måndag 2 februari 2009

Mutabaruka reminds performers of responsibility

In the recorded interview with Lutan Fyah played before he performed at the launch of his 'Africa' double-CD last Tuesday evening, he named Bob Marley as one of the persons who helped spark his creativity.

And guest speaker Mutabaruka also mentioned Bob Marley to the large audience at Weekenz, Constant Spring Road, St Andrew, after asking how can the performers of violent songs say that their music has no influence on those around them.

Influence the world

"And we have artiste like Bob Marley who influence the world? What Bob Marley do, but sing a song?" Mutabaruka demanded.

He noted that there were artistes who were involved with guns and also "not necessarily knife play, but daggering play".

"A artiste a lick out pon politician an' when you look at him life and him music, it worse than what the politician a do," Mutabaruka said. "How can a artiste sey when him sing a song it no influence nobody fe do nutten?" he questioned.

Crucial role

He went on to point out the crucial role of the artiste in the society today, saying "is only the artiste right now the people look towards. So if the artiste is behaving worse than the politician and the preacher we in a serious problem in Jamaica".

"If artiste only imitate what is happening in America we in problem," Mutabaruka said.

He complimented Lutan Fyah on naming and putting out an album called Africa in this "bling time", but cautioned that "a whole heap of the radio station them not going to play it".

"And I tell the brethren don't pay nobody no money to play your album. No payola business to play good music in Jamaica," Mutabaruka said, to applause.

More applause

There was more applause when he asked if after all the production fees an artiste really had to pay more money to get a song on the radio, adding that it is time artistes stop paying radio announcers.

Plus, "is the worst music find the biggest money to get the biggest play," he said.

And Mutabaruka closed with a reminder to all of their responsibility towards Africa as well. "We hope many people buy the album and we hope you don't download it for free," he said.

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