I’ll bet
She’s mighty mad
I think you better check
I swear sometimes boys can me such a mess

[Chorus] x2
I swear sometimes boys can be such a mess
I swear sometimes boys can be such a mess
I swear sometimes boys can be such a mess

La la la la la (hey hey hey) x4

[Verse 2]
Sometimes I love it when they fight for my attention
But hate it when they try to touch me without permission
Sexy and small
Sometimes it’s drama
Some times it’s fun
That’s why I love ‘em
And, Oh they keep me stressed
I swear sometimes boys can me such a mess

Chorus x4

Kapri Disses Kip Rich, starts feud

Dancehall youngblood Kapri has issued a firm challenge to fellow deejay Kip Rich in a song called Strike Out for top producer Seanizzle.

The hard-hitting single uses brilliant wordplay to challenge Kip Rich’s masculinity and street cred, making insinuations about Kip-o’s ‘oral habits’ and the real reason for his fallout with Elephant Man. One of the best verses goes: Yu shoulden diss the Trod/Balance ah mi dad, yu tracing like a fag/is like yu want a body bag/ah wah do Black-er friend/Bossy ah go copper dem/mi mek mi talk once, him affi chat again.

Kapri, who reps the Hungry Town family, did the song because he believes that Kip-o has dissed his mentor and friend, Turbulance. However, Turbulance’s religious beliefs compel him not to respond to Kipo’s perceived diss, but Kapri feels inclined to defend the Hungry Town name.

“I feel say Kip Rich violate Turbulance by doing the same Too Late to Apologise song that Turbulance did five months before him. He even performed the song at Capleton show after Turbulance do it, and when people say it to him, he says only the white man (who did the original) can tell him not to sing it,” he explained.

Since ‘Strike Back’ hit the streets, Kapri said that his street credibility has shot through the roof but he has heard not a squeak from Kip Rich. In fact, he now he believes the deejay is clearly a coward for not wanting to respond.

“When Kipo violate, Balance (Turbulance) say low it but mi tek it on myself fi deal with it. Him hear my song but him nah answer it, mi feel say him afraid, this is not Monster Twins, him see the lyrical content and caan run in. Kip Rich ah gallis, him fi low real gangster ting, and go back to writing letters,” Kapri said confidently.

When contacted, Bready, Kip Rich's manager said that Kapri was
'just looking a hype' so he was advising him to ignore the challenge of who he called a 'hothead'.

"Ah music and an artiste can say anything he wants, as long as he doesn't cross the line and then man ah go tek it personal. Kip Rich call Turbulance who say him no know how that come in, but him need fi know say ah the wrong road him a bark up," Bready said.

"He must know what he is trying to achieve by saying this, but he doesn't know much about music. As long as he doesn't go overboard and tek it physical, everything alright."

Kapri said that Kip Rich called him last week and said 'his thugs don't like the song', but Kapri said he refuses to be intimidated.

"Me ah go inna the streets ah do mi song and promote it, him ah try get sound man nuffi play mi song but the people dem a log onto it, so mi ah go all over go promote it hard, even inna Waterhouse," he said.

Kapri, whose real name is Dwayne Wallace, was born February 12, 1988 in the parish of Kingston. Kapri grew up in the inner city community of Waltham Park Road before moving to Pembroke Hall. The youngest of seven children for both parents, he knows what it means to struggle having lost his father, the major breadwinner for his family, when he was only three years-old, pushing the family to the brink of poverty.

While he attended the Eltham High school in Spanish Town, he fell in love with music and recorded his first song in 2002 for Mr. G’s Youngblood label. Kapri’s turning point came when he reunited with a childhood friend, a record producer Seanizzle in 2004, but it was not before 2007 when he recorded the hit, Dear Mama that his true talent began to shine through like a clear beacon.

The hit single, Dear Mama is currently getting heavy rotation on local radio stations and is now in position number three on Chris Goldfinger BBC top ten charts. The song is also in strong rotation on DJ EM’s programme on Love 104 radio in the Cayman Islands. New singles such as Your Eyes, Try Hard on the Hungry Town riddim and Rik-Tik-Tik on the Reverse riddim.

Kapri has appeared in major shows this year such as Black My Story, and Negril Spring Break and he will be performing on September 30 at the Steppaz Niteclub in Grand Cayman.

“Right now, mi feel that mi can walk out onstage and face a crowd of 1,000 and tek it to them, I am ready,” he said.
Kapri is currently under the management of Turbulance and the Higher Trod family, as well as style maven Keiva the Diva.